On my 40th birthday

On my 40th birthday I told myself that this was how it was going to be, that we wouldn't have children, and I needed to look forward to the second half of my life and stop waiting for something that would never happen. I decided it was time to get serious about losing weight so I went on a diet and started walking for an hour every night. I lost 25 pounds in six weeks. And then bam. I was pregnant without IVF (in vitro fertilization) or anything.
I'm not saying that healthier living is the reason I finally was able to get (and stay) pregnant, but maybe in my case it helped just enough. I don't konw. All I know is, it felt like a miracle. In my second trimester I woke up bleeding one morning and thought, "Well, that's it." And I cried like I'd never cried before. But she survived. I also suffered a case of very painful shingles a few weeks later. Again, I thought I might lose her, but she survived. And then she was born ten weeks early while we were visiting family 600 miles away. We stayed in Virginia for seven weeks until she was out of the NICU.
What a crazy ride it has been, but she's now two years old, happy and healthy with no complications from being born early. She's a very stubborn, determined little girl, and I think those traits helped her survive in utero as well as when she was born.

  1. LindaEskridge1 year ago

    Hey there! Haha i m so glad to see that little stubborn girl fought everything and stayed alive. And wow, you never gave up. Maybe after trying so hard for this, a miracle happened.You're so lucky. You went through so much but still never lost hope. Your story is a must read for all women out there who are trying to conceive. Good luck for your future and give that cute little girl love from my side ok! Stay blessed!

  2. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey there! Congratulations to you! It is extremely important that your BMH is low in order for your pregnancy to become a reality. A lot of women undermine it! However, having the self-motivation to do that is also extremely important! Also, having a healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fruits and lots of exercises helps as well. I am sure the time between her illness would have been the hardest. However, the good days have started.

  3. Jasmine221 year ago

    I am very much impressed from you that you never loose hope and you are living with a baby right know it must be a great feeling. I never had it in my life and i am still trying for a baby. I wish you had a wonderful life because having a baby in tough conditions is always a blessing. Many of us thought it might be OK to have a baby but i know how much difficulty women had to go through for fertility. Best of luck.

  4. ConstanceMorin1 year ago

    Hi there! I m so proud of you. Glad to see that you went through a lot, but still never lost hope. And your little girl is a fighter for sure. She faced everything, such miracles don't happen everyday. May God protect you and your baby from all evil sight. Self Motivation is very important here. Good diet and regular exercise can also help you in this. And Yes Yoga too, Yoga is the best for this condition. You're so lucky, Not everyone can conceive naturally. Even myself, I tried for 5 years continuously but nothing happened. Tried every single thing but nothing worked. Then I went for surrogacy. That was the only option left. And I m so happy now. I have two beautiful babies from surrogacy. One boy and one girl. My family is complete and perfect now. It takes a lot of dedication and strength to get through this. Much Love!

  5. Boone1 year ago

    Wow what I just read is great. I am really happy after reading all of this. Many congratulations to you my friend. You showed a real courage. Your story is a true motivation for many of us. I am really glad listening to your story. I think what just happened with you was all destined. You are very lucky that the end is good. You know health is wealth dear. It's not just said randomly. It's true. Like you set an example for this. You get pregnant just because you controlled your weight and diet. These things are very much important. The reason your daughter survived is your good diet. She survived because you took a good and healthy diet after you conceived her. She is a tough soul. No doubt in that. May you all live a happy life together.

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