Hi everyone. I am completely heart broken. I tried all the treatments from IVF, IUI to all the medications but nothing worked out in my favour. The doctor says I should give IVF another try but I am extremely hopeless. My husband says we should go for surrogacy as there are higher chances of that to succeed. I am still confused which option to opt for. If we opt for surrogacy which place should we be consulting? How much does the treatment cost? If there is some mother out there who has been through this please help.

  1. Scarlett Hale1 year ago

    Hey Hannah! So you wanna choose between surrogacy and going for IVF again. Hmm. Why did the first IVF fail? Did the doctors state any reason? Was there a problem with your eggs? Or the sperms? Or something wrong with implantation? You need to consider all these questions. Only then you'll be able to make an informed decision. Like if your egg quality is the problem, go with IVF again with a donor egg. It's something you need to give a hard thought to.

  2. annabelle9871 year ago

    Hey Hannah, your husband is absolutely right. If IVF is not working on you just leave it. No need to try again and again when you have more better option of surrogacy. A number of clinics throughout the world are giving their services in surrogacy but Ukraine offers the cheapest rates and high results. You search on the internet about surrogacy in Ukraine. You will find the answers of your all the questions. Best of luck.

  3. annabelle9871 year ago

    Hey Hannah, your husband is absolutely right. If IVF is not working on you just leave it. No need to try again and again when you have more better option of surrogacy. A number of clinics throughout the world are giving their services in surrogacy but Ukraine offers the cheapest rates and high results. You search on the internet about surrogacy in Ukraine. You will find the answers of your all the questions. Best of luck.

  4. jens_love1 year ago

    Feeling depressed and believing that you are never going to be a mother is never an option .with the technologies and remedies using the medicines the world has solved almost every problem.For you to be a mother after you have tried everything surrogacy is the answer.One of my dear dear friends tried it and not only once but twice she did it and succeeded and now she is a mother of two beautiful little daughters.No matter how hard this time may seem you must build up the strength to walk out of it and start looking for your options at a wider scale.I will give you a start to the surrogacy clinic that my friend used and also recommended that to me.It is situated in Ukraine but you need not worry their facilities there are tremendous which include accommodation, multilingual staff, highly qualified doctors, unlimited tries etc.All of this is available at very reasonable rates you should look for them on the internet.Also, you get to choose your own donor so you choose the traits you like.Hope you get out of this phase as soon as possible.We the woman with such cases are strong inside, we only need some strength that you may get from this society here.Much love and support to you.Goodluck!

  5. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey everyone! Honestly, all your comments have been so positive! Sometimes you do need that. Like a sense of assurance that things are going to be alright. You all have definitely given me the assurance. I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum. Specifically, regarding surrogacy and a lot of people state that there is a clinic in Eastern Europe which is really good and also offers packages according to ones need. After reading the posts I did get into contact with them They were really kind and answered all my queries. I am more inclined to go and visit them now as one of the drawbacks I found of clinics in my area was the lack of information. I have read a lot of stories where in the end the couples aren't even given the baby and the surrogate is to keep her/her. Anyways, they have set updates for us to come and visit them and check for ourselves as well. Hoping for the best. Let's see what happens. However, if there is anyone who has visited any clinic and can share a success story it would be appreciated.

  6. JenniferSpikes1 year ago

    Hey Hannah David! I am so sorry for your struggle. If the doctor tells you to try once more, then there's nothing bad in it. My sister was successful at her 3rd attempt. If you are planning for surrogacy, the best place in Ukraine. The clinics there are cheap and best. I can give you 100% guarantee of Success there, I had my surrogacy there and it was the best decision of my life. You should go for it. Good Luck! Much Love!

  7. afzalsumaira1 year ago

    Hi Hannah. It was very saddening for me to hear about what you are going through. I understand how difficult it can be to go through the pain of realizing that you cannot have kids. I have a family member who went through this and while it will not be easy it is good that you have your husband with you to help you in this difficult time. I think surrogacy would be the best option for you right now, since it has the highest chance of success and there is not a lot of hassle in actually making it happen. My sister through surrogacy and while it was difficult for her not to be going through pregnancy, once you have your children with you it will all be worth it. However, be vigilant when you are actually selecting a clinic from which to actually have your surrogacy done, since there a lot of options out there so pick one that will suit your needs well. If I could make a recommendation to you my sister had her surrogacy done through a clinic called biotexcom. My sister had osteoporosis and her bones used to hurt really badly. Recently she got married and the couple wanted to have a child. However, due to her condition they were unable to have a child through natural means and the only other way was surrogacy. She saw a lot of clinics before she finally settled on Biotexcom. Obviously since it was her first time she was still treated really well and they gave her a lot of information and help regarding this big decision she was going to make like all of the packages etc. They even had very healthy surrogate mothers and before long they my sister had her first child. So Hannah do not worry while it is definitely difficult for you since not having kids is difficult there are other options out there for you and clinics like Biotexcom and several others exist for you to be able to have kids, so seriously consider and research surrogacy and if it seems like a viable option to you. It definitely worked for my sister and the happiness she has now with her son is something that every woman wants to have in her life.

  8. melissastan1 year ago

    Hi Hannah. I'm very sorry to hear about you. I myself faced the same problem. I'm a 40 year old mom who has a nine months old son. before I had him, I tried to get pregnant myself. We tried for three years but failed. So I can totally understand what you are feeling right now. Believe me, I went through the same things. it's extremely depressing. i had my son through surrogacy. Me and my husband went on a vacation after those hard three years of our lives and there we heard about this clinic that offers surrogacy and ivf etc. What I loved about this idea was that they offered me a 100% guarantee of giving us a baby that was genetically ours. surrogacy came as a blessing for me. god blessed me with a beautiful baby boy after that. it is the best decision i ever made. He's happy and healthy. I really hope things work out for you the way they did for me.

  9. Ada1 year ago

    Hannah.David although it’s a little bit confusing. Not only for you but also for those ladies who want to go through these type of treatments. If you have made your mind for surrogacy, then try to visit the best clinic. Because this procedure is not pretty simple economically. The consulting places include South Africa, India, and Ukraine. A well-reputed clinic has high success rates. According to the past history, it has been seen that 90 percent of surrogates become pregnant sooner. As far as the treatment cost matters then it varies from clinic to clinic. It depends upon their facilities, management, paramedical staff, laboratories, equipment and surrogate mothers.

  10. Sofia19941 year ago

    HI Anna!
    I am going for the surrogacy option as their is no other way to have a baby of my own.
    I consulted a clinic regarding surrogacy they provided me a positive feedback.
    So for now i have convinced mt husband to go for surrogacy and he is ready too.
    But i am worried about somethings also.
    But that doesn’t matter as we don’t have any other option left for us.
    Now they are looking for a good woman for our baby who can carry our baby in her womb for 9 months.
    They will find a good female with all clear tests so that we don’t have to face any issue later.
    I contacted a clinic for surrogacy method and they responded very well to my questions.
    I suggest you to go for this clinic and atleast you should contact them and share your problem with them so that they can propose a better solution for you.
    As they suggested surrogacy option for us.
    There are very good clinics regarding surrogacy as i’m sharing my experience with all of you.
    Positive feedback will be appreciated.

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