My last hope

one of many job of woman also include motherhood. when i was 10 years old i always desire of becoming mother and raising.the little hands and feet of a baby always give me great pleasure and fill me with joy. i found my true love at age of 25 and we got married at after 3 year and decided to have a family. at age of 29 i got pregnant. i was happy as my dream was come to true. then that dark day of my life come i met with car accident and had miscarriage..i tried again , gone through number of test and treatments but all in vain but then i came across a surrogacy. a friend of mine told me about it and a clinic in Ukraine . i contact them and ask them about the procedure. their reply was quick and they give all the detail about surrogacy and they assure me that i can again become a mother and have child. i am very happy and looking forward to this clinic for further procedure

  1. katti9 months ago

    Hey Lena, hope you are doing good. I am so sorry to hear your story girl. Its difficult to deal with infertility for so long. I have also faced the same and now I have decided to try surrogacy. Unfortunately I didnt have any good opportunity nearby in Ireland.Few days ago I found out that the best clinic of Ukraine Biotexcom is coming to visit London. Their staff along with Anastasia, the head of their English Department, is also visiting on 18 and 19 august. This news literally excited me. A chance to meet such professionals who are famous for their competency and excellence. And that too in UK. I registered myself instantly at as I read that there are limited seats available. The participants will be able to get detailed information. They will also be able to sign contract on the spot if they feel satisfied. I am so happy that I finally got an amazing opportunity. Looking forward to attend this event.

  2. jenny5889 months ago

    This is really amazing. Your story is so inspirational. It's so nice that you never lost hope. You kept trying for yourself. And that's a very positive thing. I am really impressed. You are so lucky to choose the right clinic. I did not find a good clinic, unfortunately. I was just in a hurry so I did not search a lot. But now I regret. I should have given proper time to this. I contacted Lotus clinic for my treatment. They replied to me in the start. They assured me that I'll be a mom soon. But they never gave me dates for the appointment. I kept emailing them to ask them. But they stopped replying. I was very disappointed with their behavior. I regret contacting them and trusting them. I hope everybody is safe from them.

  3. Katty889 months ago

    Hey everyone. This is Katty. I am an infertile. My desire of being mother is arising day by day. I was so hopeless, shattered and what not. I was suffering from this since 5 years. Every doctor said me that you can never be a mother. Some doctors gave me the hope but they charged huge money. I was so much upset. I called my sister that day she told me the good news. She told me that go to the clinic in Ukraine. They are just amazing. My friend got treated from there and now she is having twin girls. This things gave me the last hope. Now i am going to visit them and hoping for the best.

  4. emly9 months ago

    Every woman dreams to become a mother. But sometimes it is not possible. Infertility is a very bad experience. I can understand your situation. I had faced this issue. I'm suffering from heart disease. I cannot become a mother. I was very depressed. Then we decided to move to Ukraine for surrogacy. Biotexcom helps me a lot is my treatment.Now I'm a mother of a cute baby boy. I have a solution to your problem. The good news is biotexcom team are going to London on 18 and 19 Aug 2018. You should register yourself through this email I think its a great opportunity for you.

  5. adele1239 months ago

    Hey! I am sorry to hear about your infertility. I know it must have been hard for you. But the good thing is that you never lost hope. And that's the thing I liked about you. You are a very strong person. I am glad to see that you chose the right path. There are a lot of good clinics in Ukraine. It's good that you found a trustworthy clinic. Be sure to satisfy yourself before heading towards them. There are frauds as well. Just like Lotus clinic. They only waste people's time. It is of no use to contact them. They will please you at first. And then they will stop responding to you. I hope you are getting me. Wish you good luck with your journey.

  6. alana559 months ago

    Hey! I am sorry to hear the sad thing. I know you have struggled a lot. You must have gone through a lot. This tough phase in your life would have caused you a lot of trouble. I can totally understand your situation. But it's amazing how you kept your hopes high. Clinics in Ukraine are really good. But make sure to choose a good one. Sometimes, we get attracted to something but actually, it isn't trustworthy. You have to be very wise in taking a decision. Search about the clinic on the web. There may be frauds too. My friend had a very bad experience at Lotus clinic. I do not want you to suffer the same thing. Wish you all the best.

  7. kate99999 months ago

    Hey, there. I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry to hear that. You have struggled a lot. It's really hard I understand. My sister suffers from this. I had an experience of her struggle in front of my eyes. But then somebody told us about a clinic named Lotus. We contacted them. They haven't treated us well. We were so upset. We gave them their fee. It was too expensive. And suddenly they left the treatment in the mid by giving no reason. I wouldn't recommend that. You'll never be satisfied there. Best of luck. Take care.

  8. Leslie Hanson9 months ago

    Hello dear! I hope you're feeling better now. I wish you didn't have to go through such a tough time. However, sadly many do. TTC is no easy thing. There are soo many out there who face difficulties as you are. I think it's best to be patient and to be completely thorough in your research for alternatives. So far, you seem to be on the right track! :) Surrogacy is a great way for you to opt. I think you'll be quite happy with the result. If you're worried about the price point, there are some great fertility clinics in Europe you should check out. Keep us updated!

  9. LauraPatton9 months ago

    Oh, honey. I am so sorry to hear that. I know how that would feel because I have had 2 miscarriages. and on was because of an accident. After that, the doctors declared me infertile and I got so depressed about that. Obviously, who wouldn't want a baby of their own no? I am also 29 and I chose surrogacy. Surrogacy's really a good procedure. It shouldn't be so shunned. I think people who've opted for it have come out shining. It's changed so many lives. I would definitely recommend this clinic in Ukraine. It's called BioTexCom. So my friend told me about this clinic and honestly, it was beyond expectations. I am guessing you went there too. Please share your experience with that. I am really happy to see you go forward. Never give up. Take care love!!

  10. bella suza9 months ago

    ooh dear!
    this really a good is very motivational speech. i love that.before 5 year ago i am face infertility. my husband and me are both are very upset. they want adaptation . but i want surrogacy. i contact with biotexcom clinic in ukraine. we are live in london . we can not able to go ukraine kiev. we were contact them. their staff are very cooperative with us.they help me alot. now i have 2 child i am very happy. but i want to inform you all the best clinic for in these case biotexcom hav visit in london . for two days 18 and 19 august . any one have these kind of problem should contact hem . make their future happy

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