The change maker

The story relates to my closest friend. She suffered from PCOS at the age of 19. Two years later she got married. At the early stages, the doctors were quite hopeful that her fertility would not be affected. The situation changed. Just after a year of her marriage, the doctors told the couple that they cannot have their baby. My sweetheart friend was infertile. Her husband was too supportive. He could not see her loving wife in pain. After the advice of his friend, he contacted the clinic in Ukraine. After early screening and tests, the clinic advised them to go for surrogacy. The entire process went so smoothly. The clinic provided them the best surrogate. They were able to complete all legal documents before the procedure. Today they are holding their blessing and they owe everything to the committed and dedicated professionals at the clinic. It is really a great place for the IPs to visit and get treated.

  1. Hom4 days ago

    I'm very happy for your friend. What a blessing and thanks for sharing!

  2. BarbaraJames9984 days ago

    Hey there Dear. Hwoa re you doing? I hope ist all great. I am really sorry to hear about tier friends PCOS. I know it must be really hard for her. I share a similar story. Very similar indeed. I was left infertile in a car accident. My husband was the one who took me to Ukraine. I am really thankful to him. The clinic was way too professional. We did not expect such good treatment. It was like they felt out the pain. I wish everyone good luck. Please do give that clinic a chance take care. Lots of love and prayers.

  3. jenny5883 days ago

    Wow, this is so nice. I am so happy to hear all this. Your friend must have been really happy now. She finally got her happiness. Congratulations to her. I hope she stays happy always. A friend of mine had her baby via surrogacy. She even said that the surrogacy journey was very exciting. Everything got okay with the passage of time. She got her treatment from Ukraine too. She was very happy and contented with them. Their staff is very cooperative and nice. They deal with their patients so politely. They solve their patients' problems very professionally. I hope everything goes fine with everyone who is going through this journey.

  4. tiesha key3 days ago

    hey there! I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your friend. infertility is a really painful thing. a lot of people struggle with this. it has a lot of reasons and PCOS is a big reason. sometimes infertility cannot be explained in some cases. surrogacy is a great solution for your friend. it is a great process. you can have a baby of your own, it's healthy and genetically yours. she can move to Ukraine. there is a clinic, BIOTEXCOM, they have a lot of facilities and a better environment and it is amazing there. a friend of mine got her surrogacy from there she was really happy. I would suggest that to you as well.

  5. sarahdavid3 days ago

    Hey. I can totally understand what your friend went through and I am glad that her sufferings are over now. I will share my story with you. I am 40 years old and tried for 10 years. I went through so many rounds of IVF but I didn't work for me. I went into a phase of depression and then my therapist suggested me to go for surrogacy and now I have a 4-year-old son. I got my treatment done by BioTexCom in Ukraine and had a very nice experience. If you need more information about infertility treatments, awareness or consultation then BioTexCom is coming to London on 18th and 19th August. I managed to get out of depression because this kid brought happiness into my life. Keep your faith strong and best of luck in your future! Prayers with you xx

  6. EmilyBaker3 days ago

    Congratulations to your friend. She must be really happy. I am glad things ended well for her. She is very lucky to have a supportive husband. A lot of support and love is needed during this hard time. When I was diagnosed with cancer last year, the doctors said that I had to undergo a hysterectomy. The surgery rid me of cancer. But I became infertile. That's when my husband supported me a lot. He found a clinic in Europe and took me there. We decided that we want to choose that clinic for surrogacy. The doctors assured us. They answered all our questions. My surrogate even donated her eggs. Thankfully, we will have two daughters soon.

  7. Emma Linkade4 hours ago

    Hi there. I am sorry to hear about your misfortune. Life is unpredictable. I also had miscarriages long ago. I was very disappointed with my life. I was hopeless. I suffered for about 10 years. It was very long. Then one of my friends recommended surrogacy. I went for it in Europe. It was really unbelievable when I hear that my surrogate is pregnant. I am thankful to the clinic and surrogate. They prove to be a blessing to me. I wish all of the sufferings of others come t an end soon. good luck.

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