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Hi, There, Hope you all are doing the best of your health. This is Katty from Spain. I have read may stories on this forum and its really very helpful for me. I got married 5 years ago During this period i have faced 3 miscarriages. I was so disappointed. I accepted this bitter truth that I will be infertile. One day my husband told me that his friend was going through the same situation. They went to a clinic in Ukraine known as Biotexcom. They treated them so well. They both went for surrogacy and got succeeded. He told him to visit that clinic That they are coming to London in August. I am flying to UK for my consultancy. I am already registered on So excited to start my journey.

  1. lidya210 months ago

    Surrogacy is making that possible for everyone. I'm glad to see this clinic has opened up that are doing this at a very affordable price for people. But still, spreading awareness like this is very important. I'm sorry to hear about your previous struggles with fertility. Good to hear that you choose surrogacy to complete your family. Infertility is really a hard thing to face. I agreed with you. Surrogacy is like the last hope for the people who cannot conceive naturally. Nowadays it is a popular and safe technique for having a baby.

  2. Laura1710 months ago

    Hey dear, thank you much for sharing the clinic's information. I have listened a lot about this clinic. I know the clinic gives you the best services. I have been TTC for 5 years. I haven't conceived yet. I am thinking about surrogacy. But as I lived in Japan and it is surrogacy forbidden. My sister has said to come to Europe. Europe has the best fertility clinic. They had tons of good reviews. And many success stories are recorded. The couples really get the satisfaction. I must say everyone feels much relax after contacting them. I have sent them an email and scheduled my appointment there. They are really appealing. I like their responsiveness. The results would also be satisfactory too. Need best wishes!

  3. ella_jax10 months ago

    Hello there! I hope you and your sister both are doing great. Thank you for sharing such a great experience. Your sister must be depressed at that time. It feels worst to know that your husband is thinking to divorce you. I felt sorry for that. Indeed infertility is the horrible situation for a woman. I am glad that she has got rid out of the infertility problem. I congratulation her on this. I also had the same experience in Europe. I faced three miscarriage after my marriage and became infertile. I was really depressed. I lost all my hopes then a friend of mine like an angel came to me. She told me about the clinic in Europe. I went there for surrogacy. It is a wonderful clinic. The staff was really humble. Their facilities were at the level of satisfaction. I took the surrogacy treatment there and now God has blessed me with a cute baby. Indeed this is the best clinic for surrogacy. Keep sharing great experiences like this. Thank you.

  4. olivia2910 months ago

    I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. It must have been really hard. But there are other ways you can have children. One of them is through going through the surrogacy option. you can contact clinic which offer surrogacy procedures. I have heard of one located in Ukraine. My sister went there to find a surrogate. They really helped her out. And they accommodated to every need. Surrogacy is an amazing thing. And it is the best option for infertile couples. They are really professional regarding their job. And they really accommodate their clients.

  5. Meema1210 months ago

    hey !!!! I read your post thoroughly. yeah, I agree with you. the legislation is a much important factor. we shouldn't neglect this. I hope this should be the first important steps. after that choose the best clinic. if you don't want to search on your own then you may attend a conference. a Ukraine English department head is coming to London on 18th 19th August. she will answer you all queries. it's a best chance to ask about all legal requirements and rules that may help you. it is free of costs. you can sign agreement there too .she will offer some economy packages.

  6. sarahdavid10 months ago

    Hey everyone! I've seen a lot of here struggling with TTC and loss and I myself have been through it so I understand how hard of a job it is. I got several treatments to get over infertility from a clinic in Ukraine. I got my treatment done by BioTexCom in Ukraine and had a very nice experience. If you need more information about infertility treatments, awareness or consultation then BioTexCom is coming to London on 18th and 19th August. I managed to get out of depression because this kid brought happiness into my life. Keep your faith strong and best of luck in future!

  7. Amy Andrew9 months ago

    I am sad to know about you.This is really difficult moment.But this is life.Everything can happen in life but we never loose hope.Nothing impossible in this world.So we always go for better.You choose the best option to born baby.Surrogacy is the best way to born baby.People must know about this way to born baby. My cousin is suffering from infertility.She wants baby so she decided to go for surrogacy.Surrogacy is the last hope for her to born baby.So she contact with clinic for surrogacy.Finally she reached there for surrogacy.She got positive results.Now she has a beautiful baby.So surrogacy is the best way to born baby for infertile. Every people must know about this.Surrogacy is best way for infertile people to born baby.

  8. Sarahxyz9 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.I am happy to know about your story and thanks for telling us about the best clinic of surrogacy.I am also infertile and i choose surrogacy to born baby.
    My husband and I married young. And both of us are child loving so we decided to conceive baby soon after marriage. But we hadn't any idea what's gonna happen to us, one day i was on the way home. Suddenly a loaded truck came and hit me terribly. Physically i survived, but when doctor revealed that my womb affected very badly. It was a tragedy for us. was screaming in hospital .Not being able to get pregnant is very frustrating and alarming for me because I always assumed get married and have kids. But my infertility broke me internally. I'm feeling like isolated because of my infertility.I contact with clinic and reaches there for surrogacy.They helped me a lot and now i have baby.

  9. Jane Drake9 months ago

    Oh, I know about Biotexcom. This is the reason I am living a happy life today. Guys, this is the best clinic in town. There is no doubt in this. I was skeptical about them. Obviously, I had heard stories. Then I experienced them. A life-changing experience. Now, I can say that they are trustworthy. Btw, the dates and venue have changed. Yes, they are opening a session. Though the dates and session are not confirmed. It will be soon though. Till then hold your horses' ladies. Your life will change soon too.

  10. Amanda Kalvoska9 months ago

    Hi Ketty. I hope you are fine. I am going with you. I knew about clinic. How i can forgot them. They had given me my life. I had done my IVF from them. I am proudly saying that i have 2 babies now. I will attend their event. I had already done my registration. They mailed my confirmation 4 days before. I hope there will be a lots of stuff for us. Thank you for reminding my old days. Actually worst days :).

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