Should my friend get IVF?

My best friend since childhood has tried for a child for so long but unfortunately she cannot conceive. At some point she was dealing with a bad case of depression. She is constantly scared that her husband might leave her for another woman. I've been trying to help her so I looked up artificial methods and I have learnt a lot about surrogacy and IVF.

Do you think that I should tell her to try? Has anyone been through IVF? What was your experience? Is it safe?

  1. Janellelynn1 year ago

    It sounds like she has marriage problems. I would NEVER push a friend to try and have a baby when there might be relationship issues going on in the background. Last thing you want to do is try to "solve the problem with a baby (possibly twins)". Happens all the time and then - bam, cheating/divorce follows, leaving mama high and dry. When your friend is in a stable/happy relationship definitely encourage IVF if children are a priority. I know several people who did IVF and had healthy babies.

  2. Carleen1 year ago

    Thank you Janellelynn for the advice. I will tell her to work thing out with her husband before she gets IVF. She should probably try to talk to him so that they can be on the same page about the IVF. I'm hoping that she will get the best results. I'd love for her to have a baby/babies and a beautiful relationship with her husband. It's all she has ever wanted.

  3. joycee1 year ago

    Yeah I can vouch for it. I have ever gone through ivf and I can really tell you I am very proud of myself. Desperation was always evident on my face and I could not master a single idea of what I would do. LIfe became so hard and I concurred. For successful results, I would encourage you to visit the best clinic. A clinic with all the facilities needed for the procedure and you can't get disappointed. I am hoping you have ever been to Ukraine. I did successful IVF at BioTex and to date as I speak I am a very proud mummy.

  4. Stuart1 year ago

    Hi there. It is nice to see how supportive you are. Your friend is lucky to have you. I understand how worrisome it must be for her. Surrogacy is a good idea. Even IVF has been known to work miracles. Give both options to her. She can then decide which one to go for.

  5. Shakira 1 year ago

    Hey Carleen, how are you? I wish to help your friend. Ask your friend to make husband realize her feelings by giving him space. As she has relationship problems she should go for IVF rather than surrogacy because in surrogacy someone else will carry her baby but in IVF baby will be inside her own and then the chance of better and realization in husband will be more. And the process of IVF is quite useful as my cousin is experienced with this process in the clinic of Ukraine. They have very pocket-friendly and amazing packages.

  6. Laveta 1 year ago

    Hey, how are you? Please release her depression in any way. Ask her to go for IVF and surrogacy. They are the best options I guess. But they won’t work properly with such a huge depression. Take care of her.

  7. nica5241 year ago

    Hi there Carleen. I agree with Janellelynn. Your friend needs to sort out the problems in her marriage first. Having a child while both spouses aren't seeing eye to eye isn't a wise idea. It can cause difficulties for everyone. Especially the child. So, ask her to address this issue first.

  8. aylawoodruff1 year ago

    Hey?What's going on?with the help of IVF we can conceive.It should be possible.Release her depression and suggest about Biotex clinic in Ukraine.They have very affordable packages and good services.Hope for good.Think positive and positive things will be happen..Good luck

  9. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey Carleen, I hope you're doing good. Well honestly speaking I think we need more friends like you. I personally think you should definitely let her know about both the treatments. As when I started my journey of assisted conceptions. Having no prior knowledge was a bit tacky but through watching videos and finding a good clinic things changed. The clinic I opted for when I visited them for the first time was extremely helpful. I was still indecisive about the process and the doctors were there to help me. They after examining my condition and how serious it was did recommend that I go for surrogacy. The clinic has few of their own rules as well to ensure that everything is done reliably. They only accept married and people who are infertile and can't conceive. When we went back home we paid the amount and now are waiting for the clinic to call. I feel really positive about the journey. I saw soo many foreigners at the clinic finally going home with little angels in their hands. I think every couple deserves that after a long fight. I hope your friend is able to overcome this fight as well. Best of luck and lots of warm wishes.

  10. Boone1 year ago

    I think it could be good for her. Just give it a go. I think you should recommend her to biotexcom. It's a great place for these treatments. I wish everything would be alright for her. Just tell her don't be depressed. It could happen to anyone. She'll be fine soon. Just take care of her.

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