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I would rather call this a shameful act. It is the sign of professional negligence. A friend of mine also suffered at the hands of L***s. They called her to the clinic. She did everything to reach them as soon as possible. Once they reached the clinic the scenario completely changed. The clinic was nothing but a hopeless place to be. The staff was highly non cooperative. The costs included several hidden charges that actually did not exist.

  1. Boone1 year ago

    I am sorry, dear. Everything will be fine. They are not alone. There are other places as well. They do the same thing. They don't care about anyone. It's just about their own sake. We should be aware of them. Everything will be alright. Forget about it. What happened in the past was just an experience. Everything will be fine.

  2. Niki Bill1 year ago

    I have read many disappointed comments about the clinics which are offering surrogacy and IVF. But, I have experienced a clinic from eastern Europe and they are serving with the best facilities. I am so much glad to inform you that they are coming to our city very soon. I suggest you to register yourself online on their website and meet with their team. I bet that you will feel good after meeting them. Because they will change your mind and life. I have also tried many clinics before consulting this one and I found this clinic the best. Hope you will get success and everything will be fine soon. Stay healthy.

  3. Alicemoon1 year ago

    Hello, dear! I hope you're doing fine. I agree with you, it is one of the worst parts of a woman's life of being infertile. Not being able to give birth to your baby, can be upsetting. I can feel your pain dear. Unfortunately, I'm one of them. And I had been trying to conceive a baby for a long time but I miscarried them. Then my doctor also suggested me for the surrogacy due to my miscarriages. It was because of a chromosomal abnormality. You have made a right decision dear at the right time but make sure about that clinic before going for surrogacy. You should know the standard and the rating of the clinic properly. There are so many fake clinics who are working for the sake of money just as they don't care about the feelings, emotions of people. I had a really poor experience with a clinic named Adonis. I am hoping for the best as soon as possible and my all best wishes are with you. May God bless u!

  4. Susan551 year ago

    I am not surprised to know about this clinic. Many infertile women told me about their bad experiences. I also contacted Lotus for my treatment. They asked me to come to their clinic. I am not from the country where this clinic is. Within a short time, I arrange all the needed items and traveled to that country. A team of doctors did my initial consultation and gave me some medicine. When I took the medicine and slept. when I woke up my hands were red and inflated. I felt a severe pain in every body part. I immediately called the doctor. He didn't pick my call. I went to the clinic and told about my condition. They said we are not responsible for this. My husband was out of anger and took me from the clinic. We came back home. We were very disappointed. They play with the lives of people. Please stay away from them

  5. Casie1231 year ago

    OMG, this is absolutely true Indeed, almost certainly there are great facilities which are putting forth astonishing strategies to treat and help individuals with fruitlessness. In any case, at that point there is Lotus, I likewise had a terrible involvement with them. I endeavored to get in touch with them however they didn't try to reach back to me. In addition, I heard a considerable measure about its awful notoriety. It is a direct result of their awful correspondence, unhygienic condition and poor administrations which have baffled various individuals. It is miserable that they are doing this with individuals only for cash. Numerous individuals got caught by them. It would be ideal if you be cautious since it tends to be unsafe in your lives. Helping individuals with infertility is something worth being thankful for, however, they are playing with individuals. I wish nobody comes into their trap once more.

  6. Francis1 year ago

    Hello there! How are you dear? I am so sorry for all this. They have done really bad with you. This is insane seriously. They need to cooperate with their patients. You know I was lucky enough in this regard. I was not naturally infertile. I lost it in an accident after my marriage. I was completely broken. I did not want to live more. After any marriage, every couple dreams of having children. My husband also wanted children. But he supported me with love and care. He contacted a clinic in Ukraine to bring me out of that trauma. We were lucky to go there. It is an excellent clinic. The whole staff cooperates with you. I am thankful to them. They gave me my happiness back in the form of my Ryan.

  7. Eliza221 year ago

    It is really disappointing to see this kind of behavior from clinics. The clinics are supposed to work in a professional manner. I have seen many people complaining about Adonis clinic. This clinic has troubled so many people around us. it's very sad to read about such clinics. I've been through infertility. IT's so hard already. And scammers make it even worse. I don’t know why the increase the pain of a couple if the can’t do something good. This clinic is very bad at the responding to the clients. I just hope that you find a better clinic. I have been registered at a very reliable clinic. I didn't face any problems. Good luck to you!

  8. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Oh, I see. Well, I must have to agree with you on that. That's just absolute negligence and unprofessional. I feel strongly for her. I understand this as this isn't the first time, I've heard any complaints of patients regarding this mentioned center. So, yeah! Wouldn't disagree. Well, I hope she finds a way out. This hidden charges part always comes up that way, centers do that all the time. Well, still, they need to explain it. Anyway! Best of luck to her! I'm also having my process abroad, Will also pray for her. xx

  9. jenifercox061 year ago

    I am very sorry to hear about your friend. It's a real tragedy. She faced it. It's awful. I am so sorry for what happened. There is only one advice now, take good care of herself. Try to take this scam as a lesson. Never trust too soon in future. It would be alright. Currently, there is nothing you can do, besides that. It's going to be okay. Please, be strong. Make yourself comfortable now because you are safe. You can always try some other place for your help.

  10. Gia3651 year ago

    It's not right what they did. I am very sorry, dear. It's unfortunate for me as well. See, these things are the part of the world. We should save ourselves from such scams. It's our duty. We must never worry about them. Just keep your morale always up. Be strong. Fight with every problem. It's the key to success.

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