My Pregnancy

Hi Lads!!
This is my first post here. I would like to make it memorable and encouraging. So I am sharing my success story about IVF. We didn’t have a baby for almost 6 years after our marriage. I was extremely depressed. I had 34 eggs. 20 of them were matured. We visited multiple fertility clinics. But we were unable to get our first baby. We lost hope. Our most of the eggs were lost during first IVF cycle. But we kept doing due to motivation of our friend. At last, we were succeeded and one egg was fertilized. Now that fertilized egg is my beautiful boy. Our dreams came true because of the continuous efforts of biotexcom. We are now enjoying our life at full. Our baby boy is now 3 years and walking here and there.
Thanks to all!!!

  1. margaret_9010 months ago

    Hey nina john, congrats on such a great IVF journey. It gives us hope to read such success stories every once a while. Thank you for sharing. How did you go through the 6 years of depressing phase when you couldn't conceive? My friend 's been going through similar problem and is really depressed, I would like to know from someone experienced, on how to help a friend with such a situation.

  2. Clare (Jacob's Mama)10 months ago

    Congratulations on your baby!

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