Teeth grinding during pregnancy

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and now I feel like I have severe teeth clenching and grinding. I had the same issue during my school days and now here it is, again. My upper left teeth are really sore. Is this one of the symptoms of pregnant? I am going to the dentist in Dawson Dental Clinic ( ) tomorrow morning juz to make sure it's not an infection. Is there anyone out here who is going through this?

  1. Heather5871 year ago

    I think I've grinded my teeth since I was a kid. I'm not sure if I do it now while pregnant any more than I used to (or at all)...but have you tried a night guard thing for your mouth? Those usually help that you're not grinding down your teeth and causing that soreness. I hope you feel better!

  2. luciey10 months ago

    I might not be very sure about it but all in all grinding the teeth should not be associated with pregnancy. Only a few ladies who experience the same during their pregnancy. I recall in my time when I was pregnant, it was a matter of life and death. The pain was always gnawing my heart and I could do all the type of mannerisms. That was the very first time I found myself doing it. That was the time that I experienced a lot of pain until I underwent a miscarriage. What followed was permanent infertility. I had to go for IVF in the end at BioTex clinic in Ukraine. Kindly make sure you see your doctor.

  3. ranarocky69 months ago

    First off, no teeth grinding is definitely not a sign of pregnancy. however, the causes of teeth grinding are more often related to emotional issues or stress. have you been experience any tension or stress lately? it can also be that you might be anxious about your pregnancy? What you need to really do is find ways to calm down and if you are working, take it easy at work, don't burden yourself with too much work. At home, do soothing calming things such as having pleasant music in the background, maybe some light reading or whatever helps you feel relaxed. This should help to bring down the subconscious grinding that you might do at night. The dentist will have probably given you a night guard to eventually stop the grinding so then you don't have to wake up with sore teeth. Another thing that you should absolutely make sure to do is to inform your doctor that you are experiencing such a thing, teeth grinding may not be related to pregnancy in a direct and obvious way, but it sure does indicate some stress or anxiety on your mind. Hope you do consider doing these things, as these are small changes that we can make when we feel a certain way. Just remember that whatever may be consciously or subconsciously bothering you, we just need to take control and will it away and relax. Enjoy you pregnancy and hope you feel better!

  4. Judia9 months ago

    Hello Henrykeefe

    Bruxism during pregnancy may happen as a result of hormonal, physical, emotional and physiological changes. This problem might disturb both mother and baby, leads to insomnia, jaw muscle pain, headaches and sore teeth as you mentioned. The stress due to Bruxism directly affects the fetal growth. Since you are a pregnant not supposed to take medicines. So try out for some home remedies first. Avoid stressful situation, do muscle stretching exercises, attend cognitive behavioural therapy that would promote relaxed muscles in the jaw, mouth, avoid alcohol, caffeine at bedtime, drink warm herbal tea, milk would soothe the jaw muscles. Do some gentle breathing exercises before going to bed. If you do not find any improvement after all these efforts, please do not ignore to consult a dentist as early as possible so as to avoid any serious complications

  5. Neha59 months ago

    Teeth Grinding During Pregnancy. ... Bruxism during pregnancy can be disturbing as well as harmful to the mother as well as the baby. Pregnant women who grind her teeth at night during sleep may suffer from insomnia, headaches, jaw and muscle pain, cramps, teeth pain and stress.

  6. sonamgupta21079 months ago

    Hi dear. I used to have the same problem of teeth grinding or clenching jaw while pregnancy. After seeing my problem, one of my friends referred me to Lotus Center, a well-known facility in Ukraine and now all is good with me. I had this problem a couple of years ago when I was particularly stressed - waking up with an aching jaw and a headache, after a while it got to the point where I was clenching my jaw during the day as well so had a semi-permanent headache. My (Lotus) dentist referred me to the mental hospital where they fitted a soft mouth guard thing to wear at night (I didn't have to pay anything) which helped (and is surprisingly comfortable to wear). I was still getting headaches during the day though and what finally got rid of them were tips from Lotus center, which improved my posture and helped me to release the tension in my jaw and neck. Going off on a slight tangent, I've carried on with the tricks told to me from Lotus Center and think it's really helped with avoiding back problems during pregnancy!

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