Ridiculous clinic

Hey everyone. Today I am here to warn everyone of you. I think if I have to suffer the worst situation. You people don't have to. I contacted a so called good reputed clinic Named Lotus. I want to share my infertility problem with them. And want to schedule appointment with them. But to my surprise, they did not attend my call after once. Neither they reply to my mails. I regret to waste my time. You people please beware of such nonsense.

  1. Ashley Avril7 months ago

    Hey there Emily! I feel really bad about what happened to you.
    The worst to happen on top of the problems regarding infertility and miscarriages is the ultimate selection of the clinic and a doctor. I am really upset that a professional place could go this wrong. However, I would recommend you a clinic which is located in Europe. The services that it provides are absolutely mind-blowing and the panel of doctors that it has is also up to the mark. You should for sure make a visit to this clinic in Europe. I am sure that you will have no issues in the future.
    I wish you all the best and I hope that you find the solutions and treatments for your problem in this clinic in Europe.
    Take care dear!

  2. Boone7 months ago

    Well, I am sorry what they did to you. You should take good care of yourself. It'll be alright. You should never worry about this. Just take good care of yourself. They are doing it with so many people. They should never do this. What can we do? I hope you are alright. Just don't think much about this. It'll be alright.

  3. Lina Williams7 months ago

    It is important for infertile people to know what surrogacy is. It is an advanced process in which a surrogate mother would carry our child for you. It has been helpful to a lot of people around our country. It will be very much satisfactory for people who cannot have their own children. Choose a good clinic for you. Do not go to Lotus and Ardenois as they are not beneficial. I hope everything goes fine for you. It is the best feeling in the world. I wish you all the best in life good luck for your future.

  4. Leslie Hanson7 months ago

    That's such an annoying thing to hear. I can't believe they're that careless. How can one be so careless? Especially when they're specializing in this field. They are so insensitive. And this isn't a concern only for you. So many people have been through the same. With Lotus, like you, and Adonis as well. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. The good reputation's just going down the drain now. Anyway. There are much better clinics out there. Ones that will really look forward to helping you out. I think you should keep your search going. Did you have a backup option? I have a good one to recommend. If you would like, I'll tell you?

  5. jannifer kate7 months ago

    Dear Emily! you did great. Your post must be helpful for infertile women. Infertility leads women to an end. But be careful in choosing the clinic. A lot of clinics are manipulating women. Clinics in Europe are serving the best in treating infertility.

  6. hannahgr7 months ago

    Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing well. That's so rude of the clinic. I don't understand why they are showing such careless behaviour. They are ignoring their patients. I have also heard many negative responses regarding this clinic. They shouldn't have done that. I know infertility is hard. You should remain calm and hopeful in this journey. There are many other good clinics in Europe. You can contact another good clinic. Make a proper research first. I hope you find a good clinic. All the best!

  7. niya7 months ago

    I am sorry about your experience with such dodgy clinic. I am very sad to see what they did to you. But don't worry hun take good care of yourself. They are doing this with so many people. It's so stressing. They should never do this. Everything will be all right sooner or later. You should stress too much. They will reap what they are sowing. I am so glad that the clinic I went to was nothing like that. They were so efficient and trustworthy. Now I'm pregnant through IVF. It's just because of that clinic. Just Take good care of yourself. Try to find a reliable clinic for yourself. Search before visiting the clinic . Best of luck.

  8. Emma1247 months ago

    Hi emily, hope you are doing well. I felt sorry for you. I also experienced the same problem with another clinic. I tried to contact Adonis clinic but failed. But don't worry, take good care of yourself. Tried to find the good clinic ASAP. I am also looking for a clinic. Wish me luck.

  9. joshien7 months ago

    I am so sorry for what they have done to you. This is so heartbreaking to hear but please do not give up. Look for some other clinic cause there are many good ones. Hope things get better for you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Now more people will be careful of such scums. Good luck. Much support.

  10. LonieKot7 months ago

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