Hi everyone. I am completely heart broken. I tried all the treatments from IVF, IUI to all the medications but nothing worked out in my favour. The doctor says I should give IVF another try but I am extremely hopeless. My husband says we should go for surrogacy as there are higher chances of that to succeed. I am still confused which option to opt for. If we opt for surrogacy which place should we be consulting? How much does the treatment cost? If there is some mother out there who has been through this please help.

  1. Linda221 year ago

    Hi Hannah, I am sorry to hear about you. Living with infertility is such a painful journey. It’s both mental and physical trouble when you are TTC and undergoing different treatments. I agree with what your husband has decided. Surrogacy is becoming very popular these days, but extremely expensive. There is a good clinic in Ukraine, they have a very experienced team and they are offering surrogacy in three different packages. You can check on their site and decide accordingly. I wish you good luck.

  2. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hey Hannah! Well, It also depends on how old you're...But, I also think that you should go for another try. I've heard that there are more chances of conceiving in later tries. But, still, you can go for surrogacy even after it! But, yeah! You've to calculate the cost and stuff. Well, I've heard it's around 50K Euros for surrogacy in Ukraine. I am having an IVF at a clinic there later this year. But, yeah! IVF is low costly than that...So, still, you can check out clinics. Don't go to USA clinics, they are pretty expensive and nor for India as they are not reliable enough...Anyway! All the best! I hope it goes well for you.

  3. anne679071 year ago

    Hi hannah. i can relate to you so much. what essentially keeps me from having a baby is that i have this unexplained case of infertility. the doctors have no answer as to why i cannot conceive, but after years of trying and testing, they have concluded that i will probably never get pregnant on my own. At this point in time, i dont even see the point in trying for ivf, because i am so sure that like everything else, it will turn out to be a waste of money. my husband and i are now looking to see how we could make surrogacy work as our way of starting a family. i want a family, and i dont mind which way i can make that happen. i have been hearing a lot about a clinic in ukraine and i am going to check them out soon. best of luck to you too!

  4. j.stacy1 year ago

    Hi hannah. i am so sorry about the difficult times that you are going through, and i can sympathize with how you must be feeling. i myself had to go through the ivf process for about three times, and each time, we didn't have success. it was such a shock to me already that i couldn't conceive naturally, and after my failed attempts at ivf, i was even more disheartened. i hope that my post atleast gives you the comfort that the treatments and services available today are really doing wonders. i strongly believe that any woman who is struggling with infertility can find the way that is suitable for her to start her family. for some women that may be hormone therapies, for other women it may be ivf, and for others, who cant have or carry their own babies, there are egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates, and even adoption. so keep faith, and keep doing what feels right to you, and what you can manage. i am sure that you will find you way, and have a beautiful family. i myself went for surrogacy at a clinic abroad as a last resort and i am grateful that it worked out for me. i have a beautiful child. i hope that you find the way that suits you, and everything works out for you. keep faith, and keep trying, i am certain that you will succeed!

  5. Diana1998 1 year ago

    Hi Hannah.David
    Don’t be heartbroken because the bible tells us that we shall all rejoice at the end of our troubles. It is unfortunate in your case that IVF and IUI have not been of help to you. These assisted reproduction procedures have helped millions of women conceive and deliver healthy children. Perhaps, I may need to find answers to some of the following questions before I can actually suggest a solution to you. First, which clinic did you have the procedures done? What is their success rate? Please tell me the fertility condition you are undergoing which made you seek IVF and IUI. Then kindly let us know the reasons that made your first IVF and IUI fail. Now you have also mentioned that your husband is of the opinion that you go for surrogacy. Well, if it is proven that you womb has issues and that it cannot carry a pregnancy to full term, surrogacy may be a solution. The cost of surrogacy varies from clinic to clinic. In the US and Canada, you will pay something close to $150K. In Europe, you will pay a quarter of that. Most clinics in Europe charge between $30K to $40K. Also, they offer the services in packages. The cheapest package could cost you about $30k and entails just one trial. The premium package costs about $49K but guarantees success since the procedure will be repeated several times. I believe at this point you are well informed and you can make a good choice. I will come back to you after you respond to some of the issues I have raised.

  6. Janellelynn1 year ago

    It is definitely a huge financial decision. Definitely pray hard and hopefully the right answer will come to you. I am so sorry you are struggling.

  7. EminaD1 year ago

    How many cycles of ivf you had? If you are tired from all of that maybe you should try with surrogacy. Think hard about it. It's not easy decision but you must do it.

  8. Mia19841 year ago

    Hi Hannah. Calm down a little. You sound so worried. Do you know stress is also one of the factors that affect pregnancies? May be you need to start practicing meditations. Set yourself on stress-free mode every once and while. Laugh more often. I know that is hard. Given the state of issues you face. One way out of this problem is that you listen to your husband's suggestion. Has he recommend you Biotex clinic. It's in Ukraine. In case, you can't reach in-person. Consult them online. That may help you lift out of this perpetual misery... Love xx

  9. Sloth551 year ago

    Hello! I think I found someone with the same problem as I have. I have been through IVF 4 times and it left me hopeless and broken. Many people have suggested me to go for surrogacy now and I am trying to find a suitable place to get it done from in order to complete my family. Are you sure that there's a high chance of success in this process? I don't want to be left heartbroken once again, I think I won't be able to take it.

  10. ashley1431 year ago

    hi hannah, so sorry to hear about this. but its not the end. there are many options right now. my sister is suffering from infertility too. she didnt have a child after seven years of my marriage.but then she and her husband decided to go to experts. and they suggested surrogacy. It was not as complex as it sounds. they just took the embryo and inserted in an other surrogate. now she is a mother of a son. he is 2 years old now. she is happy with her life now. there is a clinic in Ukrain that can help you out. it has reasonable price. you should try it out. i hope i was helpful. just dont giveup its not the end.

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