I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my second child and things have been difficult at home. My husband hardly acknowledges that I'm pregnant at all. We get into huge blow-outs over the littlest disagreements because he has to be right and completely forgets I'm hormonal and sensitive. He just seems to not want anything to do with our new baby and that worries me. He devotes all his time to work and says he doesn't have time to call me because he's "busy". I'm feed up already. I feel like I'm going through this pregnancy alone. His lack of involvement and his unwillingness to listen to what I need from him are really beginning to stress me out. I cry myself to sleep every night and just want this pregnancy to be over, and I feel guilty about that. I'm feeling very lost about what to do. I want to leave, but I also know I shouldn't make any hasty decisions while being so emotional and pregnant.

  1. luciey10 months ago

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Remember stress and pregnancy are disastrous to pregnancy. When a lady is pregnant, she should be treated with a lot of care and tenderness. This comes from the upsurge of hormonal change in the body. It is therefore wise for a lady to keep calm at this time and keep stress at bay. If the husband is uncooperating, it is always advisable to see a counsellor. This will go a long way in changing the behaviours of both the husband and the wife. But before seeking any external intervention, it would be prudent to sit with your husband and talk first.

  2. dazzy shahu9 months ago

    Welcome friend at this reliable platform. I can understand your problem very easily. I am here for you to provide sufficient information to solve your problem in easy and effective way. You should not lose hope. You can easily defeat your problem in pregnancy at this medical science world. You need not panic about this horrible problem in your life. You can easily handle this horrible problem in your life with positive attitude towards life and positive affirmation. It provides appropriate energy to handle this horrible situation in positive way. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. It is not easy job to handle this problem without stress and depression in your life. It is very important to make proper planning to manage stress and depression in professional way to defeat any problem in pregnancy.
    It is very important to understand that stress and depression are responsible factor for miscarriage problem. You can read positive thinking books to enhance confidence. You should understand the importance of healthy lifestyle that is medical certified fact that you can provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system for real working to create beneficial platform for you to get real time benefits in pregnancy to overcome all type of problem. It is clear signal that your body hormone level is not in balance. You can easily maintain your body hormone level in balance with balance diet to provide proper nutrition value for genuine working. You should not miss this golden opportunity in your life. You can start your planning from day first with morning walk and easy exercise that is sufficient to provide win-win situation for you. I am waiting for your reply to hear good news as soon as possible.

  3. g44083809 months ago

    Hi dear. I am sorry to hear your problem. I know the period of pregnancy is pretty hard & complicated for any woman. The most they need is support from their loved ones especially their husbands. I was lucky to get the full support of my husband on those days. He took care of everything. He took me to the best gynecologist in Ukraine, whose tips worked like magic in my life. Very sorry to hear your husband is not supporting you. But for this reason, I suggest you don’t panic and try not to take any stress at all as it can harm the baby. Try to read books or play light games with other kids to be in a good mood. Do light exercises to keep the blood circulation in your body good. Prepare a good healthy diet and follow it strictly. Try to take food enriched with iron to increase hemoglobin in your body. I hope my words will be of some help to you. Be safe and stay blessed.

  4. g44083809 months ago

    Hi dear. I am sorry to hear that your husband is not supportive while pregnancy. I faced the same issues with my husband. When I was pregnant we were both kinds of young and hadn't been together long. I was his first serious girlfriend. He was completely uninterested in the pregnancy. Oh, he went to the doctors' visits with me-because I forced him to. He didn't want to talk about the baby, though, and later told me that he knew our lives were going to change soon enough so he wanted to enjoy things as they were for as long as he could. As soon as the baby was born, things got worse. Our son was demanding and a horrible sleeper. We knew nothing about sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety that comes with having an infant. So we fought a lot but things are better now and he is a good father. I will suggest visiting Ukraine as I did if you face any problem in pregnancy because they have the best research centers on the reproductive system.

  5. priyaangel25879 months ago

    Hello my friend, I can understand your problem and I am sorry that you are going through such difficult face in your life. It becomes harder when you are pregnant and you need support of your husband and family in this stage. First of all, you should not lose hope and happiness in your life because of this problem. During your pregnancy, it is very important to get rid of mental stress and you should not take extra stress on your mind due to this problem. It is very common problem these days when couples do not have much understanding with each other. There can be various problems for this misunderstanding and you should try to find a good solution for it. It is very important to know about the cause of this problem about your family life. Maybe your husband is stressed because of work and busy life. It is a very common problem these days that husbands are busy with work and they do not have much time to give to family. It is a wrong thing and they should give time to wife and family also. If you want to find a good solution to this problem, you should talk to your husband and you should try to know about reason of this problem. You should stay positive and hopeful in this stage and you should hope that everything will be fine with time. When you will give birth to a beautiful baby, he will help you to change the mentality of your husband. When you will get a little baby in your life, your husband will also find the same feeling as you. Your baby will and happiness and hope in the life of both of you.

  6. Neha59 months ago

    During pregnancy, women often experience emotional changes that can lead to arguing with their partner. This arguing can have serious consequences for both baby and mother. Normal arguing is not likely to cause any harm, but excessive arguing that signifies an underlying emotional disorder or causes extreme stress for the mother should be avoided. Using tips to help cope with emotional changes as well as proper medical therapy can help alleviate these arguments

  7. Channary7 months ago

    Hey honey. I am so sorry to hear that. Pregnancy can be such an emotional time. I am sure you know that already. Your husband needs to realize it too. Talk it out with him. Pick a time when he isn’t preoccupied with work. Or when he seems to be in an amiable mood. Explain to him how his attitude is affecting you. How this behavior is not the type of environment to have a child in. All this stress is not good for you. It can cause problems. God forbid. I hope he sees the error of his way. Also, that he changes his attitude.

  8. Shibata7 months ago

    Hey there. Your story makes me so sad. Pregnancy is hard enough already. Your husband is only making it harder. I hope he realizes that. Men sometimes think women can turn their emotions on or off. What they don’t realize how hard that is. Especially during pregnancy. As there are just so many hormonal changes. I hope your troubles end. Don’t let him get to you. Just focus on getting through your pregnancy. Also, what about your first child? How does he/she feel about all this? All these arguments aren’t good for that child either.

  9. Stuart7 months ago

    Hi dear. I can understand what you are going through. Husbands need to be a lot more supportive. Getting through pregnancy alone is hard. Add to this all these stresses and it can get too much. This is hardly healthy for you or your baby. I hope your husband sees that. You need to find a way to communicate with him. Give him space. Allow him to cool down. After that when he is in a good mood talk to him. Let him know what you are going through. Hopefully, he will understand. Good luck! You can also reach out to me if things get too much to bear.

  10. Hebert7 months ago

    I’m so sorry to hear that honey. Was he like this during your first pregnancy too? Or is this only happening this time? I hope he sees how wrong he is. You shouldn’t be treated like this. Especially not while you are carrying your child. All this stress can be problematic. Try not to let his behavior affect you. I know how hard that is. Despite that, you must try. Is there someone you can talk to? Sometimes talking helps. It can help you put things in perspective. Allows you to get things like this. Much love for you.

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