Hi everyone. I am completely heart broken. I tried all the treatments from IVF, IUI to all the medications but nothing worked out in my favour. The doctor says I should give IVF another try but I am extremely hopeless. My husband says we should go for surrogacy as there are higher chances of that to succeed. I am still confused which option to opt for. If we opt for surrogacy which place should we be consulting? How much does the treatment cost? If there is some mother out there who has been through this please help.

  1. Railee3 months ago

    Hannah, the details of all these methods vary from clinic to clinic. There are lots of bad reputation clinics, as well. So, I think you should, first of all, make sure you find the right clinic. Do your research, don't rush into it. My prayers are with you. I hope whatever you choose, works out. Good luck to you!

  2. MarianaK3 months ago

    I can help you find a clinic. I had a good experience with my IVF. As for your situation, I think you should leave it to them. They are professionals, who know what they're doing. So, they can always give you better advice. Good luck to you, though. Also, let me know if you need help with the clinic. Best regards and baby dust for you!

  3. JuneeM3 months ago

    Hey, Hannah. I'm sorry to hear about your story. It seems like you've had a tough one! I think you should still stick with professional opinion. IVF does not necessarily work out in every attempt. I'd suggest you give it another shot! Good luck to you, I really hope it happens!

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