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i married at age of 28 and was very happy. at age of 29 i got pregnant. my husband was very happy as he always want kids. things were going great. life was full of excitements that days. but a black day of my life was waiting. it was afternoon time i just came out of my gynecologist clinic. she has told me that baby is healthy and after 3 month he will be in this world. i was in thoughts of this when a car came hit me and ruined my life. i had a miscarriage and due to massive injury the doctor deprived me from hope of future pregnancy.. i was very sad and depressive those days..every flower had lost its fragnance for me. but my husband was still optimistic. he never loose heart. he continue his try. one day he was searching about getting pregnant when he found about ivf and surrogacy. further search lead him to a clinic in ukraine. this clinic provide services in ivf and surrogacy. they claimed that they are best of their field. wo contacted them. our first visit there was free. they really had a best environment for getting joy of their life. their gynecologist checked me completely and offer ivf. we decided to go for their services. we signed a contract. a manager of this clinic help us throughly in preparing all necessary documents. they try again and again and after 6 try we finally succeed. now i am again 6 month pregnant. but this time there are many people around me in this clinic that making me assure that i will give to healthy baby..

  1. dakota1231 year ago

    hey lena. how are you doing? so sad to hear your story. indeed it is huge loss for you. no one should go through it. and you waiting for almost 7 years to have a baby makes me cry. hats of to you girl. have have a lot of patience and courage. that accident not only took away your baby but also had an adverse affect on your health. good to see that your husband was supportive enough to morally keep you together. you are lucky that you got to choose a good clinic. a good clinic surely adds a lot to your life. and your journey of 6 years is amazing. your doctors didn't lose hope or denied your case. it surely is a good clinic. plus best of luck for your future may your baby is born healthy and wise. good luck.

  2. barbara j1 year ago

    Hey. Hope you're fine with good health. I'm 36 years old and married. This can help me a lot with my problem. Doctors tell me that I'm suffering from IVF. Then i never lose my hope. I can try to find the good clinic for better treatment. This can give me satisfaction. Then, i hear about the Adonis clinic. I think that this clinic is better for me then, i visit this clinic the next day. Their staff is so dirty, they cannot know that how to talk with the patients. Doctors are so unqualified. Nurses look very dirty. They cannot give me the proper checkup as i want. They cannot hear me about my problem. So, i don't want to visit this clinic ever before. If anyone know about the good clinic then, suggest me.

  3. ruby1231 year ago

    Hello friends! I have a great news for many couples. I heard the Biotexcom team comes to London next month. They have very good management for patients. Surrogacy is a great blessing for many couples. Biotexcom teams doing good works. They have an experienced doctor. They treated the patients kindly. They encourage the patients. The doctor provides the information and guides the treatment. Guys! don't miss the chance. I'm so excited about this events. Best wishes to you. Keep smiley.

  4. Alicemoon1 year ago

    Hello, Lena. I have been reading many of your posts. Thank you for writing this post. You really did a good thing. I really appreciate your decision about surrogacy. Just make it sure you don't get caught up with fake clinics. I have heard a lot of good clinics, but unfortunately, one of my experiences went really bad. I made a mistake and I contacted a clinic named Lotus in Ukraine. They are really bad at managing their clients. They didn't seem responsive at all. I had an issue of infertility, I had a few miscarriages. I thought they might treat it and make my dream of becoming a mother would come true. I was wrong and wasted my time and money. I didn't do my research and ended up in a complicated situation. I hope this would help you in choosing the best clinic. Wishing you best luck with your fertility treatments. I hope you get what you are looking for.

  5. Eliza221 year ago

    Hello, Lena. How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your story here. You are doing an amazing job. Many women need to be educated before opting for surrogacy. Most people do no research and go for it. This can lead to many complications with their respective clinic or surrogate. Anyhow, I think surrogacy is a beautiful journey. If you find a good and healthy surrogate everything goes smoothly. The clinic must be good too, to keep a check and balance. I have been through a long journey of surrogacy treatments. The thing is, I am thirty-eight years old now. My doctor thinks it isn't practical for me to conceive at this age. So my husband and I have chosen surrogacy too at a really professional clinic. Wish me luck!

  6. joshien1 year ago

    I can feel your pain. But it is a positive thing that you are going to defeat your infertility. IVF is a good thing. When I was facing these problems, I got suggestions from friends, doctors and from many other forums. in the end, I chose Biotexcom for myself. I had a successful IVF experience with them. And maybe that is the reason I am so excited about them coming to London In August. I have told all my friends and the ladies I know on different forums. I want everyone to avail this golden opportunity because this way everyone will get the benefit. Although there is a bit of a problem as Biotexcom is pretty famous and nobody wants to miss the chance to meet the Head of English department so there is a possibility that seats will be occupied pretty soon. so if you wanna register yourself do it ASAP on this website

  7. Ciera Renner1 year ago

    Hey Lena. How are you doing now? I hope you're perfectly healthy. It was sad to hear your story. But at the same time, it was so hopeful. I'm really happy for you. Things like these take time. IVF is a very complex procedure. I'm glad you had great doctors behind you. Your story gives others inspiration. A lot of ladies go through infertility. Maybe they can find a great clinic like you did. Stay strong. Wish you the best for your child. Take care.

  8. alixx1 year ago

    Hello there! I'm 23 years old and married. We all know that there is some diseases that can attack the human beings. This can take so many weeks for the treatment. This diseases are attack easily, but we can get of it by several weeks or months. Doctors can do their best to find the way of solution. But some doctors will succeded to find out. But now i share with you a great news. There is an event is held in London on 18-19 August. There is an team of doctors is coming. They will give advantages and advices, that how to take and spend a good life with these diseases. This event is organized by the Biotexcom clinic that is in Ukraine. This clinic is old and well reputed. Doctors should do their work for the betterment of the patient. So, make a plan to attend this event, this will be rocking.

  9. Niki Bill1 year ago

    Dear Lena! Don't loose hope. There are so many clinics which are offering IVF and surrogacy at very affordable prices. BioTexCom is one of the best clinics in the world in the field of infertility treatment. I suggest you to consult them. They will help you and guide you for about this procedure. I have a good news for you if you are from London, Their team is coming to London this August on 18 and 19. You must go there and contact them. They will help you by informing you all the perspectives. Hope you will get over your loss. Don't loose hope and always stay positive. I am praying for your success. Stay blessed.

  10. alixx1 year ago

    hope you are doing well. I am very happy to know that, you are lucky. I have tried every treatment but nothing worked on me. I didnt agree because I myself am an adopted child and my parents always wanted to have a biological child. So, I convinced my to go for surrogacy. But we were not able to find good clinic here in Ireland. Through facebook I came to know that a top rated clinic of Ukraine named Biotexcom is coming to visit London UK on event18 and 19 august. They will discuss treatments and plans with participants. Also participants will be allowed to sign contract if they want to.Their head of English Department Anastasia is also coming along. Her presence will eliminate language barrier too. I registered myself after reading this by sending email to Biotexcom clinic. As there are limited seats and I dont want to miss this opportunity. I am so looking forward to attend this amazing event."

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