Pizza and pregnant

Someone told me you couldn't eat the ham on pizza when pregnant. I've been eating pizza the whole time!! Thoughts?..

  1. Hillyboo3 years ago

    As long as is cooked - any deli meats that are cured and cold are no good. If that pizza ham is cooked through and kills the bacteria is should be ok.

  2. Kaylie893 years ago

    No cold meat - processes hams bad so make sure its cooked.

  3. priyaangel25871 year ago

    Hello sherie, congratulations on your pregnancy my dear and I hope you are doing well. I can understand your problem but you should not worry about it now. Pregnancy is one of most beautiful and amazing times of your life and it is very important to take complete care of your health and fitness during pregnancy. Now you have one more responsibility of your baby and you have to switch to Healthy lifestyle for it. If you are eating any pizza occasionally then there will be no any problem. But you should not add it to your regular routine. You can eat cooked Ham on pizza without any problem but I will recommend you to add some good nutrition in your regular diet and you should leave your fast food routine to ensure your health. During your pregnancy, it is very important for your body to get good nutrition and you should add some good nutrients like protein, vitamins, iron, Folic acid and essential minerals in your regular diet. With good nutrition, it is also important to add some regular exercise and yoga in your routine so that you can prepare your body for child birth. You should not take stress about such issues if you are eating good quality food from any reliable restaurant. You should not eat anything without thinking during this period of your life. It is your time to enjoy and you have free time to enjoy your favourite food during pregnancy. But it is always important to take some care of health and fitness so that you can ensure good health of your baby during pregnancy. Best of luck for your beautiful future and happy family life my dear.

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