My miscarriage "scare" I hope someone had an answer

So about roughly 3 weeks ago I had this feeling that I was pregnant recently after having sex. I took a pregnancy test this passed Friday the 5th and my period was due the 1st. I had spotting 3 days before the test. The test came out positive but I also started bleeding. It was a bright red not normal period red and I could wear a pad all day and not come close to filling it. On Sunday I was still bleeding the same amount, I took another test on Sunday it was still positive but I was worried so I went to the hospital. The blood test said that my hcg hormonal level was at a 3 if it was a 2 they would consider me not pregnant. The doctors said that I may be miscarrying to expect heavy bleeding and clotting. They did do an examination and mentioned they didn't consider it to be much blood. The bleeding has only slowed down and am now just barely spotting and it's a light brown color. I took another test yesterday and the line got darker. I have an appointment Monday to see what's going on for sure. They are now saying to behave as if I am pregnant. I am very confused this has been an emotional rollercoaster!! Has anyone experienced anything similar? P.S sorry for the rambling.

  1. Meeps2 years ago

    The second time I was pregnant after my daughter was born I had spotting off and on. My midwife recommended progesterone cream. At 13 weeks I was still spotting. One day I felt cramping. After dinner I got up and felt a sudden gush. It was small, but already looked like a baby. Lots of bleeding. More than a normal period.

  2. Samantha Jo Presby2 years ago

    Thank you for your response. Since then I have not had bleeding but I got a negative blood test but they have no answers as to my past and or current symptoms. So I am still left with questions. But in the mean time I'm just going to focus on being healthier and being more prepared for next time.

  3. Lisa123451 year ago

    I am feeling sorry for your miscarriage problem. You should handle this critical problem with positive attitude. You need not panic about this critical problem. I am here for you provide valuable effective tips and tricks to solve miscarriage problem with effective way. It is a good indication that you are awareness about your health. You can stop your miscarriage problem at early stage. It is the time to stop your miscarriage problem. I also faced miscarriage problem in my life. This is good opportunity for me to help you to overcome from the situation with my own life experience.
    I am feeling proud to help you. It is very important to have suitable method to handle miscarriage problem. It is very necessary proper planning to defeat miscarriage problem. We consult with gynecologist to make appropriate plan to avoid miscarriage problem. You should start better planning with healthy balanced diet that provides all nutrition to your body for smartly working of your reproduction system. It is Medical Research report proved that miscarriage problem is due to in balance between your body hormone levels.
    You can defeat miscarriage problem at this stage with strong will power and positive affirmation that provide appropriate platform to your physical and mental stage to avoid miscarriage problem with Healthy lifestyle. You should understand each and every signal of your product cycle with blood color and clots in blood that are very important for you to avoid miscarriage problem. You should do easy exercise to maintain healthy blood supply to your body. You should choose right posture to sit and sleep to enjoy endless joy in your life with skip miscarriage problem like me.

  4. kelly_K1 year ago

    hello, I am feeling very sorry to hear that you are currently in such a mess. I can totally understand the pain and stress you are through mentally and physically. I also faced the same situation two years back where doctors were confused on the part that I was pregnant or not and finally, it came out that I had a miscarriage. I spent hours in depression and stress and I lost almost 10 kg during that time. I avoided any type of parties, family function or any get-together. I hated being among people and talk to them, maybe I was just irritated. This situation was affecting my married life as well as my personal health day by day. I confess this publically everytime I get a chance that I am blessed with such a loving husband. He was the one who handled me so well and also provided a great emotional support as well as helped me gain my health.
    I remember the day he told me about a gynecologist in Ukraine who has specialization in this. We both went there and she diagnosed my problem very well. She took all my medical reports and studied my medical case history and suggested very effective ways. All the ways were so helpful that currently, I am a mother a baby boy. I am happy to tell that my baby boy Alex was born very healthy and fit. I can tell you few effective ways that she told me that time. First and foremost she told me to switch my lifestyle to a healthy one and told me to improve my eating habits. She told me to leave all unhealthy fast food and start eating everything healthy food filled with fibers. She made me understand the importance of hormone level in our body and also guided me to increase the hemoglobin level as good hemoglobin level in your body increases blood circulation and creates high chances of conceiving and fewer chances of miscarriage or infertility.
    You need not panic about infertility problem you can choose the best and effective Medical Research based treatment IVF what we call today test tube baby. You can consult the gynecologist she will tell you about the process in details. Remember that depression is very harmful to get pregnant or to conceive, so be positive and happy. As I was blessed you too will be blessed with a baby soon. Just stay positive.

  5. Neha51 year ago

    About 20% of women have some bleeding during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Possible causes of first trimester bleeding include: Implantation bleeding. You may experience some normal spotting within the first six to 12 days after you conceive as the fertilized egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus.

  6. Misha Misha1 year ago

    It is the early stage and you are aware about your health which is good for you. I know you are going through the bad phase but you need to handle the situation with positive attitude. It is not delay yet and you have the great opportunity to change the situation and able to prevent from the miscarriage. After reading your post all I can say you need to be conscious about your health properly. The bleeding and pain all day is not a good indication about health. In such condition, Lotus Clinic is the ultimate and best destination where you can get the best solution to prevent from miscarriage and conceive the healthy baby. You have the golden opportunity to handle this situation because it is the early stage. Even I had seen the same days when I was facing the same situation in my life. But with the great suggest and help of friend, I contact to Lotus Clinic where I get the wonderful suggestion and able to prevent the miscarriage. My dear friend, it only happens due to the irregular and imbalance of the hormones of the body.
    After discussing your problem you save the life of many women who are struggling through the same situation in life. You need to face the situation wisely and keep the mind positive. Lotus Clinic is the ultimate gynecologist centre where you can get the wonderful and best working tips to prevent the miscarriage and bring the happiness in life again. You need to conscious about health and eat only the high nutrients and proteins foods daily. To refresh the mind you can go for morning walk daily and do yoga. I hope you would like my suggestion.

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