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At my early age, I was always in the oblivion. I was brought up in an athletic family but genetically fit. The risk of strenuous exercise that I did each morning I woke up blinded me to keep on so as the body can adapt. I had even to lose my primary virginity as a cycled the bicycle. I didn’t get the right person to counsel and guide me through the process. I was so naïve and very young to tell apart what was wrong or right. Little did I know the ups and downs that I would later come by later in life. At my early teen age, I started to experience my monthly periods. This time too often but sometimes it would take even two months for it to happen. Life became so tolerable on my side. I always thought it was normal and didn’t have the guts to ask my parents and colleagues. As I grew up and knew how to navigate through the whole cycle, I knew the truth and got curious. That’s when I realized I was experiencing abnormal periods. As time went on, I couldn’t ovulate at all. The condition worsened and I had to seek medical attention. On further analysis, the doctor learned that I couldn’t be able to hold an embryo in my uterus. “Is it genetic or is it the exercise that I do all days?”. That is the question that lingers in my mind. I am in a confusion now as I cannot conceive however much I try.

  1. Aundrea1 year ago

    Oh, that’s so sad 

    There, of course, are many benefits of exercising ranging from less weight gain to a lower risk of diabetes and a generally better mood. Overall, it's a good idea. It’s not that good when you are in need of conception.

    I also had slightly similar lifestyle a few years back before my boyfriend proposed me and I wanted to have kids and grow into a big family. I liked going for runs and taking my dog to the doctor. Because of the fact that I was so much in love with heavy exercise, after marriage, I came to know that I had endometriosis and that my uterus lining had grown into the other areas of my body. This was a shock for me because I always thought that people who don’t work out should be the ones who need to worry. It was only then I realized how much can a heavy workout affect your fertility.

    Anyway, my doctors recommended me that I had a chance and that surgery could really help. My husband and I went for it. They proved it and I had a baby after 2 years of waiting. Boy, I had to do what I never wanted to do. I was eating things which earlier my stomach would throw the second I’d take them inside my body. In the end, it was all worth it. though.

    My advice to all the ladies is that don’t do strenuous exercise. Normal exercise is the key to good health.

    I am not sure about the alternatives for you, Judithy, but since the ladies are all saying Surrogacy is best, I’d also suggest to do a little research on your end and see if that’d be something you’d be interested in.

  2. Malena1 year ago

    That's a sad story. I'm sorry to hear you had to go through this.

    I also think you should think about the next practical step. A variety of alternative options are available these days, love. This is especially of significance for couples who are unable to reproduce naturally.

    The process of one of the alternatives, Surrogacy, is:

    You can’t conceive and so you are willing to take up services of a surrogate, the woman who is going to help you guys have a baby. That other woman will be artificially inseminated with your male partner’s sperm. She will carry the baby for the months of gestation. Or it could be that an embryo is firstly produced in the laboratory, instead of inseminating the surrogate directly, from the sperm of husband and your (or donor’s) egg are placed in the womb of the surrogate. When the surrogate mother gives birth, the baby will be turned over to the couple.

  3. Lavonne 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, this problem is very common. I know a few ladies in my life, two is a very close friend of mine, who have had faced this issue. I think it's mostly with the families who have their parents in Armed forces. Armed officers like their sons and daughters to be strong. Never be flexible. Some consider it a good thing, others regard this as bad. This surely is bad in the situation in question.

    Sweetie, you should think to talk to someone about it. It could be your mother or whoever you think is the right person to talk to. If you find no one, you can always pay a visit to a doctor.

    I don't want to talk about options for already many ladies here have suggested you. Do consider their suggestions. They are quoting their personal experiences.

    Don't forget to share updates.

  4. Elizza0491 year ago

    Hey dear. Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I think this could be generic if you have seen it happened in any other of your blood relation. But if not then it might be due to some other thing. I don't think so that exercise has that impact on the body. Maybe what are thinking is right. But I would suggest you go for a complete medical check-up. There could be any problem behind this. So it's better to be diagnosed as soon as possible. All my sympathies are with you. Take care

  5. Emily1231 year ago

    Hi Judi! Hope you are feeling better now. Extensive and hard exercises can cause abnormal periods and yes genetics also impacts such aspects of our lives. I know you must be devastated to know that you can conceive now naturally but let me assure you that you are not the only one with the issues. While you might think that exercise was the lead cause of your infertility I bed to differ. Infertility can be caused by so many other things such as heart problem, irregular flow of blood, disease, injury etc. You can only know the exact cause of the problem after you get yourself properly tested. And don’t loose hope Surrogacy is still a very good option that you can take. I wish you the best of luck. I hope everything works out. Take care.

  6. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hello Judith. I've read your post. Well, sorry for your condition. But, I want you to know that your case is no different. Yeah? I mean that's pretty common today. I think you should try surrogacy! Yes! People do. It really works well. In my own family, my cousin sister had it last year, resulting in a lovely baby girl. Hope you get it!

  7. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey, I hope you are doing well. The question you have asked is actually going to help so many people. The thing with exercising is that is very beneficial as it keeps you fit, however, till a certain point. Excessive or too much of exercising can be detrimental. It might also be the reason for your infertility, in fact, the only reason. However, don't lose hope and consult your doctor regarding the possible alternatives. I myself am facing infertility issues due to which haven't been able to get pregnant on my own. However, I have opted for surrogacy. It is for people like you and me. Whenever you start considering having a baby you can always research on it. It has proven to be quite successful for infertile couples. For surrogacy, you just need to make sure that the clinic you choose is experienced and is operating legally. I did my research as well before opting for the procedure. Stay strong! I am sure things will get better.

  8. Elizza0491 year ago

    Hello! How are you? After reading your case I really become sad for you. I think this could be generic if you have seen it happened in any other of your blood relation. But if not then it might be due to some other thing. I don't think so that exercise has that impact on the body. Maybe what are thinking is right. But I would suggest you go for a complete medical check-up. There could be any problem behind this. So it's better to be diagnosed as soon as possible. That's my opinion. I hope will get out of it soon. Just be positive and Hopeful. Happiness will be waiting for you.
    Have a good day

  9. diana_mom1 year ago

    I felt sorry for your infertility issue. Dear, being infertile is not your fault. The clinic that you’ve opted for is known well for its success rates. Surrogacy is a miracle of science. I’m sure you’ll get satisfaction after visiting the clinic. Their staff and administration are so much corporative and helping. I think you’d contact them. May your all desires be fulfilled soon!

  10. diana_mom1 year ago

    I felt sad to learn about your pain. I just wish if everyone get relief from such pain. It has disturbed the lives of so many individuals. But it doesn't mean that they can't be treated. You can overcome infertility through some artificial treatments like surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great blessing of science. In surrogacy, a surrogate mother carries your child. Success is always definite in surrogacy treatment. You can also consult your specialist in this regard. I'm sure your doctor will suggest you the best. But beware in choosing the clinic for surrogacy. Always choose that clinic which is offering guarantee about the surrogate. Sometimes, surrogates take the infant with themselves or may sell it to some other party. The same thing has happened to my sister. She had surrogacy treatment from Adonis clinic. Everything was good but then their surrogate deceived them. From that day, they are looking for their child. I just hope that you understood my words. Wishing you all the best!

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