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I am so glad to have found this forum. I see so many posts here to relate to. Help me out please I have some concerns about gestational surrogacy. I am going to a really good clinic here in Ukraine. Many people wouldn't know that it's a hub for surrogacy treatments. And famous for medical tourism because of the lesser costs of treatments. I am currently under process of getting my self prepared for Ivf. Getting Clomid shots which I got injected initially 2months back. The doctors been checking for my uterine lining safe for conception. I'd like to add I have had multiple complications earlier. It's just the risk I am taking. I cNt say that its safe for everyone. But they claim a good chances of success. I have such a compassionate doctor looking after me. She is a very sweet lady, the clinic was much crowded when I came. But she made me feel comfortable and let me ask all the questions that I had.

  1. sandra king1 year ago

    I hope everything goes smooth. I can only pray for you. Since I also had gone through same. My IVF cycles failed twice. Then my doctor suggested my surrogacy. Which was also another risk for me as I had never heard of it before. Therefore I took the chance. At first, the process seemed little off to me. Later on, When I understood the procedure I almost could not wait for a baby. I am glad I took a chance. I am blessed with the twins now. Both are girls. I can assure you, ladies, to be patient for the right time. Trust the timing of God.

  2. MarianaK1 year ago

    Hello, honey. I'm so happy for you. This delights me, so much. I'm really glad you had a great experience. Good luck to you on this journey. I hope things get even better! Sending baby dust!

  3. Carol211 year ago

    What a superb story! This makes me really happy. I'm so glad things worked out for you, honey. I hope the rest of the journey goes well, too. You've struggled a lot. And, you've deserved this. Congratulations, and best of luck!

  4. rachel071 year ago

    Hi girl. So sorry to hear about your situation. I can only help you by guiding you to the right path. The most important thing in the fertility journey is choosing fertility centers. If you go for the wrong ones, it automatically makes you lose your spirit. We all know how hard it is to gather strength and help ourselves. If the same strength is taken away from us what will we be left with? I came across this clinic called Lotus. It caught my attention with its fancy site claiming so much support. Guess what? they didn't even respond back to my emails. Let alone all the promises that they made. Well, I only hope you don't experience such circumstances.

  5. jolly1881 year ago

    Hey. Hope you will be doing good in your life. I am happy to know about it that you are going for surrogacy. Surrogacy is really a good treatment for infertility. Really Ukraine holds the best clinic for surrogacy. It has one of the best and good clinics which offer surrogacy at good rates. The clinics offer you the best services and packages. All my best wishes and prayers are with you my dear. Hope this will prove to be very much fruitful for you. Best wishes for you!

  6. Jane Drake1 year ago

    This sounds great. I am planning to get surrogacy from the same place. Chances are it is the same clinic. I also liked the environment there. They were responsive too. Since I could not carry the baby. They asked me to go for surrogacy. I have signed the contract. The surrogate will also sign it soon. Then they can begin the transfer. Do pray for things to go well. I really want to have this baby. Fingers crossed. Oh btw congratulations to you too. May you have a beautiful life ahead.

  7. Sofia19941 year ago

    Surrogacy is getting very common. It is a source of happiness for infertile couples. The dream of infertile couples of holding a baby comes true by the surrogates. Surrogates are blessings for infertile couples. I am also infertile. Our clinic is finding a good surrogate for us. Surrogate will carry our child in her womb for months. We have gone through all the initial stages of this process. Now we are waiting for a good surrogate to carry our child in her womb. Wish me good luck.

  8. Larawatson1 year ago

    This is what we call a quality and worth clinic. No matter how crowded it is, you get enough attention and response whenever you are at a worth clinic. The clinic has maintained their standards so well no doubt. No wonder why the clinic was crowded. I have been staying in ukraine since last month for my surrogacy. I have consulted a clinic here. And theclinic is one of the best clinic in ukraine. The doctors are so humble and kind. the staff is so kind and supportive. Whenever we visit a clinic, we feel so positive and energetic. The clinic gives us such a positive vibes. the clinic is always crowded but they way they manage and handle each client is remarkable. They never disappoint any of their client. And their procedures are so affordable as well. I feel so lucky to be here often. I am excited for my surrogacy journey. I hope it goes well.

  9. serra1 year ago

    Hey, How you are doing now? I hope now everything is going fine. It means that you are having a great time with them. Hope that you will get what you want desperately. Infertility is the hardest phase of woman life. Well, there are some clinics that are cheating people. One of them is Lotus. I have heard so much about them. they just cheating people and they want publicity. I know that there must be some personal benefits. So be aware of such clinics. I can just pray that you will be a successful mother. My best wishes are with you. Hope everything will be fine for you. Always think about the things you are going to choose.

  10. RhondaJet1 year ago

    Hey there Rehana. I hope it all going great. I am really glad that you are treated nicely. It's great that you chose to go for it. IIt must have been a hard choice. By the looks of it. It looks like you are in good hands. It must be really amazing to have good doctors around you. I am sure you will have success. It would be great if you could share more info about the clinic. I am sure many will be helped by this. Lots of love to you. Take care and prayers too.

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