Safety of my sissy at home

I have a younger sister. Now she is 5 months carrying. Until last month she had been working as an Assist. Prof in one of the colleges in Toronto. But after the last scanning, the doctor said that there are certain complications. So she resigned her job. Now she is on bedrest, staying with us now.

I'm working as a nurse. I have the duty only for 3 days per week. Rest of the days I will be free at home. But when I go to the office, my sissy will be alone at home. In the present situation, although it's not safe to leave her alone at home, there are no other options. I'm planning to install a security system in order to alert at the time of any danger. I saw such a system with FMC ( ). Since I haven't installed such security systems before, I need your advice.

  1. camillenanjala1 year ago

    I have security system at home. It is the best idea to do. Not only will it look after your sissy but generally your property too. It seems you never found anyone who could stay with her during that period. Which is not something bad either. So when she needs help you can see her from your office. You do love your sister. Sometimes this is the reason I wish for a sister. I am the only girl in a family of 3 boys. You can imagine that. So I have no one to look for. Like if I ail I don't even think of going to my brothers. It feels like its a burden, So instead I go t my cousin. She is the only girl in her family too. So this has brought us close so much. But anyway, this is a nice idea. I never bought my security system there. But i don't think if it is a big deal. As far as it is something authentic then you have nothing to worry. Just check on their explanation. Since you will also have someone to come and install it for you. You have nothing to worry about. I hope it will be of great help as it is. It is the best idea that could suit you,. Cause currently I don't think of anything else. Since I do use them too. So I know what I am talking about. Mine I use them to keep track of my child.

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