Hi everyone. I am completely heart broken. I tried all the treatments from IVF, IUI to all the medications but nothing worked out in my favour. The doctor says I should give IVF another try but I am extremely hopeless. My husband says we should go for surrogacy as there are higher chances of that to succeed. I am still confused which option to opt for. If we opt for surrogacy which place should we be consulting? How much does the treatment cost? If there is some mother out there who has been through this please help.

  1. Hannah.David1 year ago

    I feel really good when someone replies to the post and gives me positive hope. There definitely is hope left in the world. People here are very considerate and active and that makes the site really useful. We paid the clinic and a few days back we received a call. They told us that they had found us a surrogate. I was honestly so happy that we finally got a match and things were going to be good. I am satisfied because they take care of the surrogate really well. They make sure that the surrogates diet is good and she and the baby are healthy. Let's hope for the best.

  2. Alana9011 months ago

    Hey! In my opinion IVF and surrogacy both are equally effective procedures. But yes IVF depends over the quality of eggs you have got. Like if you have some great number of eggs and that have good quality so that they mature well. You are good to go with IVF. But that does make another option and that is DE with IVF. If you don't have that many good eggs you could use DE.
    So talking about surrogacy. Since some people never consider the cycles of IVF to be good. So they choose surrogacy, And that's fine, Surrogacy would allow a surrogate to carry your baby. And for this, you should be concerned about the packages or the cost involved with this procedure. Since it is an expensive treatment. Or you could have done this from the places or the clinics where they have affordable cost. And would have to be legal too. Good luck.

  3. sila11 months ago

    Hey, Hope, Everything is good. Sorry to hear about you. It is really a hard moment of yours. But You must have patience. You are to be thankful that you have such a caring husband. He is trying to find solutions for you.
    Surrogacy is a better option for you to opt. As you tried IUI and Ivf and these did not work for you. surrogacy has high success rates.
    In Europe, there are many clinics in this regard. These are not so expensive and have a good reputation.
    Best wishes sweetheart.

  4. Emily12311 months ago

    Hi Hannah! Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry for your situation Hun! Just hang in there and don’t lose hope. Just like you I had also tried everything from IVF to high potency medication but nothing worked for me. Than I applied for surrogacy and my world changed. I am now mother of a baby girl that I had through the surrogacy procedure. I recommend that you do not hesitate and go for it. Ukraine has some of the best surrogacy clinics in the world and they are cheaper as compared to the US and the UK. You should look them up, I also went there for my surrogacy procedure and had the best time. I hope everything works out for you too. Take care.

  5. Manon11 months ago

    Sad to hear about you. You do not need to lose hope. You should be determined to complete your family. IVF failures are common. Only healthy uterus support IVF. My own IVF failed for two times. Then I also went for the surrogacy. It is really hard to decide about the surrogacy. But sometimes we have to compromise with the fate. I got a surrogate son. I totally agreed with your husband idea. It is a good thing that your DH is with you. I would also recommend you to go for the surrogacy. Do not waste any more time. just go and complete your family. Good luck, whatever you do. Take care.

  6. jenifercox0611 months ago

    The doctor is right. You should give IVF another try. It's going to be alright for you. If not, then its nothing to worry. There are still a lot of methods available for your help. You are going to get help from those as well. Just go for it.

  7. Malinee4 months ago

    Hannah, I hope you're alright. I'm really sorry to hear your story. You must be quite sad. I get the frustration. Sadly, that's just how life is. It is difficult for some women to conceive. I can relate to your experience. However, you shouldn't lose hope. It makes no sense to give up. I think it would be quite a decent decision to go with your doctor's suggestion. He knows better and it would be sensible. A professional's opinion is always the better choice. I would still suggest that you consult a fertility clinic, as well. Good luck, either way. I hope you get to conceive, really soon. I know it's hard, but keep going, okay? You can do this!

  8. Pinder4 months ago

    Hello, Hannah. I know, it can get so frustrating. However, if your doctor thinks you should go for IVF, again, then you really should. It's a no-brainer, to be honest. They definitely know better. It is your decision, at the end of the day. Good luck with it. Sending baby dust for you.

  9. MirandaD4 months ago

    Hey, I am sorry to read about your journey. I can understand how hard it can get. Especially when none of the cycles work out. However, I am glad that you are looking into alternatives. It's a good option to go forward with. It is really important to visit the right clinic for the process. The clinic should be working legally in a country where the process is not illegal. The clinic I am visiting for my IVF s quite known for the IVF process. A lot of people I have met at the clinic have opted for the process. the clinic does the process very efficiently. They offer great programs and services. The thing I like the most about them is that they are very precise and systematic. Therefore, if you want I can refer them to you. Good luck to you. Stay strong and positive.

  10. SummerAu3 months ago

    Hey, Hannah. I think it would be a better idea to go with your doctor's advice. He certainly knows better! Either way, I think you should most probably get a second opinion. You can do that by getting checked up at the fertility clinic. They will tell you what's best for you! That could be the ideal way to go. Good luck to you, hun!

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