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The story relates to my closest friend. She suffered from PCOS at the age of 19. Two years later she got married. At the early stages, the doctors were quite hopeful that her fertility would not be affected. The situation changed. Just after a year of her marriage, the doctors told the couple that they cannot have their baby. My sweetheart friend was infertile. Her husband was too supportive. He could not see her loving wife in pain. After the advice of his friend, he contacted the clinic in Ukraine. After early screening and tests, the clinic advised them to go for surrogacy. The entire process went so smoothly. The clinic provided them the best surrogate. They were able to complete all legal documents before the procedure. Today they are holding their blessing and they owe everything to the committed and dedicated professionals at the clinic. It is really a great place for the IPs to visit and get treated.

  1. Caitlyn Maddy1 year ago

    This is so great and inspiring. I would like more and more people to achieve the blessing of parenthood I also achieved that via surrogacy and the clinic i visited was biotexcom in Ukraine. It was difficult to go to Ukraine for the consultation but their more than professional conduct made up for it. I am very grateful I have even heard they are coming to London for a two day open consultations o 18 and 19th of august. And they are even providing the facility of signing contracts right there. i wish they had done something like that in my time. But others may gt a chance to get the best consultation. Good luck all.

  2. alana551 year ago

    Hey! That's so great. I am really happy for your friend. Congratulations to her. Which clinic did she go to? I have heard there are many good clinics in Ukraine. Many people go to Ukraine for such treatments. Did your friend go there too? It would be great if you can share some details. People would get help with your information. My cousin had her surrogacy from a very good clinic in Ukraine. She was very satisfied and contented with their treatment. The doctors were very cooperative. And the staff was very caring. She has a baby boy now. He is 7 months old. I am so happy for her. I wish all the best to all those who are planning to go for it.

  3. zaviya1 year ago

    I am trying to have a baby for a decade. But I didn't have any luck with it. Now I came to know about surrogacy. Where I live, surrogacy is prohibited. I heard there is a clinic for infertility treatment in Ukraine. The rates of these procedures in Ukraine are less than other countries offering the same procedures. I read about that clinic here from these forums. So I contacted them and without any doubt, they are doing the best job. Their rates are pretty reasonable. Their staff is so cooperative. I am soon to be opting from there. I am so glad I found that clinic. Wish me luck.

  4. niya1 year ago

    Hope you are doing good. I'm so sorry for your condition. I strongly recognize what you're going through. You should get yourself consulted first from some reliable clinic Anyway I'm also an IVF candidate. I've opted for IVF from a clinic in Ukraine. It's pretty famous nowadays. I have never seen such a cooperative staff. They took care of me really well. I still visit them to avoid any complexities and them really nice to me. I can't even tell you. But, my case is different. As I have this PCOS, which makes an IVF process suitable for me. I wish you all the best dear. Stay blessed. xx

  5. lidya21 year ago

    Hi. Congratulations to you. I'm so happy to know that she will become a parent soon now. Ukraine is actually great for surrogacy. I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks for making this inspirational post. I enjoyed reading it. My husband and I have also chose a clinic for us. Honestly speaking, things are just being easy for us. It feels it is the right thing to do. God is paying off for the problems I had faced in the past. I have heard so much about this clinic. It will be great to get our treatment from them. They have so many good reviews. Wish we have a peaceful journey. Let’s see how it goes.

  6. kate99991 year ago

    Hey there, hope you are okay. Congratulations to you. It's really good to hear that soon you will become a mother. I hope she went to the best clinic. By the one of the best clinic is in Ukraine. Surrogates are really good. Yeah, it's famous also. If she went there then I would be much much happier. Because they are having a really good staff. Doctors are really helpful. The fee structure for this procedure is also good and affordable. The couples who are planning to have a treatment I would prefer them to visit Ukraine. My prayers are with all of you. Good luck everyone. Just don't lose hope.

  7. Julie881 year ago

    What a great news. Congratulations to your friend for finding her rainbow. It is great to see people are getting benefited from such clinics. My sister was infertile too. She had suffered from PCOS too. It was heartbreaking to see her crying every day. She then decided to contact a clinic in Ukraine. It was so good to see that she got satisfied. The doctors made me her feel relaxed. Told her that she was not alone in the boat. She could always have her own biological child. She then continued with IVF. Her very first cycle because successful. It is so happy to see her being a mother now. She has fulfilled her dream. I am sure all those referring to this clinic will find their happiness soon. They won't regret their decision. Good luck to all.

  8. adele1231 year ago

    Hey! It's sad that your friend had to face so much trouble. I can totally understand what she must have gone through. It must have been really hard for her. But I am glad that she made a wise decision. I am really happy for her. Congratulations to her on her successful treatment. I wish her all the happiness of the world. I am infertile so I had to go for surrogacy too. I went to Ukraine because there are really good clinics there. I cannot even afford the treatment in the USA. It's really expensive. The clinic that I chose in Ukraine was very affordable. It had really good services. I was very happy and contented with their treatment. I have a baby girl now who is 6 months old.

  9. kim881 year ago

    I am so happy for your friend. It must be a wonderful time period of her life. It gives me a satisfaction to see that people are getting advantages from these assisted methods. Many infertile have been able to complete their families. With an increase in infertility, the number of such clinics is also increasing. They are a ray of hope for such couples. I have heard about a clinic in Ukraine too. They have got the best services. Most of the people have got positive reviews for them. My friend had a successful journey there. She is now a blessed mom due to those doctors. She has a baby via surrogacy. It could not have been possible for her without the helping hand of the doctors and the cooperative staff. Wishing a luck to all those looking for a clinic.

  10. Hom1 year ago

    I'm very happy for your friend. What a blessing and thanks for sharing!

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