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At my early age, I was always in the oblivion. I was brought up in an athletic family but genetically fit. The risk of strenuous exercise that I did each morning I woke up blinded me to keep on so as the body can adapt. I had even to lose my primary virginity as a cycled the bicycle. I didn’t get the right person to counsel and guide me through the process. I was so naïve and very young to tell apart what was wrong or right. Little did I know the ups and downs that I would later come by later in life. At my early teen age, I started to experience my monthly periods. This time too often but sometimes it would take even two months for it to happen. Life became so tolerable on my side. I always thought it was normal and didn’t have the guts to ask my parents and colleagues. As I grew up and knew how to navigate through the whole cycle, I knew the truth and got curious. That’s when I realized I was experiencing abnormal periods. As time went on, I couldn’t ovulate at all. The condition worsened and I had to seek medical attention. On further analysis, the doctor learned that I couldn’t be able to hold an embryo in my uterus. “Is it genetic or is it the exercise that I do all days?”. That is the question that lingers in my mind. I am in a confusion now as I cannot conceive however much I try.

  1. Alana901 year ago

    This could be due to both the cases. Either this might be because of all the exercise you did. Because this happens. Women who are an athlete. Excessive driving or either cars or bicycle could create such abnormalities. But this is very sad. How could women hear that she is getting troubles in conceiving? As this is also the part of women's lives. And this is the most important thing for any women. This is pure bliss to be a MOM.
    I would ask you to consult your doctor for any possible alternatives available. Without wasting more time crying and thinking about the future. There might be possible alternatives that could help you become a MOM. As I saw a comment above suggesting surrogacy. Since you cant hold Embryo so this would be of no worth to look for IVF. And if there would be any of the financial hurdles you also could look for the places like Europe.
    But You have to be so sure that the clinics you have picked are trustworthy ones. As I am hearing much false about Adonis and Lotus clinic. So you have to be little careful about that stuff.

  2. eilsie1 year ago

    I am so sorry to know about this situation. This kind of abnormalities happens to athletes. You must consult your doctor. As soon as possible. Don't waste your time. Don't judge your health condition by your own. There are some alternative ways. Why don't you go for that? It will give you peace of mind. I would like to suggest you surrogacy. Because it is safe and successful than any other method. I hope you will go for my advice. Good luck dear. I will pray for you. Take care.

  3. javj1 year ago

    Hello dear, carry on. It takes time. It needs some of your patience. But at the end, you conceive soon. I have seen many couples that are trying from last 10 years. Still, they are waiting for good news. So please don't lose hope. I am glad that you are such a strong woman. You have shared such a sensitive issue with us. It's not an easy thing to discuss with everyone. So never give up. Remember courage doesn't always roar. Courage sometimes says in a little voice that I will try again tomorrow. I wish you a very good luck. Baby dust to you.

  4. Nida John1 year ago

    Hey, How are you? Hope you are fine. Welcome to this forum. Thanks for sharing your worries with us. I hope you will get good piece of advice here. Exercise is good for health. It keeps us fit and energetic but you know too much of any thing is really becomes dangerous sometimes. Really sorry about your infertility. Life is the name of ups and downs. You should be brave and face these hard times with big heart. Science has provided us the alternative methods too like surrogacy and IVF. You should go for them. My prayers and good wishes are with you

  5. Marilyn Howard1 year ago

    Hi Judithy. Well, that's totally unfortunate. It is very sad that exercise such unpleasant outcomes, This is really so bad for you. I think instead of blaming, you should look forward to a solution. As science has developed so much in recent years. So there is a solution for your problem. You can be a mother through surrogacy. Yes, people are leaning towards this process as this is a very easy process. In this process, the surrogate mother will carry your children. But egg and sperm after fertilizing will kept in the womb of surrogate And after 9 months child will biologically belong to you. So yeah there is no need to worry, Best of luck.

  6. joshien1 year ago

    Hi there. I am sorry to hear about your condition. It sure seems as if you went overboard. You probably exercised way too much. Do not discount other causes just now though. There might be some other reason too. Infertility can be as a result of hundreds of reasons. You said you have been having irregular periods from a young age. This can be a symptom of many other conditions too. For example PCOS. I had PCOS and kind of had the symptoms you are explaining. That too can cause problems while trying to have a baby. I would suggest you try to single out the problems. That way you can effectively look for a cure. Good luck. Do let me know what you find out.

  7. EmilyBaker1 year ago

    In the days of conception, you must be relaxed. Your physical state of the body must be active. But also relaxed. Too much activity can put a strain on the body. That is not good. You need to see to your diet and your physical activity. But you should also have detailed tests to check about the fertility. The doctors will be able to guide you about it. If they have declared you infertile, then you should look at other options. IVF and surrogacy are two good options. There are youtube videos explaining the procedures. Watch those. Talk to your doctors about it too. Wishing you best of luck.

  8. noreenwawuda1 year ago

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. Exercising is not bad but when overdone might cause some complications. Actually exercises make us healthy. Now that you are from an athletic family. It seems you started exercises while still young. I do know riding of bicycles may lead to breaking of virginity. This is due to the vigorous exercises you used to do. This has also caused some fertility issues. Taking that long without ovulating could have been an alarm. It is not healthy for a normal woman. Especially if you are not pregnant. According to what the doctor told you it is that your uterus is weak and cannot hold a baby. This means the exercises you have been doing have had an effect in your uterine wall. But you can still conceive. If you are fertile you can opt for other methods of conceiving. In your position you could go with surrogacy. However, you can do research and see the method that best suit you. All the best.

  9. MirandaD7 months ago

    I am really sorry to hear about your disorder. I can understand how hard this must be for you. However, don't worry! I am sure things will get better. Just don't lose hope. If you are having issues with ovulation and have irregular periods why aren't you visit a doctor? This is something that should be taken seriously and not neglected. Make sure to visit a good doctor. The experience of the doctor matters a lot! So look into that and then visit them. I am speaking from experience in this case. Also, technology has improved and there have been a lot of improvements. Therefore, I am sure you will soon be able to conceive. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

  10. melissastan7 months ago

    I have experienced the exact same thing. My doctor told me even if I did conceive, there are good chances of it ending in a miscarriage. That is the risk I didn't want to take. So I considered other options in order to have a baby. You can do that too. It seems like the best option in a situation like that to me. Good luck.

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