my friend needs your help

i have a friend who seems to be shy. she has given me something to share out here. this is what my friend says " since 2014, we have been trying to conceive using the natural method. though we decided to enjoy every moment of the intimacy, we have not seen any fruits. my husband is always cross when i try to ask him about his fertility life. he claims he has some other children with other women. however, in the month of February 2017, it took a lot of courage for all of us to go for a check up. it was found out that my husband nolonger produced sperms. his case was one severe strand of azoospermia which could have been caused by an sti. he has been devastated but i encourage him. we need to have a baby of our own. one of the local infertility experts advice us that we take IVF though it is not possible in our country"

  1. joycee7 months ago

    I am very encouraged and touched in equal measure. It is always important to share such an information on a forum such as this so that many people can get the right treatment. In a forum like this, you end up getting what you have always deserved. I vividly recall I had a problem like that and my hubby was very hopeless. We had to traverse up and down across the hills that bordered our home. No clinic was giving us the right treatment. It was long journey to fertility but when time was ripe, we found the right course. I struggled till i got the right direction. I was ultimately directed to BioTex clinic in Ukraine for sperm donation. You can dearly motivate her husband for the same.

  2. Shanon 4 months ago

    Good day, it's good that your friend chose this forum to discuss her problems. The well aware and experienced members are always there to give advice. As suggested before, in my opinion, you should go to Ukraine Kiev. Discuss your problems and issues via email with the clinic. They would surely guide you that what procedures and measures one should take. Now the technology is very advanced and, lots of options are available.

  3. Aundrea4 months ago

    Yes. IVF would be the best option in this case. My SIL and her husband went for IVF treatment to Ukraine. I think they got treated at the same clinic the other lady is talking about. It was a success and they have a baby boy now. You should tell your friend to go to Ukraine. I've also heard that they offer very good economical packages. Oh, and IVF and Surrogacy are completely legal in Ukraine.

  4. Mia8513 months ago

    Hi Hellen. I am sorry to hear this. Have they consulted a fertility specialist? Maybe there is some way to bring up his sperm count again. Ask them not to lose hope. I hope they manage to conceive soon. Fingers crossed!

  5. hannahperk3 months ago

    Well it's good thought from you. I really liked it. You encouraged your husband for a good thing and this is really great. Yes IVF is also good. If you got to use it then don't hesitate. Just use it. It's going to be good for you as well.

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