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I will share the narrative of my friend being a surrogate mother. she was a gestational surrogate, which implies she exchanged a fetus that was produced using the sperm from her dad and an egg from a benefactor. The infant's mom was not able to get pregnant in view of her fight with cancer. she was simply part of the restorative group who brought her child earthside. Before she even exchanged the developing life, she marked a pre-birth arrange under the steady gaze of a judge expressing that any infant that was embedded in my body through IVF was running home with them. That child was their infant from origination. they ended up brilliant companions all through their excursion. Her infant is right around a year old, and we currently keep in contact as companions and as one mother to another. Some intended parents don't want to be reminded of the heartbreak of infertility and choose to limit communication with the surrogate after the birth. However, open and honest communication and psychological counsel before the embryo transfer is the best way to make sure everyone's expectations are met.

  1. melissastan4 months ago

    Hi Rosina. How are you doing? This is a great post. I'm glad you shared your friend's story. Surrogate mothers are very selfless. They give up their baby to someone. Well, I know it's not their baby entirely. But the time they spend together with the child creates a bond. And then it gets much harder to give the baby up. But they still do. For its parent's happiness. That's really big. It must have felt great. Helping someone like that. I agree with how some parents don't like to keep in contact with the surrogate. They have their own reasons. I really want to ask if your sister joined a clinic or an agency? If yes, which clinic did she go to?

  2. AmyAdams4 months ago

    Hey! Rosina! That's a pretty informative thing you just shared! So, yeah! I agree with it. People need to realize this psychological need and other stuff. It's really important for us to get awareness about this in society. But, yes! I agree that's the current reality...

  3. diana_mom4 months ago

    Howdy Rosina, How are you doing? This is such a motivational post. It's great that you have shared your friend's experience. Surrogate moms are like angels. They pay great services to the infertile ones. They carry IPs child and bear pain for them. This creates such a strong bond between them and the child. It would be harder for them to hand over the child. Even a compensation is not enough to pay them regard. Surrogacy is also a great blessing of science. Such a tremendous treatment. It probably a great experience. Indeed, God loves those who help others. I think IPs should remain in contact with the surrogate mothers. They also have some right at your child to some extent. Can you please tell where's your sister going for the treatment? Also, keep us updated!

  4. Petja4 months ago

    You girl are so amazing who give happiness to someone else. You are good people blessing infertile couples. You give child to the people who can't have babies. I live in Bulgaria where surrogacy is not prohibited. So we will move to a state where it is not prohibited. Surrogacy will be a lifetime experience for us to have our baby. Thank you surrogates who help women like me.

  5. Alana904 months ago

    Hey! Great to know about your friend. That's really amazing that she was surrogate or intended parents. You said it right there must be sufficient amount of conversation in between surrogate and intended parents, As they get to know each other.
    You are just not giving her a job. That's something that has much importance equally at surrogates life and at intended parents life. Your friend did the job right. Applause to her. That's much important to have this job done with all the necessary commitments.

  6. BellaJones4 months ago

    Hey there. Thanks for the wonderful story. Surrogates are really selfless. They help people a lot. They can change people's lives. I hope more people learn from this. Good luck. take care.

  7. Hannah.David4 months ago

    Hey there thank you for sharing a story from the surrogates perspective. It is very true that not a lot of intended parents are comfortable with talking about their infertile journey. Only because it brings back bad memories. However, as I myself am in this journey I love having conversations with the surrogate. She and I have developed a special link. I would love to be in touch with her later as well. Not a single part of me is hesitant about that. However, yes those who are severely mentally disturbed should definitely consider visiting a therapist.

  8. emma2284 months ago

    Hey. Great to know about your friend. I have so much respect for Surrogates. They are blessing for Infertile people like us. I have a baby through Surrogacy. I had cervix Incomepetnce disease. Which left me Infertile. I was so upset. When I had no other options left I went for Surrogacy. I went to Europe for the Suggested Clinic. They provided us a healthy and Sound Surrogate. Who gave birth to our baby. Surrogate was so helpful and Cooperative. I am so blessed just because of them. They can change people's lives. I hope more people learn from this. Good luck. take care.

  9. scarlett99994 months ago

    hello are you? hope your well. I totally agree with you. nicely explained. infertile parents need more motivation. support is important for them. it gives them hope.

  10. Rooma4 months ago

    Hi Dear Rosina, How are you doing today? Well, I am glad to read your friend story. Thanks for sharing with us. I salute to the surrogate. Because surrogate is selfless and shared a child without having any greedy. I also imagine how they can do that because of its very hard duration. But what I can say I am speechless. Have a good day. GOD bless you and all surrogate.

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