thought it was an infection of or cysts development in my uterus

If my ovaries fail to release ova, what is the best alternative to regain my fertility? Ok, my problem started as this. When I started to receive my monthly periods, I started feeling pain in the lower abdomen. I first thought it was an infection of or cysts development in my uterus. But it was actually not. After twenty-eight days, I waited for another period but I couldn’t. This time it happened almost on the thirty-first day of the second month. The absence of periods amazed me to the bone and I never even had the mood for intercourse. My husband insisted a lot we conceive but I couldn’t at all. It was not my fault as I had been experiencing a premature ovarian failure. I faced the wrath of infertility with my naked eyes. Anytime I experienced infrequent periods, it was followed with unusual heavy menstrual bleeding. I never experienced premature premenstrual symptoms like bloating and breast tenderness. In desperation, I am now looking for an appropriate IVF egg donation where I can be guaranteed of pregnancy and get my second baby. I have lost hope with the many clinics that are around my place of residence. They are charging too high and I can’t afford to keep up with their price. What should I do to become fertile again?

  1. MirandaD1 month ago

    I hope things work out for you. The clinic I am visiting for my IVF process is located in Europe. The reason I am visiting is that they are operating at a high success rate. However, also they are reasonable. For us, money was a real issue. Therefore, had to choose a clinic that met our requirements but was also inexpensive as compared to others. I believe it is due to this reason that things are going really well. I am hoping for the best now. Sending baby dust your way. Just make sure to visit the right doctor. I researched about their experience. I also looked up their services and the packages. They offer two packages. The VIP and the standard package. Both of these are highly reasonable.

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