Hi there! I have a query that is urgent. My neighbour is a Muslim. No , I don't have a problem with that. Duh! Not a Islamophobic. In fact, I love this lady. The way her head is always wrapped with a scarf. Even when she is at home. And like you all I have also always wondered whether she ever pulls it off. Anyhow, she is just so sweet, One can go on about her charming personality. So, we developed neighbor-ly friendship a little over a year ago. We have been sharing all our good and bad times like natural friends. Only recently, she disclosed the real problems she had been facing. It's related to her pregnancy. (Hence my joining this forum). She says it is nearly 20 years she had been married. And she is unable to conceive, She could go for adoptions. But she has been avoiding that also. Has to do with some Islamic teachings. That the child will not have their family name. Anyhow, what I had been wondering was... Whether I should recommend her Surrogacy? There is a clinic in Ukraine that everyone raves about. I can take her there. And have everything arranged. I am just not sure. How to offer her? DO YOU GET ME? :/

  1. Linda221 year ago

    Hi Mia! Interesting description of your neighbor, it tells how much love you both shares. That is so kind of you asking her problem here. I also have very good friends with some Muslim women in the community. Well I would like to ask what her point of view on it is. And what is the reason of her infertility? I am not a scholar on any religion, but am fond of studding different religion for my personal interests. As far as her case is concerned I think if she opt for donor egg for surrogacy and uses her husband’s eggs and her own womb if her health conditions allows her is the best option for her. Or another case could be they use their own eggs and sperms and use surrogate mothers womb to carry the baby if her infertility doesn't allow her to carry a baby in her uterus. As per my knowledge any other form of surrogacy will not be allowed, but it's always good to take some religious experts advice in this matter. I wish her good luck!

  2. Sloth551 year ago

    Hello! it's very sweet of you looking out for your neighbour as if she is your sister. Are you sure that her religion would allow surrogacy if it does not even allow her to adopt a child? Other than that, I really do not know much about surrogacy myself. I am also opting to go for it due to my infertility. I have been TTC for many years and now I think surrogacy is the only way for me. I have heard that it's quite safe, simple and easy. Your post caught my attention because I have also heard loads about this Ukrainian clinic. If I am not wrong, is it called bioTexcom? If we are talking about the same clinic then please give me some information about it if you have any. I have heard a great deal of nice stuff about it and just want to make sure that it is the perfect place for me. I have been asking from many people for their suggestion and they think that this particular clinic is the best for what I need to get done.

  3. Courtneyk2331 year ago

    Hey. This is so nice of you. I have Muslim friends, too. They are really sweet. If you guys are really close, then you should really try and bring it up. Ask her reviews on it. Tell her to discuss it with her family. Maybe she will look into it. People do a lot of things to get what they want. It is really sad to see someone who really wants something, but can't get it. It is heartbreaking. I hope she finds a way. Wish her goodluck from my side!

  4. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey there! Honestly, firstly I feel so happy that you're trying to help your neighbour out. Very few people left in the world who care for one another. I wish I could help you in this matter. However, there are two types of surrogacy I think one where the mother herself carries the baby is allowed whereas the other one is not. However, I am really not sure and I would suggest you defiantly do tell your friend who then can research up on it. I hope she is able to conceive. Do keep us updated.

  5. LindaEskridge1 year ago

    Hey there! I hope that you're doing good. I'm really happy to know that you have friendly relations with your Muslim nature. I totally admit the grace and beauty of a Muslim woman wrapped in a scarf. At the same time, I'm sorry too for her infertility. Haven't she going to good doctors? What is the real matter? Plus yes you're right some Muslims have problems with the adoption. But I've seen them adopting children. The second thing here is that you want to suggest her surrogacy. Well, in my opinion, if her family didn't agree on adoption, they surely won't agree on surrogacy too. I've even seen people ( Muslims or Non- Muslims) Calling surrogacy unethical and immoral. Tho it's a really wonderful technique. It gives a chance of having kids to those who can't. But I think to ask your friend about this, will hurt her. I hope that you understand this. I know that you want to help her out. But try giving her some support. Or suggest her to join this forum? Maybe she'll get a better advice here. I wish the best of luck to you and your friend for this. Much love!

  6. Boone1 year ago

    Surrogacy is offensive in her religion dear. This method is not recommendable to her. I think it is going to hurt her more. so don't tell her anything about it. forget about this. I don't think she is going to like this. So just don't let her feel bad.

  7. jenifercox061 year ago

    No please don't suggest her. I've read about it somewhere that this is not allowed in Islamic religion. I think if she don't know about it. Than it's bad to tell her because she'll feel that there is something and she is not able to do it. She'll feel really bad after that. I don't think it's worth telling.

  8. lenda_honey1 year ago

    hey mia1984, I absolutely love the way you think honey. you seem like a kind-hearted person. I have had very close relations with Muslim and have some idea about there religion as well. when you said that adoption is not an option for her I might disagree with that because as far as I know Islam supports adopting kids that do not have a family of there own. the second thing is which clinic are you talking about because I have been looking for surrogates option from now on because I haven't been able to conceive a child for more than 5 years.I have gone through multiple diagnoses which so far has not been able to tell the problem due to which I cannot conceive a child. I am longing for a family of my own to grow and nourish it has been my dream ever since I entered the upper twenties.I would love if you could tell me some details about this clinic or any other clinic.

  9. Scarlett Hale1 year ago

    Dear Mia1984! I don't think you should bring up the topic to her. I know you have a very good intention at heart. You wanna help your friend. But it may not be a good idea here. You see for Muslims it us forbidden to have a surrogate child. Some ladies have suggested that you should tell her. People go to all bounds for a child. It's been 20 years. She didn't opt for adoption because her religion didn't allow. I don't think she'll like the idea of surrogacy, which I'm sure might have come up during the 20 years. It was nice of you to ask a question like this openly. My suggestion is that you let her respect her religion the way she wants to. Be the same good friend you're by being there for her when she needs. That's all you can do. And trust me that can be a lot in some cases.

  10. jens_love1 year ago

    Dear Mia, i feel so so proud and happy to hear that people of this world care about each other and look out for the people around them.You being really close to her and knowing her more than obviously most of the people should try to bring it up to her.Tell her that you only met her well being and happiness and she is your friend and she will understand your devotion and compassion behind this gesture.Surrogacy is not something to be ashamed of.If she felt it right she might take it.Religions do not define the thoughts.

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