This post is essentially about my experience with surrogacy. If this interests you, or if youre looking for resources to research it yourself, please go through it. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teenage years and so it wasnt shocking to me when I failed to have kids with my husband years later. We were prepared for failure but not to the level that was in store for us. I initially went into hormone therapy and that was a complete failure. I was disappointed but not disheartened. After failing with my consequetive IVF attempts, however, I was devastated. My husband was there for me, but unfortuantely that wasnt enough for me to recover mentally. I had to go into therapy and that slowly but surely got me back into a healthy headspace. All the while, my loving husband continued the search for other options that would prove viable for us and right around the time I had recovered from the trauma, he presented me with the option of surrogacy. It was the perfect chance for me to test out the fruits of my recovery. And it worked out better than I couldve hoped for. I now have a beautiful baby boy and honestly, I am glad i have someone like my husband. Without him I wouldve never imagined to be this happy. I hope you guys find your happiness as well. Cheers!

  1. leslie458 months ago

    Hello. I am really happy after reading your story. It's really encouraging for me. I ma suffering from same thing. The doctors also told me about surrogacy. I don't know what to do about it. I don't know how to handle it. I am really worried about it. Like you said your condition was. Mine was nothing change than that. I am also feeling same things. I always feel like I am gone somewhere. All of my thoughts are crappy these days. I have nothing to do. I also wish that like your story is matching with me. I hope end matches too for me as well. I hope this helps you. Stay blessed. Good luck!

  2. leslie458 months ago

    Surrogacy is the best option for all people who can't carry their child or can't get pregnant. You have been through a lot. But still stayed strong. Never lost hope. That's amazing. Congratulations to you for your baby boy. I m glad to see that your husband is very supportive and loving. You are lucky to have such a husband. I also had surrogacy, there's a clinic in Europe where I had my surrogacy. I tried for like 5 years but still failed, Tried everything but nothing worked for me. But my family and partner were always there for me, no matter what. My sister told me to go for surrogacy. She showed me a video of some clinic in Europe. Stay blessed. Good luck!

  3. leslie458 months ago

    You don't need to worry about it. There are many good clinics in Europe for surrogacy. In my opinion, surrogacy is the best and most reliable option for you. I can understand your condition. You should have to visit surrogacy clinic. I went through the same pain and depression. I am from Japan. I am infertile. I cannot produce because of my heart disease. Then I heard about the surrogacy. After research, I found a very reliable clinic in Europe. They have the most effective and affordable packages. Also, Biotex is coming to London next week. People who have any sort of misunderstanding should clear it by consulting with them. There is an event to which they are coming to. Peace

  4. diana_mom8 months ago

    Your loss has filled me with sadness. I can understand your torment. Don't worry dear, you'll get rid of it one day. All you need is some hope and a small touch of courage. I'm sure you'll be a mother soon. The clinic that you've mentioned is one of the best clinics in Europe. They are known for their professionalism and high success rates. IVF is another treatment for infertility. But it wouldn't be suitable for you at any cost. Success chances in surrogacy are comparatively very high than IVF. Also, the clinic is provided the guarantee about surrogate and success in treatment. Through surrogacy, you can have a child who will belong to you genetically. I believe you'll be satisfied. Wishing you good luck with the treatment. Sending positive vibes!

  5. Nida John8 months ago

    Hey there how are you? I hope you are fine. Am really sorry to know what you are going through. Things will be alright very soon sweetheart. You have chosen a right path. This is the best clinic for women who are facing infertility issues. I have heard many positive reviews of them. IVF will be a bit risky for you. So u would suggest you about surrogacy. Its been an amazing treatment. The great advantage of surrogacy is that the baby born through it will be genetically yours. Things are going to be fine my dear. Be calm and positive. My good wishes and prayers are with you.

  6. emly8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. PCOS is very hard to cure. Majorities of girls are suffering from PCOS from the younger age. I'm very happy to see you both happy and positive toward life. Infertility is a very worst experience. I'm declared infertile due to heart disease. I cannot conceive due to heart disease. Then my friend suggested me to contact with Biotexcom clinic. Biotexcom provides us with a surrogate mother and helps us a lot. Now I have my own baby boy. Biotexcom is coming to London on 18 Aug.Hurry up, register yourself through Register yourself as soon as possible. I'm going to meet my favourite team. I'm very happy to read your success story. I really appreciate your husband that he stand with you in your difficult time.

  7. leslie458 months ago

    Surrogacy is a great option for all those people who can't get pregnant. I, myself, had my son through surrogacy. God bless the doctors at the clinic. My boy is just perfect. He is very healthy. After years of disappointments and bad news, I was finally able to feel the joy of being a mother. This clinic is in Europe. It's really good. My friend recommended it to me. Stay blessed. Good luck!

  8. leslie458 months ago

    I read your post and feel really disheartening for you. When you said that you have gone through this it hurt me a lot. It means surrogacy suits you. I am also looking for this treatment. But due to some reason, I don’t have yet. The basic reason is my husband’s consent. From which clinic you have availed this opportunity.? I was also looking and some lady suggests me three places where we may have surrogacy. Those were South Africa, India, Ukraine. She also experienced and she shared one of the clinic's links to me. It was a clinic in Ukraine. Their economy packages were manageable. High qualified staff and well-established laboratories. Don't go for Lotus. It is not worth it.

  9. leslie458 months ago

    Surrogacy suits you. I am also looking for this treatment. But due to some reason, I don’t have yet. I was also looking and some lady suggests me three places where we may have surrogacy. Those were South Africa, India, Ukraine. She also experienced and she shared one of the clinic's links to me. It was a clinic in Ukraine. Its name was Adonis. Their economy packages were unmanageable. Staff was always busy. Don't go for Adonis. It is not worth it. I hope this helps you. Stay blessed. Good luck! Don't lose hope.

  10. rachel078 months ago

    Hey. It is so good to read this. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is so inspiring. teaches us so many things. I have been through a very similar phase in my life. It was hard to get through it. I broke down. But had to pick me up. To pull me together. All by myself. These forums helped me a lot. People here are really supportive. I can't thank them enough. I got recommended to this clinic. Which cooperated with me a lot. Gave me pieces of advice. Helped me make a decision for myself. They are quite reliable. Today I am happy. And satisfied. All because of them. Cheers.

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