Things I can't share with my friends

My husband and I are pregnant with our 1st child. At about 30 weeks into the pregnancy I find out that he's sexting other women. Yes multiple!! He swears it's nothing more than messaging and that he has never been physical. But this has been going on the entire 3 years that we've been married. (Found records of lengthy phone calls and snippets of text messages). He never once made me feel like I was #2. And I only found out by snooping. I'm not in a position to leave so I want to treat he and I as friends. He can continue to do whatever and I'll just focus on the baby. I know it sounds stupid but I don't know what else to do. He says it's an addiction and he's working to overcome it. When I vowed for better or worse, I didn't realize the worse would come so soon :( I mean at least I have companionship and a great provider, right? O_o

  1. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    You sound like one tough mama. We're all here cheering you on!

  2. Julia High4 years ago

    Ugh, what a violation of your trust! And you pregnant and all! Boo!

    You know what? You'll be awesome with or without this guy!

  3. Cheerio7774 years ago

    There are maternity homes if u need them. If u hubby cont bad behavior or cannot trust him, then why stay? What kind of example would he be for your child? Pro bono attorneys out there if u can't afford divirce

  4. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    Definitely what Cheerio said. It sounds like your feelings for this relationship has lessened if you're willing to be so okay with just being friends and letting him continue, but think about yourself. What is the point of being committed to one another, especially during what should be an extremely happy time for you both, if he's going to be juvenile and disrespect your marriage like that? You both should sit down and have a serious talk, and figure out where his priorities are BEFORE baby comes so that you know exactly where he stands. There is no reason for him to be involved with other women like that, and no excuse. If it's an "addiction", then he should have no problem seeking professional help for it if he's serious about committing himself to you and his child. Best of luck to you, and stay strong!

  5. I did it to myself4 years ago

    Thank you ladies for all of the encouragement and support. I know that you guys are right and I am truly am ashamed for wanting to stay. For hoping things will change. For wanting my fairytale. But you can't control life and I do have to create the best environment for the baby.

  6. Tesha Nicole Collins4 years ago

    I have a family member that had a sex addiction too and he had to go to therapy and it's still an issue. Just him saying that he will change isn't enough to prove he will change. Addictions need more attention than that. I can understand wanting to stay. I can't imagine wanting to leave my fiance ever even in that situation but you have to think long term. You are going to be giving up your happiness and the other ladies are right, what does it mean for your children? Yes they will have mommy and daddy but one day he might get physical with a women and that can open a lot of other doors.
    I guess my advice to you is decide when enough is enough. When will you draw the line? You need to at least have that in mind because things will change and you shouldn't accept all of it.

  7. sonyr4 years ago

    I believe this is something that can be fix ,but one thing you must do is not accept it ,like Tesha said therapy can work ,just dn't give up he doesn't sound like a horrible husband .I've been through it all and I know how you feel .anything you need to talk about dnt hesitate to message me.

  8. luciey1 year ago

    Kindly let that never to ruin your unborn child. Sometimes as ladies, we tend to be pissed off when we are well aware that our partner is not paying attention to our needs. This can ruin a relationship so easily. It is always the duty of both parents to join hands together and make sure they do it for the good of their children. When the crisis arises at home, the children are affected and this can cause a development crisis of a baby. Like your case, a miscarriage can happen. It is not very easy to prevent it from happening. So next time avoid stress as long as you are yearning to bring your children to life. I am still hoping you are Ok now. Don't hesitate to share with us.

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