surrogacy allowed?

hey!!! Hope so you all are in good mood and will suggest me a better one thing as thinking yourself at my place. So I am a Muslim lady living among non-Muslims. As I lived in Australia and their culture and beliefs are totally different. I don’t have an issue with them. I am unable to conceive due to unexplained infertility problems. I have visited many clinics and at last, I heard ‘No’ from everywhere. One of lady suggests me to do surrogacy from a reputed clinic in Ukraine. But my husband considers it a wrong thing regarding Islamic teachings. I said to him that maybe this invention has not introduced at that time.
In the scientific era, our surrogacy plan will be successful if GOD has consented. Otherwise, this will not happen to us. I don’t know how to change his mind? Sometimes I also think whether I am wrong or right? Am so confused. So please give me suggestion whether I should go for surrogacy or wait for the natural birth. Need serious suggestion. Time wasters and others who don’t know about ignore this post but please don’t comment wrong. Thanks!!!!

  1. Georgehanna1 year ago

    Hey Ada! If this is something which is considered bad in your religion then maybe you should avoid this too. I will suggest you to visit some of your religious leaders, maybe they are able to help you with this. After that, if they give you permission to continue this, then convince your husband. Because after that he will know if something is allowed or not. In everything, religion is something that comes first. Try to conceive naturally once again if possible. But before going any further do some research about this and then move forward. From what I heard, this is not allowed in your religion. But maybe I m wrong, and maybe I m right, I m not sure. Take your next step very carefully hon! Your whole life depends on it. Good Luck! Much Love!

  2. Jasmine221 year ago

    Hello Ada, You have to decide first what you want actually in your life. I know religion is important in life to follow. And you are not thinking any thing wrong for yourself. You want a baby in your life. You want to share your love with some one. Having a baby is never a bad thing how it can be. You have to research as much as possible because after this you will came to know about, what actually this process include. If you can't conceive naturally and facing infertility issues then there two options for you, One is adoption and other is surrogacy. I find it a very simple process so far. Best of luck for your future.

  3. Boone1 year ago

    Hi there dear. May you get well soon. Don't worry about anything dear. it's just a matter of time. we can't do anything about it. You just need to be sure that you go to a right place for it. There is a clinic in Ukraine. You must have to try there sources. That way you are going to get successful. I don't think more waiting is good idea. Listen you can wait while doing surrogacy. If you have a child through surrogacy than through natural birth as well. So you are going to have two children than. That would be great for you. don't worry Go on. Never worries.

  4. Sloth551 year ago

    hello there. I totally get what you are going through. Many religions in the world have their rules and regulations and a person is needed to follow them no matter what happens. I do not think so that surrogacy is a bad way to get a child I mean you are just going to get a baby through it which will make people happy, It is not a mean of causing distraction or anything else. secondly, it is a procedure where everything is done by the doctors through a scientific procedure and does not require any kind of physical contact between the two parties, I do not see the issue with it. Try to convince your husband by telling him everything that I just told you. It is very hard to change a person's view of life but you should keep trying, I am very sure that your husband loves you and will really understand that you really mean to do something good and how much you need to have a baby. In the meanwhile I would suggest you to carry on with trying to have a baby, You just might get lucky and get to have a baby naturally. I wish you the very best of luck. Please keep us updated about what happens, I will really feel good if things turn out good for you.

  5. lenda_honey1 year ago

    Hello there. I do not get what religion has to do with such a treatment. You should try to make your husband understand. All you are really asking for is a baby. You are not asking for anything illegal. If your husband is a smart man he should understand and get done with it. Tell him he is just delaying his happiness.

  6. Boone1 year ago

    Hi there dear. How are you. Well it's a very good thing. I think it's not allowed in Muslims. You have to make sure about that. I am saying this because it can cause you a trouble in your community. Other than that. It is really great procedure. Of course it requires allot of resources but it's awesome. It would make you feel really happy. I think you should definitely try that but if you are alright with it than. Don't worry everything will be fine. Take care allot of yourself. Best of luck dear. Take care. mostly people that are infertile are using it. it's best now a days and for a very long time. it's really good. you can also use packages. you'll get to know about it. Don't worry.

  7. Ada1 year ago

    hey Georgehanna!!! I respect your comment and wants to say thank you for giving me a suggestion. I am saying because one sentence that attracts me more and that is in every country religion comes first. It does not matter in which country you are living. Your beliefs and religion must be in your heart because this is the thing that makes us human. As far as the matter of surrogacy then I will try my best to reach on final destination after making sure about it. It’s compulsory to discuss with some leader. It seems impossible here because they will suggest me what is really happening in this world. So I will try to consult this issue very soon from some leader after reaching to my homeland. So for that time, I should wait. So my husband is on a point that we should wait for our time. Everybody has time to be on the top of her/his life. We will be one time. Just we have to wait. But your prayers matter me. Keep praying for me. So once again thank you!!!

  8. JenniferSpikes1 year ago

    Hey there. I hope you're doing good. First of all welcome to the forum. I'm glad that you came to this platform to share your problem. I'm really sorry for your unexplained infertility. Well, I heard this from many women. In fact, I've seen this in my own best friend that unexplained infertility is not really infertility. There may be some mistake you're doing. Or maybe your cycles are not going right. Or maybe you need to have a cycle chart. My friend actually conceived by this. Everyone told her she wouldn't be able to do so. There was a big no from almost every clinic. So stay conscious about this. The second thing here is that I've never heard a Muslim having surrogacy. Though it really is a wonderful treatment. But actually, Muslims find it unethical and immoral. I don't think that your husband wants to go for it. So I think you should wait for natural pregnancy. It would be fine one day. Take care. Best of luck.

  9. Aleeaden1 year ago

    Hi there. How are you? I can totally understand your feelings. A child completes whole family. Many states do not allow surrogacy. I wish they do that! Every mother have become a right of becoming mother. Surrogacy gives you your own biological baby. I heard positive reviews about surrogacy in Ukraine. Their management is excellent. they take good care of surrogate mothers. I hope you become a happy and healthy mother. I wish you all the best. Take care of your health and diet. Lots of love.

  10. jens_love1 year ago

    dear Ada! I am so sorry to hear the situation you are in.I feel like it is a matter of religion so these must be better off taken to any religious cleric nearby you.They will have good insight into it better than any of us.I know you are desperate to have a baby and by any mean possible but your religion is of patience and you must not risk your faith for it.Best of luck girl.

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