Hello all! I wanna talk about something. I wanna share my experience. I feel sad sometimes. Very sad. I have a baby now. But I didn't once. It was a very strenuous time. I had to go through so much pain. I had to go through so many procedures before going for surrogacy. Why couldn't I know about it before? Why couldn't I have avoided all that pain? Why did this happen to me? I need some support. Please help. Thanks in advance. Thanks to all of you.

  1. Robin James1 year ago

    Hello, Jennifer. How are you doing? I hope you're alright. Be thankful that you came across surrogacy. It doesn't matter if it was late. At least you found it! It's great to see that. Good luck to you. My advice to you would be to go to a good clinic. There are a few clinics which only act like "good" clinics. But the one I went to, was amazing. They treated me so well. My surrogate is finally pregnant. Can't wait for the rest of the process to go smoothly. Good luck to you, too. Don't lose faith, alright?

  2. Lucy jones81 year ago

    hey hun. well, I guess its all about time. I wish you all the luck in future .its all about choosing the right clinic. if you have any issues as such. just go to Ukraine. there's one clinic Bio***. it is a great place. my sister her successful procedure of surrogacy done from there. she has a baby boy now. we are so happy. that is the most trustable clinic. I hope and pray. everybody trying may get successful. just keep trying. I'm here to support you. don't worry. take care.

  3. Sofia19941 year ago

    I conceived for three times but resulted in miscarriage.
    I want to have a baby of my own.
    There are many clinics in UKraine for this process.
    But regarding pregnancy complications from my previous marriage i guess it is not a good idea to be pregnant again.I also had persuaded my husband for this option of having a baby.
    Now i'm married for second time at the age of 43.
    There are many clinics regarding surrogacy services. But look for lotus clinic. The clinic is not professional in its services. So you better should not go for this clinic.
    I contacted a number of clinics and told them every aspect and complication regarding my previous pregnancies.Surrogacy is the best solution for women who are trying to have a baby.
    But are unable to conceive due to pregnancy issues.
    Like i was married once and i had also many complications regarding pregnancy.
    They have suggested surrogacy as a solution to my problems.
    Surrogate will carry our children in her womb for 9 months.
    The surrogate will go through proper testing to carry our child.
    I also think that surrogacy is the best solution to my problem.
    If someone is raising a child from surrogacy please let us know about their experience.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Jade21 year ago

    Hi, Jennifer. How are you? I hope you're okay. Surrogacy is a brilliant procedure. And, you should be thanking God that you found out about it. It's a great process, actually. I underwent the same procedure. I did it with a really great clinic. It was in Ukraine. My surrogate will soon be pregnant. So far, it's been a great experience with a wonderful clinic. I'd suggest you choose the same one. They are the best in business. No clinic even comes close! Good luck to you!

  5. Laura171 year ago

    Dear, I really felt off after know all this. I know it is not easy for a woman to face all this. You shouldn't be sad as you are a strong woman. All this is demanded to be strong. More and more power to you. I can understand all this because my big part of life has been passed in infertility. My every pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I went to a clinic in Europe. A well-known clinic for its best reputation. I heard a lot about it. There were many positive reviews related to it. And all this was witnessed by my eyes when I visited the clinic. The management, staff and the doctors made the best match. They guided me about the IVF treatment. I went through the process. And got pregnant. I am the part of their successful book stories.

  6. katti1 year ago

    Oh Jennifer, please cheer up lady. You have been blessed with a baby so please forget what you have experienced in past. There are many people like me who are craving for a child at the age of 36 with no success as yet. My DH thinks we should adopt but I want to try one last time. I was adopted myself and my parents had this feeling of deprivation of not having a biological child. So I dont want to experience that thing and I convinced my DH for one last try. We were looking for the best clinical options as we have no time to take risk. We were very confused as we dont have any such option here in Ireland. We found out from a similar forum that a top rated Ukraine clinic Biotexcom is coming to visit London UK on 18 and 19 august. They will discuss their treatment plans and answer participants queries. Participants will also be given a chance to sign treatment contract. I was worried about the language difference but I am relieved to know that their head of English Department Anastasia is also coming. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity. So I registered myself instantly as there were limited seats available. I am so looking forward to attend this event.

  7. Katty881 year ago

    Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing good! I am here to share my story. I got married 5 years ago. I had faced 3 miscarriages. I was infertile. My husband wanted to adopt a kid but I refused. I wanted to have my own kid. We went to many hospitals but found Biotexcom is best of all. They have treated me so well. They suggested me to go for surrogacy. They started my process. It went out so well. Now I am having a baby boy. I really thank and appreciate this clinic. I am happy that I have chosen this one.

  8. rebecca121 year ago

    Hi there, Jennifer. I hope you're feeling better now. I'm very sorry that you're upset right now. You shouldn't be, honestly. Everything happens at the destined time, you just can't do anything about it. Surrogacy is a beautiful procedure. You should be thankful that you came to know about it. I know that you must've been through a tough time. You have to know sadness to know happiness, dear. I also had years of misery before I came across surrogacy. I'm very thankful for my clinic. They helped me a lot. So anyway, just think about the present. Don't let your past haunt you. Lots of love!

  9. Petja1 year ago

    Trying to conceive is such a difficult part of my married life. I am ttc from last 10 years. Still i don't have any luck with it.
    There is no specific cause of my infertility. I have gone through several medical tests regarding infertility but doctors can't decide the main cause for my infertility. So they have called me infertile for life.
    I want a baby too badly as i have been trying to conceive from the last decade. I am looking for other alternatives to have a baby. I have looked into a number of options like adoption,surrogacy. I started looking for a clinic to go for surrogacy. I found one clinic named adinos. I mailed the clinic about my case of infertility. There was only one reply from the clinic. And i guess that was the auto generated reply bot which welcomes only the sender. I mailed the clinic again and again but they didn't replied. So i now started looking for some other clinic. Be careful people don't waste your time on such scam clinics. Good luck everyone.

  10. daisy1231 year ago

    hi. how are you? hope you are doing fine.The age factor matters. If you conceive at that age there are many complications that come with it. You must consult the doctor. Not to worry. Be in hope. infertility is the biggest problem nowadays. But science has discovered many solutions to this problem. Hope you are 1000 miles away from infertility. But miscarriages are the cause of infertility. I hope it is only a miscarriage. consult the specialist in a hurry. surrogacy is the process in which intended parent sperm is kept in the surrogate woman. surrogacy is the best treatment for infertility. Surrogacy is the treatment better provided at one of the clinic in ukrraine now shifting to london. This company is shifting to the london. But I hope infertility does not come to your doorstep. hope for the best.

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