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I hope everyone is enjoying their best health. I am here to share my sister's surrogacy journey. She had 3 miscarriages in the last 2 years. She was really depressed and always worried about her future. She had a fear of being left by her husband. We thought of that he is a good guy but her husband starting asking my sister that if she didn't conceive then he will divorce her. I started searching for the Eastern Europe clinics. And got to know about a very well reputed clinic. I emailed them and was really amazed to get the reply within a day! I talked to the English department head, Anastasia. She understood me very well. She was so polite in the whole process. We sisters visited the clinic and were very impressed by the clinic environment and its management too. There was a separate room where we can wait. A special coffee offered to every visitor. The doctors told us about the surrogacy process and explained all the procedure. My sister then talked to her husband and they went for surrogacy. They are a happy couple now with twins.

  1. EmilyBaker11 months ago

    I am glad that it ended well for your sister. She must be devastated to know that her husband is divorcing her. Infertility is not a woman's fault. Men should know this. Anyway, I am glad the difficult times are over now. She can finally be happy. Congratulations to her. I also have a very good experience with a clinic in Europe. I went for surrogacy there. Thanks to them, my surrogate will be delivering my daughters soon. I am pleased to inform that the clinic is visiting London in mid-August. I am very excited. I hope others are as excited. There are limited seats so registration needs to be done quickly. I hope more and more people know about the clinic.

  2. Hanna Rogers11 months ago

    Congratulations on the surrogacy. I am glad it worked out for your sister. She must be very happy. There are many cases when a husband thinks that infertility is a woman's fault. He threatens to divorce his wife. The wife is already going through a lot. Yet, he does not support her in those times. I am glad you found that clinic. I found a clinic in Europe too. My husband convinced me to go there. When we visited, they took us as clients. They made a surrogate available. I am so happy to tell that we will be blessed with two daughters soon. Even though my surrogate donated her eggs for the procedure. I wish this happiness to other couples too.

  3. Leslie Hanson11 months ago

    This is amazing! I think you've really found a great clinic. Under the pressure your sister was in, I'm so glad things worked out for her. What was this clinic? Did it happen to be BioTexCom? Its geographical location matches the one you just mentioned. I think it could be. I am in love with that clinic. I've had a really good experience with it. Actually, they're coming to London soon. The 18th and 19th of August are when they have their open house event days. You could converse with their professionals and what not. If anyone's facing infertility, I'd really recommend you get registered for the event! It'll be for the best!

  4. daisy12311 months ago

    infertility is the biggest problem nowadays. But science has discovered many solutions to this problem. Surrogacy is the best option for the infertility treatment. Surrogacy is the method in which 3rd surrogate mother took others child in her womb. Very happy news. Really motivational for others. Biotexcom is the best clinic providing surrogacy. for surrogacy you may heard many names of the clinic but lotus is one of them. Well known for their worst behavior with the client. Not answer to them on their forums. Be aware of such type of the clinics. Hope you under stood. But many other clinic such as found in ukraine is one of the best clinic. This clinic is well known for their public service as well. Goodluck!

  5. DiannaViktor11 months ago

    Hello Laura. Well, yes! Already heard of it. I'm also undergoing there for my IVF process later in August. So, yeah! Well, they are really reputable. I'm glad that it worked out for you sister. Congrats! My own cousin sister also had her surrogacy procedure last year there. She has a daughter now. Well, that really works fine. I hope it goes fine. Stay blessed! Thanks for sharing your experience, It really motivates and reassures us enough...

  6. emmajoe11 months ago

    Hi there, m gonna give you a very awesome news to you that the surrogacy event is gonna be in UK. the advertisement of the clinic is here below.
    Dear Friends!
    Bio_Tex_Com Team is going to the UK on 18-19 August. You will have a unique chance to have initial consultation in London. It would be an excellent opportunity to meet Anastasia, the Head of English department, and to get all necessary information about treatment in Bio_Tex_Com. You will also have a chance to sign a contract right there.
    Seats are limited, so please register for the meeting by contacting us via email surrogacy@bio*tex* ignore * from the mail id.
    Hope the infertile couples will surely visit them and will get benefit from this event. May God bless you people by the baby due to this event awareness. Best wishes for all of you infertile.

  7. serra11 months ago

    Hi. I have faced infertility for a long time. I wanted to be a mother but I was not so lucky. In the end, I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. I have a baby now. I have no more worries in my life. The clinic was the best clinic. They gave all the facilities they could. They are coming to UK London. I am happy that I went there. Surrogacy is the best option. People are going to have an opportunity to meet them. They will clear all the doubts.

  8. milana311 months ago

    Hello. Surrogacy is the best solution. My friend chose surrogacy as a last option. I know every woman wants a baby. It is not always in favour to conceive a baby naturally. She went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided them with a healthy surrogate. Well, They are coming to London. They will help people. People can consult them. People can ask anything they want. It is a great opportunity. The seats are limited. We need to register as soon as possible. Only a few days are left.

  9. Julie8811 months ago

    Wow. This is so amazing. I am glad that the clinic saved a relationship from breaking up. Things went well for your sister. How are the twins doing? How is she now? I have heard about this clinic too. They have got positive reviews from everywhere. Many couples have shared their positive stories. My sister is also infertile. She is been TTC for the last four years. There is no luck. I am also thinking to share this news with her. I hope she can find her rainbow soon. I hope this clinic can help her solve her problem. The clinic is doing good great!

  10. jenny58810 months ago

    Hey! I hope you are fine. I am sorry to hear about your sister's infertility. I can understand what she must have gone through. It's very painful to deal with infertility. But it's amazing how you stood strong during all this. I was also infertile and was TTC for the past 3 years. I could not conceive in these years. I was very disappointed. A friend of mine recommended me to go for surrogacy. I was very hesitant at first. I was confused what should I do. But my friend convinced me. She told me about a clinic in Ukraine. I emailed them. Their replies were very satisfactory. I was very confident to visit them. I had my treatment from there and my baby was born. I am glad you and I have our babies now. I hope everyone else gets the same happiness.

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