Should I take risks to get pregnant?

Hi, everyone! I have some distinct problems with my kidneys. From time to time, they may cause me some pain. In addition, my urine tests may also reveal some albumen in my urine. I usually take some medicines, the tests become better and I continue leading my normal life. My hubby and I think of becoming parents soon. Is it too risky for me to become pregnant with my kidney problems?

  1. [ deleted account ]2 months ago

    That would be a good question for your OBGYN. You should be able to call or email their office. They should be able to tell by looking at your records. It is amazing what a pregnancy can do for the health of a body, other than the wear-and-tear of course. Some women find a lot of relief in their pain. If they could bottle the hormones created during pregnancy it would be the perfect antidepressant for women. At least the women in my family. All of us felt the neat while pregnant. I didn't have any migraines. With medicine's they told me it can depend on the class drug it is. If i remember correctly and i maybe wrong, A is safe b is okay but if you can do with out try, c is recommended no if it can be avoided unless mothers health is at risk and d is a big no no. Like my migraine medicine was a c and my health wasn't an issue so it had to go. Adderall for i believe was a b so it is recommended by doctors to not be taken but there is not enough tests to say its bad... Why would mothers test it.... not enough studies... I would recommend calling your ob and just ask them.

  2. [ deleted account ]2 months ago

    Well dear you can go for surrogacy, surrogacy is a real help for thousands of infertile. They need this procedure and use it. Another thing is how it is conducted. In such countries as India it is awful. But in such as Ukraine for example surrogacy is on legal level. It is conducted appropriately and has good results

  3. luciey1 month ago

    I really don't think there is any problem. All that you need at the moment is seeking the best treatment procedure for your condition. Sometimes the effect of kidneys can affect the functioning of the hormones. Remember the hormonal balance is triggered by the brain. So it would be prudent for you to get an efficient doctor. This will improve your health. I would not like you to undergo all that I passed through in my life. I had a problem with my ovaries and the pain that accrued affected my normal body functioning. I was totally devastated.

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