Nutrition and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, take a moment to listen to this recording. This is the best thing you can do for your developing baby! I had an amazing experience with my pregnancy, if you want more info, contact me, I love this share this!

Healthy Stem Cells = Healthy Babies!!!
The Role of Whole Food Nutrition, Supplied by Juice Plus+


Presenter: Rosalyn Baker-Ingham
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Psychotherapist and Neurotherapist
MI Prevention Plus Speaker

  1. luciey10 months ago

    I am very motivated by the video. It has given a sense of hope and encouragement. I have always been wondering what might be the problem with my first born child. Over time her behaviours have been changing drastically. I even thought it was the procedure that I underwent during my pregnancy. But later on, I found I was denying my unborn baby the necessary nutrients for growth. Several times I could be put on a particular diet I was not supposed to skip but I concurred. The behaviours of my kid started changing gradually and I can concur with the video. Thanks for sharing with us here.

  2. dazzy shahu9 months ago

    Hi welcome everybody at this reliable platform. I am feeling happy to hear this effective audio clip to understand nutrition importance during pregnancy. I also follow your tips and tricks to enjoy healthy baby gift in my life. I decide to share my success story to help millions of women to overcome this horrible situation in their life. You should not underestimate the power of balanced diet. It is very unforgettable moment for every woman to enjoy baby gift in the life that fulfill their whole life with happiness. It is very important to make proper planning with appropriate nutrition and to provide full energy for whole day smooth working.
    There are 20% women who are facing problem to conceive effectively infertility problem with appropriate to provide appropriate nutrition for smooth working. I want to express kind heart thank to various medical research who are working day and night for reliable treatment of infertility all over the world. It is medical certified fact that unbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle may create infertility problem in future. You can easily handle this horrible situation with appropriate planning to maintain your body and mind in balance. It is very important to have proper hormones level in your body to conceive effectively to defeat infertility problem in natural way.
    You should be very informative to understand needs of your body very well to handle all type of problem in early stage. It is your strong will and healthy balanced diet that is sufficient to handle all type of pregnancy related problem in short time period. It is very important to have regular period cycle that can be easily maintain in balance with balanced diet and appropriate nutrition food.

  3. Neha59 months ago

    When you're pregnant, eating healthy foods is more important than ever. You need more protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid than you did before pregnancy. You also need more calories. ... It means that the foods you eat are the main source of nutrients for your baby.

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