Hi everyone. I am completely heart broken. I tried all the treatments from IVF, IUI to all the medications but nothing worked out in my favour. The doctor says I should give IVF another try but I am extremely hopeless. My husband says we should go for surrogacy as there are higher chances of that to succeed. I am still confused which option to opt for. If we opt for surrogacy which place should we be consulting? How much does the treatment cost? If there is some mother out there who has been through this please help.

  1. Jasmine221 year ago

    It's good to share information like this. Because many couples are facing stress issues. After first attempt getting failed of IVF or Surrogacy. Believe me doctors try their best always. It's just a type of destiny some times you conceive earlier some time you don't. These process need's care, some clinics are not giving proper care. That's why many couples are facing the problem of failed attempts. I choose my clinic for surrogacy with lot care and by reading too much about them. I am getting positive result's form the start. I am still confused a little bit. But i am hoping for the best right now

  2. Lilly Bench1 year ago

    Hey there. It is sad to know about your failures. My heart cries out for you. You have not mentioned the reasons for your failures. It can help to give you more precise advice.
    Moving to your question, surrogacy is the best option. It will help you to have your own child. I have been gathering information about this clinic. It has affordable packages. They have friendly staff there. I have visited it once because I am having a fear of being infertile. They were nice to me. I also came to know that they provide accommodation too. They have different types of contract and they serve you accordingly.
    I am going to attach a link below. By visiting it, you may have some clear idea. Wish you luck. Baby dust on your way.

  3. Sofia19941 year ago

    Like firstly i have complications of being pregnant.
    I conceived for 3 times but had now luck of having a baby.
    Everytime i conceived miscarriages happened and my dream of having a baby vanished.
    I always had complications regarding my pregnancy from my first marriage.
    i'm 43 years old by now.
    So i gave up on being getting pregnant again.
    Now i'm married for second time and i am starting thinking of having children again.
    So now i have asked my husband to go for surrogacy and i persuaded him to have baby of our own from surrogacy method.
    But i am worried about different things like my behaviour towards the baby when i know everything.
    I know i will raise him as a child of my own but i have many confusions in my mind too.
    But from my last experiences regarding pregnancy and its complications i guess it will be very difficult to have baby off my own womb.
    So as per latest researches and methods available of having a baby i guess surrogacy is good option to go.
    Firstly i contacted many clinics regarding surrogacy and have gathered a lot of information regarding my case and complications.
    I found that BioTexCom is the best clinic solution for us.
    But as their are no other options left so i am ready to go for surrogacy method.
    I guess some of you should be raising baby form this method too.
    So please share your experiences with us as we want to learn from your experiences.

  4. afzalsumaira1 year ago

    I have been through this. I would love to help you. I chose surrogacy because I had to have my uterus removed. My husband also recommended it. The best clinics are the ones in Ukraine. They have a lot of packages which are cheaper as well. the treatment doesn't cost much outside the united states. The most important thing however, is the clinic and surrogate.Make sure your clinic has good reviews and the surrogate is healthy. These are the most important two things.

  5. Sofia19941 year ago

    Same! I am also 47, got married when I was 27.
    I have been TTC for the past 10 years and I still am childless as I have always been.
    it is very difficult at times to handle the loneliness and the depression but there are always friends and family to make me feel better.
    One thing that I am very thankful for is that I never lose hope.
    I have had many treatments from many experts but they never turn out to work out for me the way I hope them to.
    I have tried IUI and IVF but they failed for me many many times.
    People have now told me about surrogacy and I am really thinking about going for it.
    I just need some guidelines as surrogacy is illegal in the state where I live and I am very scared. There must be some way to carry out everything legally, right?
    A friend has now suggested me to search for some international clinics that do not reside in our country.
    I have recently found one situated in Ukraine.
    They have quite a costless package with all the facilities.
    It is called BioTexCom if I am not wrong.
    I just need to complete my life and my family before it is too late for me even to try.
    I think you should give it a try too because in my view it is quite a suitable procedure for women of our age

  6. rebecca121 year ago

    Hey Hannah. I'm sorry to hear about it. I hope all your problems get sorted out very soon. I would suggest you give your body some rest now and go for surrogacy. I know it's a huge investment but the results are amazing. Trust me. I myself wasn't convinced at first but then I came across this clinic Biotexcom. They offer the best packages at affordable rates. Do visit their website. Best of Luck!

  7. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey there everyone I have been reading all your comments. I now feel less alone as I believe we all are in this together. As I shared before that I have considered the clinic. I did more research on them because soo many of you shared very important pieces of information. I had a meeting with them as well in which I found out about a lot of things. Firstly, that I was a bit concerned about the surrogate mother which would be matched. The clinic, however, told us that the women who apply to be surrogate have to go through a process. They have to undergo a medical test which determines their eligibility for becoming a surrogate. I also had an encounter with the surrogates who said wonderful things about the clinic. They stated that once they did become surrogate they were called for regular checkups. Extreme care was being taken of them with ensuring that baby was also alright. I was also astonished to find out that once the baby was born the parents were also provided with the nanny. I was emotional when this was informed as I haven't come across any clinic which is providing such great services. So I am not waiting for the clinic to find us a match. Initially, I was a bit nervous but when I saw so many foreigners it felt really good.

  8. Lilly Bench1 year ago

    Hey there! I'm sorry you're going through such troubles. I think you should try surrogacy now. It is a very safe procedure. I even know about a clinic that offers 100% results with surrogacy. Who wouldn't want that? You won't have to pay any hidden bills or extra charges for trying again if the first try fails. They offer many facilities as a package. They even offer emotional support in the form of a psychiatrist. The transport facility though was not so great. We had to wait a lot at the airport. The doctors, the staff, the translators, everyone is so nice. And you hold your baby.. ahh. The best feeling. I wish I could keep that feeling in a safe and relive it every day. Gotta go. Baby's making a mess. Meanwhile, checkout the link to get some more info. Good luck!

  9. FarkhJulie1 year ago

    Hello dear.I knew after hard struggling, we become frustrated and upset.Even sometimes, we also want to finish everything.But believe me, without having hope and positivity, you cannot get success.Surrogacy is a great option.The most important thing in this process is, it's success.You can achieve 100% success.I wish you best of luck with cute and healthy baby in future.

  10. Beverlyquin1 year ago

    Hi Hannah! I feel bad for you. Infertility is the worst thing in any woman's life. It's just so heart-wrenching and hard to cope with. And even your IVF didn't work. But don't give up, everything will be fine okay. You will also become a mother one day. So the doctor is right, you should try IVF one more time. I mean it's your own decision but if I was at your place and if I could afford it I would have tried as many times as possible. But I only had money for one treatment so I went for surrogacy. Surrogacy is the most successful treatment ever. IVF is good but you have to go through pain and complications again, I had only one chance and I m glad that I chose surrogacy. If you are looking forward to surrogacy then the clinic where I had my surrogacy is in Ukraine. You should go there if you want some well affordable packages and the best treatment. Much Love!

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