Primary explanation behind surrogacy

Infertile couple.

Distortion of a womb.

Couple having the same sex.

A few ladies can't deal with pregnancy because of different wellbeing related issues.

Vocation issues( like for models or working ladies).

Single guardians.

  1. Robin James1 year ago

    Hello, there. How are you doing? I hope you're alright. You're right. All these people need surrogacy. And it's important to address their issues. If you really think about it. A lot of people we know fall into these categories. Sadly, they just can't go for surrogacy. This is because of the negative connotation attached to the word. Do they not deserve children? They definitely, do! It's up to us to change this perception of surrogacy. Keep up the fantastic work. I appreciate it.

  2. hannahgr1 year ago

    Hello there. How are you? Hope you are doing well. I appreciate your post. I guess surrogacy is the only option left for such people. We are lucky to live in the century where treatments like surrogacy and IVF have arrived. Surrogacy is a blessing to many. One should never lose hope in such situations. There are many good clinics in Europe for surrogacy and IVF. The success rate is also good. Many people are still unaware of surrogacy. Information regarding this should be shared more and more. I wish all the best to all infertile people. I would advise them to always be optimistic and strong. They should keep struggling. Good luck ahead.

  3. Linnea Lopez1 year ago

    Hi, Hope you're all fine and have a good health.I'm 24 years old and married.I'm the daily visitor of this forum. This can really help me out. That keep me motivated. I got married before one year. Doctors diagonse that i'm infertile.I can't concieve because of my heart disease. Then, we decide to get treatment from good clinic. We hear about the Adonis clinic that this clinic is in good reputation. Many surrounded people can treat very good from this clinic. Then, we try to contact to this clinic via email and phone. Then, we sent them few emails and messages on phone to know about the further details. But they didn't reply us about the several emails. Then, we becomes dissappointed. But, I'm struggled to search another clinic to solve this problem. Can anyone help me to search this type of clinic?

  4. DiviyaSalana1 year ago

    Hi Honey! Well, yes! Those are really very important, valid reasons for surrogacy. I've always supported the idea of it. I'm an infertile woman. So, yeah! I can relate it all. The urge of having a child and the power the procedure of surrogacy has to complete a married couple's life. So, yeah! That's all relatable. I'm also undergoing a surrogacy procedure later next month at a repro center in Kiev. So, yeah! I can relate. Anyway! Still thanks for doing such an informative and supportive post! That can help others. Stay blessed! Keep posting stuff like this. xx

  5. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    These are so common! Infertility, gay couples, anything. Most of these are out of our control. WHich is why surrogacy is just so amazing! I can't imagine how people would've found their bliss otherwise. It's helped so many people create their families in this way. I am so thankful for its existence honestly. I think it's a great blessing. Surrogacy is almost as costly as adoption, but you get the benefit of being blood-related to the child. I think that makes it all the more special. I would suggest anyone thinking about it to just go ahead and take the step. There are great clinics in Europe that are budget friendly too! You'd do so well with it IMO. Best wishes!

  6. Lina Williams1 year ago

    Hi, I know what has been happening to you. It is a pretty difficult situation for you. I know this because I have been through this. It is a very tough situation. I was depressed because of it. Then I was told about a clinic in Ukraine. I was so much happy with this. I went there with my hubby. I felt alive. I went for surrogacy. I was then blessed with a child. I am so much happy because of it. They charged really economical and my life changed for the better. I am so much happy. I would pray for you. Good luck.

  7. jenny5881 year ago

    Yes, I agree with you. All of these reasons are responsible for surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy has become very common now. I believe that it is a blessing for many people. It has given happiness to a number of people. And this is amazing. I hope people open up to it more and get benefit from it.

  8. rachel071 year ago

    hey there. brief but on point. you are so right about the issue. it almost touched my heart. infertility is an issue not so rare these days. it happens to most women out there. not just that. there are a lot of other issues that create troubles in trying to conceive. along with it brings along depression, stress, and emotional instability. it should be dealt with precision. and a lot of care. alternative methods do exist, and I have read positive views about those making an impact in people's lives. hope people try seeking help. and I wish they find the support they need.

  9. Olivia_19901 year ago

    Hey! Thank you for listing all those who can opt for surrogacy. We need to create fairness in this world, its about time. Everyone has the right to stay happy and complete their families. I am an infertile woman because I had my uterus removed due to polyps. I was recommended a clinic in Europe by my cousin for surrogacy. I have visited the doctors quite often and they are very helpful. I would recommend that surrogacy should be made an option for everyone. Keep posting such information to create awareness.

  10. adele1231 year ago

    You are very right. People go for surrogacy because of these issues. This treatment has become very common now. I believe that it has proved to be a blessing for many people. Many people got their children via surrogacy. And this is amazing. I wish everyone good luck who is going through this process.

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