This post is essentially about my experience with surrogacy. If this interests you, or if youre looking for resources to research it yourself, please go through it. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teenage years and so it wasnt shocking to me when I failed to have kids with my husband years later. We were prepared for failure but not to the level that was in store for us. I initially went into hormone therapy and that was a complete failure. I was disappointed but not disheartened. After failing with my consequetive IVF attempts, however, I was devastated. My husband was there for me, but unfortuantely that wasnt enough for me to recover mentally. I had to go into therapy and that slowly but surely got me back into a healthy headspace. All the while, my loving husband continued the search for other options that would prove viable for us and right around the time I had recovered from the trauma, he presented me with the option of surrogacy. It was the perfect chance for me to test out the fruits of my recovery. And it worked out better than I couldve hoped for. I now have a beautiful baby boy and honestly, I am glad i have someone like my husband. Without him I wouldve never imagined to be this happy. I hope you guys find your happiness as well. Cheers!

  1. emily2941 year ago

    Hey Christane, Really sad to read that you have gone through such difficult phase.
    But as your husband keep on trying for other options, it's good. This is the encouraging situation which led you to success. I can understand what situations you have faced in the past. I really appreciate you. The best thing is that your husband was with you. His support for you matters a lot. And this is because of his efforts that today you are a mommy of a beautiful baby boy.
    I myself is an infertile lady trying to conceive but could not. My doctors said that I have a heart disease. In this disease the blood flows in the opposite direction rather than in normal way. Thus doctors asked me don't try to conceive again. I am now thinking of surrogacy as well. I have heard that there is the best surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. And that is provides the best surrogacy facilities in the affordable rate. From which clinic have you consulted for your surrogacy. If you have also done all this from Ukraine then please provide me information regarding all this procedure.

  2. LonieKot1 year ago

    I had hysterectomy cancer as a result i was infertile for life.
    So we moved to europe to find good clinics regarding surrogacy.
    Actually we were from Japan.But Japan has banned Surrogacy.So we moved to Europe insearch of surrogacy.So that we can have our own kids.
    We consulted a number of clinics but my husband wasn't satisfied by the clinics.Now we have moved to Ukraine to find good clinics.
    We found a clinic here which is very good.We are in contact with the clinic soon we will have an appointment with them.
    Please share your experience with me.

  3. JuneHamilton1 year ago

    That is a nice story. You seem so happy. I wish more abd more happiness for you. Indeed you are lucky. First, to have a husband like yours. Second, to have had a solution that worked out for you. Happy for you. Good luck for your future friend.

  4. Boone1 year ago

    Don't say like that. It's just stress talking. You don't need to be worried. You are just 40, It's not that much age that you lose hope. Just try never stop ttc. Use ovulating days as much as possible. Even if it's impossible for you by natural methods than people are using many other techniques., This is the clinic where you can go, it's very reputable in the city and you can see all the information on the page that I shared. check the others too. Wherever you find yourself comfortable. Use that and have a nice way to go. Of course, it's heart breaking while looking to the situations like this but don't worry it's not the end of the world. Use the link I shared, consult. And good way to go for you.

  5. Jessica611 year ago

    How you doing
    So Glad to hear that your husband is such supportive.
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby.
    You have finally blessed with a beautiful blessing.
    Surrogacy is supposed to be hope for so many people suffering from infertility.
    I am also looking for this treatment.
    Soon I am about to start my journey.
    Such beautiful stories encourage me so well.
    I am confident and hopeful enough to start this procedure.
    Prayers for everyone.
    Hope everyone finds there hope.
    Good luck

  6. sandra king1 year ago

    So happy to read about how your husband supported you. Support and love from your other half make any painful ride comparatively easier. PCOS has affected many of us at a very young age. The rate is so high that some women get divorced because they were unable to give birth due to PCOS. I mean what is their fault in this. It is a medical condition and it can happen to anyone. Anyways, my husband was supported to an extent. Though he was skeptical that any treatment could work on me ever. I decided to have a baby via surrogacy too.It was not an easy journey honestly. Not because I met with a wrong medical team. Thankfully the clinic I opted was amazing. The journey was tough because I had to face hinderance from my inlaws. There were times when my husband was supportive but at times he became skeptical. Long story short I am living a peaceful life now. My baby girl brought happiness to my life. She filled all the darkness with colors. All thanks to surrogacy.

  7. eilsie1 year ago

    Surrogacy is an incredible alternative for each one of those individuals who can't get pregnant. I, myself, had my child through surrogacy. God favours the specialists at the facility that helped me have a child that had me and my significant other's qualities. My kid is simply great. Following quite a while of disillusionment and terrible news, I was at long last ready to feel the delight of being a mother. Exceptionally grateful for my better half for continually being there for me. we discovered our joy. I wish other individuals who are as yet confronting inconveniences try this thought out.

  8. kristiene1 year ago

    Surrogacy is the best choice for all individuals who can't convey their youngster or can't get pregnant. You have experienced a great deal. Yet at the same time remained solid. Never lost expectation. That is astounding. Congrats to you for your infant kid. I m happy to see that your significant other is extremely steady and cherishing. You are fortunate to have such a spouse. My friend likewise had surrogacy, there's a facility in Ukraine where she had her surrogacy. She strove for like 5 years yet at the same time fizzled, Tried everything except for nothing worked. Be that as it may, her family and accomplice were dependably there for her, regardless. I advised her to go for surrogacy. At to start with, she resembled this isn't conceivable however when she went there for surrogacy. Everything changed. They cleared her everything questions and exposed her back. Because of them now she has two wonderful children.

  9. ella2321 year ago

    I am about to turn 20 and I am going to be a surrogate soon. I have had a baby (my daughter) and now I want to give that to someone else. I'm just waiting for the woman I'm doing it for to get everything lined up. I have a lot of questions and Google can't take care of everything I want to know. Is there any way I could email you, or if you have a facebook or something. I don't know anyone here cuz I just moved here 6 months ago and I don't really get out. It would be nice to talk to someone.

  10. Natty11 year ago

    Hi! Going through your post reminded me of my journey. I literally went through the same ups and downs. Except, I didn't have PCOs. I had endometriosis, which also made me infertile. There was a lot of disappointment. Like you, we were also somewhat prepared to fail the first few years. However, after 5 years of constant TTC, I felt like giving up. There was only one BFP in my life. Even that ended in an MC. My husband's support was the only thing keeping me alive. He suggested adoption. I suggested surrogacy. We weighed both options. After some research, we decided to have surrogacy. After the years of failure, our baby girl really came as a reward to us.

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