Pregnancy back pain

My wife is 5months pregnant and now she is facing so much pain on her back. She is in a position where she can’t get out of bed or can’t even walk. The scanning report showed that baby is resting on the sciatic nerve. The doctor has advised her to take complete rest. Has anyone else had this pain? One of my friends suggested taking physiotherapy treatment( ) from any registered clinic. But I don’t know if such a treatment is safe during pregnancy. Has physiotherapy helped anyone for the back pain during pregnancy? Please advise.

  1. Lisa123451 year ago

    Hi welcome dear. I can understand your back pain problem very well. I also feel the same problem like you during pregnancy. I am feeling happy and proud to see true bonding with husband and wife to understand each other needs and feeling very well. This is very horrible situation in life not easy to handle. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression due to my back pain problem. I want to suggest some easy and effective tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to reduce back pain in professional way. I research many websites and consult with popular gynecologist of Kiev to get permanent relief of back pain problem.
    It is very necessary to maintain proper safe and secure method that is beneficial for you and your baby in many ways. You can start with healthy balanced diet and some easy exercises that provide proper blood supply to whole body for smooth working. You should choose the best in class sitting and sleeping method and posture that is beneficial for you in long-term to skip any type of miscarriage problem. It is very beneficial for you to understand each and every signal of your body very well. It is good signal that your body hormone level is not in balance. You can choose right path of yoga and meditation that provide proper balance in your physical and mental level. This is Medical Research proven fact that yoga and meditation is the best way to handle any type of problem like back pain and other related issue in easy and effective. I hope you get sufficient information to clear all your doubt to enjoy healthy baby gift like me.

  2. Jyotsna1 year ago

    Hi France:

    I am really humbled to see such a caring husband and your wife is really lucky. As you mentioned, when the sciatica nerve is compressed the pain will be horrible. I had the same problem but was not pregnant. The radiculopathy, radiation of the pain from back to toe suffered me both mentally and physically for which I took some natural treatments. Since your wife is being pregnant, I may not suggest her any medication or alternative treatments. There are many stretching exercises which ease the sciatic pain. But your wife case is suspicious because she has been on the bed always. Some of the exercises really work out. The simplest remedy is, tell her to lie down opposite to the pain direction, i.e if she has pain on the left, let her lie down on the right side. Do not make her stand and sit for a long time, let her change the positions often. If possible, she may swim for a while. Even after doing all these, still, she feels excruciating pain, better she can contact her Gynec for further remedy. Take care her well, I wish her a healthy delivery without any pain more.

  3. panchal1 year ago

    On behalf of my personal experience, I suggest your wife take calcium tablets along with milk. In my time also, I felt a lot of pain. The pain is a signal of the body that something is not right in the body. In pregnancy, our daily body requirements increase a lot. We experience weakness and many times we vomit also. Daily vomiting also inculcates weakness in our body. All these things create pain in our body because bones start losing a lot of calcium in order to suffice the baby requirement. Taking milk three times a day and following a very healthy dietary regime is very important during pregnancy. Morning and evening walks are also very important for a pregnant lady. In my time, I experienced a severe right side pain and that I consulted with my doctor. She just suggested eating everything nutritious like dry fruits, milk, cheese, broccoli, Kale, Sardines, watercress, and Okra. She also suggested me some supplement powder that has to be added to my milk. After following this type of diet, gradually pain reduced.

  4. priyaangel25871 year ago

    Hello dear, I am sorry to know about your problem and I hope you will find a good solution for this back pain problem of your wife during pregnancy. It is one of the most beautiful as well as stressful time to become pregnant for any woman. Every woman wants to get happiness of pregnancy but it is one of the hardest times of any woman’s life. Pregnancy is a complex process and body of any woman goes through many changes in this stage. During pregnancy, it is very normal to find some changes in body. All these changes and pain problems occur due to changes in hormones of body. Body of women prepares itself for childbirth and due to it, the bones become soft and flexible in pregnancy period due to change in hormones. Your wife’s body also carrying extra weight of baby and it is a cause of back pain problem.
    When it comes to finding a solution for back pain and other pain problems during pregnancy, it is very important to live healthy and fit life. She can get help with regular relaxing exercise and yoga. She should also give importance to Healthy nutrition during pregnancy to stay active and fit. She should add some essential protein, vitamins, iron and Minerals to regular diet so that her body can find proper nutrition and can recover from pain of pregnancy. It is a good option to consult any physiotherapist or any health expert who can provide some good advice to face these body changes and challenges during pregnancy. I hope she will get help with it and will find a good solution for this pain problem during pregnancy. Best of luck for your future and happiness in life.

  5. Neha51 year ago

    Sleep Support. Sleep can be elusive during pregnancy, especially if your back is hurting, because most women tend to sleep on their sides. ... Or try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees to reduce the strain on your pelvis and lower back.

  6. sonamgupta21071 year ago

    Hi, sorry you’re feeling so sore. I’ve been there and it's awful! I had physio which was very good but still, my pain got worse throughout my pregnancy. I was barely walking in the last few weeks and couldn't even stand long enough to wash a few dishes with the pain! But things I was recommended and really helped me were hot water bottles (i constantly had a hot water bottle at my back) and my physio said alternating between hot and cold can really help bring down swelling on the spine/lower back and help a lot, she said get a cold pack from the freezer and alternate with the cold pack and hot water bottle on your back for 5-10min at a time each then immediately swap, also I used to have 2 or 3 warm baths a day with muscle soaks in them, and try not to sit on the couch (this I found very hard as I loved snuggling up on the couch) but they said it puts your back in the worst position and to either sit on a birthing ball (which I almost lived on and highly recommended) or a hard-backed chair or the floor... And use a rolled up towel rolled into a sausage and put that in your lower back which I found very comfy at night and also when driving. I also word a back brace given to me by the physio I had two diff types one soft one-time tube grip very elasticity and stretchy and another much harder one which had three straps which closed around my stomach and was excellent but they are quite pricey but I’d say well worth it. That’s all I can think of atm but if anything else pops into my mind il let you know.

  7. Shibata1 year ago

    Hey there. I am happy to see your concern for your wife. Back pain is normal during pregnancy. Despite that, it seems that she is experiencing more pain than normal. Ask her to take it easy. Rest as much as possible. Avoid lifting an excessive weight. Physiotherapy or water therapy might help relax her muscles and provide relief.

  8. Shakira 1 year ago

    Hello, France. Congratulations to you man. Soon you will be becoming a father. I feel bad for her. It happens quite often in pregnancies. She should take complete rest as adviced by the doctor. May she get well soon. I hope you have a healthy baby soon. Good luck.

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