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Hi, There, Hope you all are doing the best of your health. This is Katty from Spain. I have read may stories on this forum and its really very helpful for me. I got married 5 years ago During this period i have faced 3 miscarriages. I was so disappointed. I accepted this bitter truth that I will be infertile. One day my husband told me that his friend was going through the same situation. They went to a clinic in Ukraine known as Biotexcom. They treated them so well. They both went for surrogacy and got succeeded. He told him to visit that clinic That they are coming to London in August. I am flying to UK for my consultancy. I am already registered on So excited to start my journey.

  1. Olivia_19909 months ago

    Hey! This is such a great news. I am an infertile woman myself. I can understand how it would feel to be in your place. It asks for a lot of struggle. Nothing comes easy with infertility. I felt dreadful when I got to know I am infertile. I am opting for surrogacy at a clinic in Europe. Their service is amazing. I am so happy to see how they treat their clients. I never had to wait for extra hours. Their service is very quick. I also met my surrogate. I am so happy everything is going very smoothly so far.

  2. Ella Stone9 months ago

    Hey! After hearing this amazing news that biotexcom is coming to London, I would also love to share my infertility journey. I was declared infertile 2 years ago. Doctors told me that I have polyps in my uterus. So I had to get them removed. My husband and I were really worried and depressed as we were longing for having babies for so long. Our hearts were broken. But then, someone told us about a clinic in Ukraine. We decided to visit them. We did go there and told them our problem. They suggested us Surrogacy procedure. So we had our Surrogacy from there. They were really kind and they guided us o well. Their environment was so healthy. I could never forget this wonderful experience of my life. I am a blessed and happy mother now just because of this clinic.

  3. melissastan9 months ago

    Hey. How are you doing? Thank you for this post. I'm glad you shared this information with us. I have had a great experience with this clinic in the past. They are really good at what they do. This is exactly why I recommend this clinic to people. I see so many couples every day struggling with infertility. They have such hard lives. They don't deserve this. But these people solve their problems. They give them the greatest gift of their lives. I think that's amazing. This event would be of great help to such people. I'm definitely going.

  4. Jade29 months ago

    Hello, Katty. How are you? I hope you're okay. I'm really excited about the event. It will be a lovely event. It's amazing what they are doing. I'm so glad this is happening. It's great to see this. Although I've heard that they've changed the dates and the venue. They will update it, soon. I can't wait for it. I hope they update soon. Hope to see most of you lovely ladies, there. Don't miss it. Remember, it is for us!

  5. RhondaJet9 months ago

    Hey there Dear. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really happy to hear that you are going for it. It is really great that they are getting so much attention. I have been there myself. I had my surrogacy there. It was just a really good experience. I wish you to give them a chance too. The event they are going to have sounds really good. I think we all should go there. Meeting new people is great. I get to learn a lot by this. Lots of love for you. I hope you get what you want.

  6. Lilyj9 months ago

    Hey There. could not agree more with you. Surrogacy is an amazing option. This event seems amazing. Even if you do not plan on going for surrogacy. It would be very good to check it out and see if it suits your needs or not. This event is an ideal opportunity to see how the clinic is. Even interacting with the staff would give a necessary look at the clinic. Looking forward to it.

  7. Kota868 months ago

    I am so excited. I was jumping all over the place. I cannot wait for this. This is the best opportunity for us infertiles. I hope it works out. I cannot wait to start my journey. Thank you this update.

  8. Ella Stone8 months ago

    Hey! I am also so excited for this event. I have been waiting for this event for so long. I have been visited this clinic when I had to get my IVF treatment. Now, I would go there with my husband having my baby boy in my hands to say them thank you for completing my family. I hope they announce the dates and venue soon.

  9. diana_mom8 months ago

    WOW!!! The amazing news was that. I have also learned a lot about BioTexCom team. Especially, their senior consultant and team lead Anastasia, she's such a nice lady. People have shared satisfactory reviews of them. I'm really very much excited after listening to the news of their arrival. Kindly let me know when the venue and arrival date will be finalised. Baby dust to all the aspirants!!!

  10. Nida John8 months ago

    Surrogacy is a great treatment and a great blessing of science. Success rates are also high in surrogacy as compared to other scientific treatment. Thanks to the clinics too who are making things possible for us. I also had a successful surrogacy journey. Though it was the bit time taking. As I moved to Europe but thanks to God I found an amazing clinic. My clinic really helped me a lot during my journey.

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