Our road to successful ivf

After a long road of TTC which consisted of PCOS, no ovulation at all & then all of a sudden a natural conception which ended in a missed miscarriage & D&C. multiple rounds of clomid with bad side effects. another early miscarriage. Laporoscopy where bad endometriosis & cysts were removed. injections to treat the endo. we were finally referred to do IVF. I decided to skip IUI because if we did 6 rounds, that was pretty much the same cost of an IVF cycle. We were incredibly lucky as our first little embryo took & I now have a beautiful 7 & a half week old daughter. I know how lucky we were for it to work on our first transfer. We have our 7 other emby's waiting in the freezer. Even though it was daunting to go down the IVF road. But I have absolutely no regrets & everything we went through seems so worth it now. But we got lucky because of determination of biotexcom. We are now happy with our children. Being a parent is an amazing feeling. Wish you all luck!!

  1. Clare (Jacob's Mama)1 year ago

    Congratulations!! ♡

  2. ranarocky61 year ago

    Hi there,
    Oh wow! you are not alone in the battle of PCOS. PCOS is taunting, I myself have been diagnosed with PCOS, just a few weeks ago and well I am not loving this. The very unwelcome mood swings, irregular periods and pain when you do get your periods do not make anything easier. And to top it all, trying to conceive with PCOS? well, ouch! It is taking a lot out of me just trying and trying to get pregnant with all the hormonal imbalance and I wish to get there soon. I am hoping against hope that i do not require an IVF or other infertility treatment although my doctor said that it may be a possibility. it is very true that you are incredibly lucky to have conceived on your first cycle. IVF can be a harrowing method as it only involves a waiting period and to see if your eggs are all that. Besides that it can be very expensive also and that can weigh your pocket down. But, I do also hear that infertility treatments these days have vastly improved in care and technology alike and that gives me some hope. Your story also does inspire! Congratulations on your baby girl!

  3. Stuart1 year ago

    Hello there. I can understand how happy you must be. Having a child is an amazing feeling. Especially after so many failed attempts. I am glad IVF worked for you. It really is a great option for infertile couples. I hope more people find out about it.

  4. Angelo 1 year ago

    Hello Irissean. It is shocking to know that you even manage to get pregnant when you were suffering from PCOS. However, I feel bad about your miscarriage. You were already fighting against PCOS. All of sudden, you had to face miscarriage too. Anyways, hard time is over now. You have finally become a mother. By the way, I got my surrogacy done from the same clinic you are talking about. We are the happy clients.

  5. Keneth1 year ago

    Hi Iris! You have tried a few different ways to get pregnant but it did not work out for you. You were final pregnant by yourself but you again ended with a miscarriage because of your infertility problem not yet resolved. My suggestion for you is not to waste your time and go for surrogacy. You will find it useful and easy.

  6. belley1 year ago

    Congratulations! On a lighter note, PCOS is just way too common. I think every woman with this issue should read your story and see how things can change dramatically. Good luck, hon! Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

  7. Pinder4 months ago

    Congratulations, honey! This is such a nice story. I'm so glad things finally worked out. I've had a similar story so far! I hope our endings are similar too! Thank you so much for sharing this. It's so inspirational and motivating!

  8. MirandaD3 months ago

    Congratulations to you! I am so happy that after so many hardships things did eventually work for you. IVF is an unpredictable process. It not as easy as everyone anticipates it to be. Therefore, I believe its nice of you to open up. I myself am going to be starting with the process. I am mentally prepared. I know that I will have to take shots every day till the retrieval. Other than this my follicles will be measures frequently as well. It is due to these reasons I decided to visit a clinic that has a high success rate. I made sure the clinic I was visiting knew how to carry the process out. I am currently in their waiting list. However, I am excited about starting this journey. Good luck to everyone else as well. I hope things work for all.

  9. Malinee3 months ago

    Congrats, hun! I'm so glad things worked out for you! It makes me really happy to read such stories. You've deserved this, after all those struggles. You've had such a tough journey. Here's to a happy and healthy parenthood. Thank you for sharing your success story, it will motivate many others!

  10. MirandaD1 month ago

    Congratulations to you! I am glad that the process worked out for you. I hope things go smoothly from now onwards. I am in the middle of the process as well. Really hoping that is works for us. The doctors made sure that the best embryos were transferred. I am waiting to take the test and see the results. Hoping for the best.

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