I hope everyone's doing fine. Life can be very hard sometimes. People might not really understand your situation. It really feels very bad. All this time I thought my family and friends would be always there for me. Infertility has really made me crazy. I try not to think about my problems. IDK how many times I have made the decision of never opening up to someone ever again. But they make me feel like they are my friends. I start to think that they will understand. They might help me someway. And when I open up to them they give me the driest replies. It is really disappointing. Just wanted to share my feelings. There might be someone over here who understands me. xx

  1. LonieKot1 year ago

    Don't be so sad Sloth!Everything has a solution today.You should look out for the best available solution.
    Let me share my story too so you can realize that someone is here with you too.
    I'm basically from Japan we are settled in Japan from past few years.We are happily married.I'm totally infertile now as i had hysterectomy cancer and as i result i am infertile now. But my husband was there with me every time. Than we searched about surrogacy and found it best solution for us.
    As Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe to find our dream come true.Than we moved to Ukraine as we heard there are many good clinics regarding surrogacy in Ukraine.In Ukraine we found BioTexCom and consulted them.They helped us to find a good surrogate mom.Now she is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited about having two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.The surrogates mom are kind they let us have our dream come true.

  2. ella2321 year ago

    I didn’t give birth to my son. Three years ago my husband and I used surrogacy service in Ukraine. After half a decade of trying to become pregnant, sometimes succeeding but always failing to carry a baby successfully to term, I came to the conclusion that if we wanted to have a child who was genetically related to us, we would have to find a woman thought surrogacy service who could delivered our baby. That was September 2014. I was 37 years old. Exhausted by years of infertility and emotionally draining by miscarriage, my husband and I decided to use surrogacy. But there was exist one problem- money. The surrogacy really expensive in our country. We started to search a place where the surrogacy is legal for affordable price. Finally, we found one which attracted us. It was the biotexcom reproductive center in Ukraine. On March 2014 we were in the biotexcom. And by the beginning of the August our surrogacy mother got pregnant with our child. And on May 2015 I was holding my 3-week-old son in my arms.Don't lose hope everything will be fine with you.

  3. Jenelia Smith1 year ago

    Hey! I'm so sorry to hear about your infertility. It must be very hard for you to cope up with all this. Life has ups and downs. But we should never lose hope. It's really sad that your friends and family are not supporting you the way they should. It's very disappointing. They should not do this. When my family came to know about my infertility, they supported me through the whole journey. Until I had my baby via surrogacy. And even after that. I would recommend you to choose an alternative too. So, your family gets back to you. Maybe a baby will bring happiness into your world. And solve all your problems. I wish you become a mom soon. Wish you good luck!

  4. rebecca121 year ago

    Hey there! You seem very upset, dear. In the modern world of today, why are you letting infertility destroy you? Be strong and take a step for yourself. I'm very sorry to know about your infertility. It is very common nowadays. And so are its treatments. I know its really hard to make someone understand your feelings. But trust me, no one knows the pain you're going through unless they've been through the same. I can understand your feelings because I've been through this terrible phase. That is why I'm suggesting you go for IVF or surrogacy. Both methods are very reliable and trending nowadays. Research them and try going for at least one of them. This will really bring happiness back in your life. I wish you luck and happiness! Much love.xx

  5. TheOptimistic1 year ago

    Dear Sloth what you are calling disappointment is actually your inability to fight the unexpected situations in life. If we start assuming that life would always bring happiness then we are wrong. Life has so much to bring every day. We don't even know what happens to us in the next moment of the life. This requires readiness and the ability to cope with all kinds of situations. There are no essentials for it except that we must earn to understand the roller coaster ride of the life. On this forum, you will come across so many sorrowful stories related to infertility, inability to conceive and miscarriages. Among these stories, some explain the strength and bravery of the sufferers. You will see that these strong ones fought their destinies and emerge out victorious. On the other hand, there are some who lose everything due to their pessimism. For a woman, nothing is more painful than listening to the news of not having the tendency to become a mother. This compels her to choose the direction that leads to the ultimate happiness. You have not mentioned exactly what is making you feel so low, but if it something to do with the parenthood and infertility then you have to settle it yourself. We can ask you to build the courage but you have to do it practically. Search, think, and decide on the best alternatives. I hope that soon the life will change for you giving the best options.

  6. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hi dear! I know how you feel. Don't be depressed! People don't understand stuff...They are not sometimes the best answers as well. I'm also suffering from infertility for years. But, I didn't get anyone's appropriate support yet. I'm just considering to have surrogacy from a center of infertility in Ukraine. Only my DH supports me...I'm just trying my best here...You have to fight or struggle with things on your own. So, yeah! That's what I'd advice you. So, what's your issue regarding infertility? Have you tried any assisted procedure or anything yet?

  7. Lina Williams1 year ago

    Hey there! I hope you and your DH are alright. I know it can be a big problem if the couple is unable to conceive. Either because of infertility or any other problem. People talks about you which can be irritating at times. You don't want them to talk about you. Surrogacy can solve your problem. All you need is to find a suitable clinic where you can ask questions and they can understand you. My cousin visited a clinic in Ukraine and she was pretty satisfied with their performance. Their rates were very economical and they had a pretty skillful team. She is now having a baby daughter that is very beautiful. I have never seen her so happy before. I hope you too would get the happiness of having your own child.

  8. Robin James1 year ago

    Hello there. You've made the right decision by joining this forum. Everyone is like a family here. People don't judge one another. Everyone can relate to each other. I hope you get over this rough patch, very soon. Good luck! :)

  9. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi there! I'm so sorry for your situation. we all wish the best for you! I think you should look into options like IVF and surrogacy to get your child. It's such a blessing to have one. I know because I got mine through surrogacy too! It's an amazing experience. I wish you the same happiness. It doesn't matter how you got it in the end! Good luck!

  10. BarbaraJames9981 year ago

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your issue. I know it can get pretty hard. I know because I have been through it. I wanted the world to end. It was for my husband that I wanted to live. However, I would suggest don't lose hope. Be strong and positive. That's all you need. Positivity gives a positive result. I wish you good luck. I hope it works out for you. Take care.

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