Poor egg quality

Hi all, I am 45 and on my second IVF cycle for egg retrieval and my doctor told that out of 18 eggs. 10 survived after fertilization, 5 died, 3 went haywire and 2 are very poor quality which leaves me with another failed IVF cycle. I am considering surrogacy but don’t want to go for donor eggs. I really don’t know what to do, should we give the whole idea of having a baby, please help I am very depressed.

  1. bettygary2 years ago

    Hello, really sorry to hear about the trouble you are going through. I am in the beginning of my IVF cycle and know how difficult it could become. But you should never give up hope and be determined. I have heard such issues from many women and also that they kept trying and eventually succeeded. Please, please do not give up, you can consider taking a second opinion or a clinic in some other country. We are strangers, but if you need to talk please message me.

  2. natashawilliams2 years ago

    Hi, sorry to know about your story. The poor quality of your eggs is probably due to your age. But keep trying as there are many success stories with similar situation as yours. One of my friends also had similar situation, she is now 48 with a cute kido. She could not bear child due to incompetent cervix and was considering surrogacy via her own eggs. Her egg quality was poor due to age but she was determined to get it done through her eggs. She concentrated on improving the quality of her eggs, her doc. put her on DHEA for 2 months then switched to vitamin D, CoQ 10 and Omega 3 and within a year her egg quality improved and then finally specialist was able to retrieve good quality eggs. So don’t lose hope, consult your FS and get to know about this treatment. Best of luck.

  3. melissamontgomery2 years ago

    Hi, thanks a lot for sharing. Really you provided me hope. I didn’t knew about this treatment method and even my specialist didn’t suggested. I now feel a bit confident that I too can have my own child. Really this information has helped me a lot

  4. blancaharper2 years ago

    Hi (natasha) I have failed 3 IVF cycles due to poor egg quality and undergoing the 4th one, this would be my last chance to become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. I talked to the specialist about improving egg quality and he said that I can’t get this treatment as I have low level of AMH, so before giving hope please clarify who are the right candidates to get this treatment.

  5. natashawilliams2 years ago

    Hi (Blancaharper), I never said that anyone can take this treatment. I had said and again saying that you should consult your specialists about this treatment. They are the best person who can give you better answers and know what is good or bad for you. My friend who underwent this treatment, it was suggested to her by her specialist who performed various tests on her and only then suggested this treatment to improve egg quality. So please all, do not take medications on your own, consult the specialist

  6. luciey2 years ago

    First, at the age of 45, you are almost at the threshold of menopause. I am also very motivated by the courage that is exuding from your heart. It is something that is very rare to find. Most ladies won't feel at ease to share like you have done on this forum. All I can advise you is to seek medical attention so that proper diagnosis and treatment can be found. It would also be wise if you do it as early as now to prevent any cause for alarm. Remember past 45 years it would be too hard for you to ovulate. Myself I did IVF through egg donation but it worked well with me.

  7. margaret_902 years ago

    Hello melissa, I would suggest you consult a good specialist to improve the egg quality. I have seen many mums on forums who have shared their story of how they improved their egg quality and were able to conceive a baby. But then again, make sure you get the right treatment from the right specialist as blanchaharper pointed out, the medications that worked for one cannot work for all and you need to consult a specialist to know if you qualify for a specific treatment. I wish you all the and stay positive and strong.

  8. emraven2 years ago

    I'm very sorry for your situation. It's a shame that IVFs will not work. Despite your age, your positivity is very hopeful. However, I believe surrogacy is a better option. I understand your point of view, but you should explore the positive parts of surrogacy. Many women have fulfilled their dream of being a mother through this method. There are many good clinics that offer surrogacy in a professional manner and with excellent results.
    My best wishes.

  9. Lisa123452 years ago

    First of all, I want to appreciate your courage to share your problem at this online platform. I am here for you to provide effective tips and tricks to solve your poor eggs quality problem in easy and effective way. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. I also feel the same problem in my life. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression. I want to overcome this difficult situation at any cost. We try each and every method but not succeed. I can understand your problem very well. I am feeling happy to help you on behalf of my personal life experience to handle same problem like me. We consult with the popular gynecologist of Kiev to get effective treatment of poor eggs quality to skip IVF treatment failure.
    You can follow these effective tips and tricks to enhance your egg quality in effective way. The first and foremost thing you should maintain your body hormone level in balance. You can start with easy and effective yoga and meditation to maintain your physical and mental body in balance that reduce stress and depression and provide full relaxation to your body that is profitable for you in many ways. You should give importance to Healthy balanced diet that provides sufficient nutrition to all body organs that is necessary to smooth working for all reproduction system very well. You should follow these easy tips very strictly to get magic effect in your life. There are various Medical Research reports that significant effect of yoga and meditation in enhancing poor egg quality. I hope you get sufficient information to clear all your doubts to defeat infertility problem in professional way.

  10. kelly_K2 years ago

    Hello, happy to see that you shared your problem. I can understand you are in a terrible situation right now. First and foremost I would suggest you to kindly stay positive. You should be very informative on the cause of infertility as well as why one has poor quality eggs. I also faced this type of situation almost 2 years ago. My gynecologists said i have poor egg quality which is making me fail to conceive. Me and my husband tried various ways and consulted many gynecologists but found no positive result. Then one day my husband was surfing the net and found reviews of people about a clinic in Ukraine named BIOTEXCOM. At first, we were in doubt whether to try it or not but then finally we made a plan to give this clinic a chance and i am happy to say that I did. When we had a talk with the gynecologists she took all my medical reports and previously taken medicines. She told me that poor quality egg issue can be resolved from a healthy diet, proper lifestyle which detoxifies your inner body or i can go with the surgery process. I wanted to go with the healthy option first and tried the diet plan, medicines and exercises suggested by my gynecologists. I went through the whole transformation process for almost 4 months and in the 5 month of my treatment, i found that i was pregnant. I was very happy and was unable to believe that i got such a success. I truly believe that anyone suffering from infertility or miscarriage problem can easily defeat the problem. It just takes a healthy diet and change in lifestyle which changes the inner you as well as detoxify it. Second and the main thing you will need is a good gynecologist who doesn’t just sticks to one answer and tries to help you in any other way possible. I believe if you are having a poor egg quality you should try to switch to a healthy lifestyle and keep your mind positive. I hope my reply helps you in some way.

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