I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my second child and things have been difficult at home. My husband hardly acknowledges that I'm pregnant at all. We get into huge blow-outs over the littlest disagreements because he has to be right and completely forgets I'm hormonal and sensitive. He just seems to not want anything to do with our new baby and that worries me. He devotes all his time to work and says he doesn't have time to call me because he's "busy". I'm feed up already. I feel like I'm going through this pregnancy alone. His lack of involvement and his unwillingness to listen to what I need from him are really beginning to stress me out. I cry myself to sleep every night and just want this pregnancy to be over, and I feel guilty about that. I'm feeling very lost about what to do. I want to leave, but I also know I shouldn't make any hasty decisions while being so emotional and pregnant.

  1. luvmybby5 years ago

    Aw hun im sorry, I understand somewhat what ur going thur. But its not good for u or especially the baby that he stresses u out that much! Thats really hard n its even harder with pregnancy hormones n what not n its not the time to be fighting n crying n oh I know thats easier said then done when the man thinks he is right n u need to get over ur hormones (or emotions in general casue women r just more sensitive) how old is ur other child, n how does he interact with him or her? U can always message me if u wanna talk, anytime u feel like or r crying just let it out n vent it out, im a good listener lol.

  2. BelolanC5 years ago

    You are strong, caring, capable woman. You are a wonderful human being worthy of love and respect. You are in a tough place. Trust yourself, you know what makes the most sense for you and your family. You will be able to make it through to the other end of whatever path you take. You will have people to help and support you. Continue to reach out, tell friends you trust what is going on and how you feel. Message me too, I've been there.

  3. Cheerio7775 years ago

    There are mommy places that can help you like a maternity home for mom and baby. If your husband really cares about you he will be more caring and understand u. Helping you instead of pushing you away.maybe you both need marital counseling. There are pro bono attorneys if that the route you need to take

  4. Cheerio7775 years ago

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  5. Cheerio7775 years ago

    Hope that the info helps. U are not alone

  6. Cheerio7775 years ago

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  7. onawhim5 years ago

    Thanks @eden, that means a lot. My daughter is almost 3. He's actually pretty great with her, he's a good dad and provider, he's just not very good in the husband department (unfortunately for me).

  8. onawhim5 years ago

    That is very sweet of you @belolanc, thank you! I'm just trying to hang in there for the next five months :(. A friend said he'll come around once the baby is here. Honestly, it's now that I need him though so I'm just trying to keep myself busy and meeting new people. I'm really hoping that helps. :)

  9. onawhim5 years ago

    Thanks for all the info @cheerio777. I've actually talked to one of the pastors at our church, counseling is something I've considered.

  10. MeganR9255 years ago

    Counseling sounds like a great start. My husband and I plan to take the couples communication course through Kaiser. Maybe your health care provider has a similar option. It's great to hear your keeping busy and want to still be around others.

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