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Hi, There, Hope you all are doing the best of your health. This is Katty from Spain. I have read may stories on this forum and its really very helpful for me. I got married 5 years ago During this period i have faced 3 miscarriages. I was so disappointed. I accepted this bitter truth that I will be infertile. One day my husband told me that his friend was going through the same situation. They went to a clinic in Ukraine known as Biotexcom. They treated them so well. They both went for surrogacy and got succeeded. He told him to visit that clinic That they are coming to London in August. I am flying to UK for my consultancy. I am already registered on So excited to start my journey.

  1. Julie881 year ago

    Hey. Thanks for sharing the news. It is great! Good luck to you. I hope you have a safe time ahead. I am so glad to see they are coming to London. My friend wants to go for surrogacy. She is currently in London. She wants to know about the clinic that could be suitable for her. I am going to suggest this to her. Will you please let me know the details? What date are they coming? And, is the venue decided? She is infertile. She had a miscarriage and now is being declared infertile. I'd be glad to help her. She must avail this opportunity. I hope things go well for her. And, everyone who is going to attend the session. I hope they have a safe stay.

  2. MirandaD1 year ago

    Hey thank you for sharing the information. I have read a lot of positive comments regarding this clinic. I have been searching a lot about them. They have a high success rate. The doctors are also experienced and professionals. I think that is amazing. I recently got in contact with them. I was really impressed with their communication services. They were quick in resending. They have also invited me for free for the first consultation meeting . I am looking forward to that. I hope everything goes well. I am so excited to start the procedure with them. I hope it works out for me. Best of luck to everyone else as well.

  3. kim881 year ago

    Wow. This is a wonderful news. I am so happy to get this news. I hope you have a wonderful time with them. And, your procedure goes smoothly for you. My best wishes are with you. I am also planning for surrogacy. Previously, I had a surrogacy from Ukraine. They were really great in their services. I think I am going to attend their session again. It would be great if I consult them. When are they coming? Are the dates decided? I am going to get myself registered as soon as possible. I don't want to miss the opportunity. I hope all goes well for me. And, they have a safe stay in London. Hoping for the best!

  4. Robin James1 year ago

    Hello, Katty. How are you doing? I hope you're alright. Thank you for this! It's a nice post. I found out about the event just recently. What a brilliant thing to do. How good is this clinic? It's honestly such a remarkable thing to do. They are the game changers in assisted conception. I am so proud to say that I'm currently undergoing treatment with them. They come up with groundbreaking researches. I don't think there's another clinic that can match up to what they do. I'm glad I made this choice! It's definitely one that I don't regret.

  5. Emma1241 year ago

    Hey Katty, how are you? Hope you are enjoying good health. Thanks for sharing the good news with is us. I am happy for you. I hope you will have a wonderful time there. I am an infertile. I am facing it from 5 years. It is hard to live childless. I previously contacted L***s clinic for infertility treatment. But got scammed by them. They bragged about their services via email. But when we visited them personally they are nothing but scam. The clinic is not properly maintained and they don't have the equipment. We really got disappointed. We will surely attend this event and then decided either we have to visit this clinic or not. Hope for the best. I wish you good luck.

  6. jenny5881 year ago

    Sorry to hear about your MCs and infertility. I can understand your situation. But I am glad that things are getting fine at your end. I am happy to hear that you've registered for the event. I've registered too. My husband and I will be going together. We had our surrogacy from this clinic. It was a great experience. They treat their patients very nicely. I recently got to know about their event. It's in London on 18-19 August. So my DH and I decided to attend this session. I've come to know that it's really very informational. Their doctors will consult with us. They will ask us our problems. And tell us solutions for it. I am sure it's gonna benefit a lot of people.

  7. emily2941 year ago

    Hey dear. I have just read your post. And I can feel your pain. Because I am also in the same journey. I am also infertile. Have suffered miscarriages as well. I was very disappointed. But I get to know about a clinic in Ukraine. First I ignored it. Because there are many clinics that are fake. Then my husband asked me to consult them once. We consulted them. And to our surprise, they treated us so well. They give us hope that I can be mom soon. They told us about surrogacy. I am very happy now. I would suggest that any body wants to consult must go there. They have reasonable prices. And highly qualified professional staff.

  8. adele1231 year ago

    It's really nice to see people sharing about this event. It's a very nice event which will be in London. The team is going to come to London to help people. It is a consultation event as well. Anyone can discuss their fertility issues with them. They have really good staff and doctors. My sister and I are planning to go to this event. I am sure it's going to beneficial to a lot of people. We should spread about it on other forums as well. I don't want anyone to miss this opportunity. It would be a great event to attend. I hope people get their problems solved soon.

  9. hannahgr1 year ago

    Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing well. I am glad to see your story. I have also heard of many positive reviews regarding the clinic. I have heard of many success cases. Surrogacy is a very helpful process. I think one should make a proper research before going to a clinic. Clinics play an important role in success rate. I wish you all the best for your journey. Keep your hopes high. I believe hope and struggle against our obstacles is very important if we want to succeed. I wish you all the best. Stay strong and happy. Take care.

  10. alana551 year ago

    I have also heard about this session. They are having open days in London. Biotexcom team is going to the UK on 18-19 August. Everyone can have a unique chance to have an initial consultation in London. It would be an excellent opportunity to meet Anastasia. She is the head of the English Department. Everyone can get necessary information about treatment in Biotexcom. Anyone can have a chance to sign a contract right there. Seats are limited. Anyone who wants to register for the meeting can contact them via their email I would advise everyone to attend this session. It's going to be very useful. Wishing best of luck to everyone.

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