Trying again and again

Hi ladies,
My husband and I was trying for almost 2 years now. Finally I think now it's happening for us after a loss. We took some tests as well. The doctor told us to go for an option with surrogacy or something else. Neither my husband has any problem naturally. I also don't have any problem. My husband just don't believe in these options. He just wanted to do it all on his own with trust on God. Now finally a month ago I was 3 weeks late in my period. I checked and find out those green bars. I am so happy that no one can imagine. My husband is happy too. I was just hoping for our good future. Suddenly I got miscarriage. My only option left is surrogacy. I have much problem with that. I personally don't want it. I want certain things to be hidden. What should I do. Anyone help please.

  1. Sloth551 year ago

    I am very sorry for what you have been through. Your husband should understand your problem. You are just suggesting him some options. These options might really help you guys out. I am sure that he will hear you out after the MC. Be nice to him about it. Don't make him feel like it's his fault. Look for alternatives via some research. I am sure that you will find a solution.

  2. Beverlyquin1 year ago

    Hey Phoebe. I am so sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is such a terrible thing. I hope you are doing good now. So if all the signs are showing you that you can't conceive a baby naturally then why not go for surrogacy? There's nothing bad in surrogacy. Surrogacy gives power to those couples who can't do it naturally. You can also adopt the child, but Surrogacy is way much better. The child is only yours legally and biologically. You tried for so many years and now you are tired I know that. You don't even have to carry the child yourself. The surrogate mother will carry the baby. Surrogacy is the best option for you hon! Don't just give up right now. I have two babies with the help of surrogacy. And before I had my surrogacy in Ukraine, I was also thinking like you, that this is not a good thing and stuff. But trust me, when you will hold that beautiful little baby in your hands, you will forget everything. Much Love!

  3. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hi there. How are you doing Pheobe? Well, I just went through your whole story. I realize how hard is to get pregnant and all relative stuff...If you can't conceive. Well, I've also been suffering from PCOS. Which makes me unable to conceive naturally for nearly 5 to 6 years. So, yeah! I'm really devastated...Now, I am opting for an IVF as per my OBs recommendation. I've been so reluctant to it before but, I've seen people having a child through it. I saw my DH's colleague they had their baby through an IVF at Ukraine. So, that's why I've also chosen to go there. Pheobe! I think you should go that way! It will really be great for you, I've also been childless for years. So, by having an IVF I might be able to conceive at my own and feel pregnancy and all stuff. I hope you get it. xx

  4. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey, there I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss it must be extremely devastating. However, you shouldn't be afraid to go for surrogacy as it is a rescue for so many women who are unable to conceive naturally. It is a great method as it allows one to be genetically linked with the baby and has a high rate of success as well. Being in the same boat I was lucky enough to find a clinic which is very inexpensive as compared to the clinic where I live. The clinic was doing the treatment legally and was also ensuring that everyone was following the legal framework. I was concerned about the health of the surrogates one of the reasons why I didn't opt for private surrogacy. However, was glad to find out that in this clinic they had a medical test and if one passed it then they were only eligible to be the surrogates. Once a surrogate was pregnant she had to visit the clinic daily for check-ups as well. This was honestly amazing as the clinic was so efficient. The technology being used was so advanced that it was a complete mind blown moment for me. I was also very particular about the part where the custody of the child should belong to me. I was glad that the child's rights would belong to me and I honestly felt better. Keeping the whole treatment secret would also be possible as you'll be abroad for it. However, just make sure that your DH is in this with you otherwise there is no harm in opting for it. ALways feel free to ask me more questions I am always ready to help. I hope you are soon able to conceive sending baby dust your way.

  5. Lilly Bench1 year ago

    That is so much to take what you have just shared. I empathize with you on such a condition. Once you lost all your hopes but then you got pregnant. After pregnancy there came the M/C. It must have shattered you and broken you completely.
    It is never easy to lose one's child. I must say you are a strong lady. You have been through a lot and here you are, still fighting. Surrogacy is a good option to go with. You must look into it more deeply.
    I wish you luck and sending you more power. Fingers crossed for you. Lots of baby dust on your way.

  6. Jasmine221 year ago

    I am really sorry to hear about your loss it must be extremely stressful. I can feel your emotions right now. But you have to accept the reality. I think you shouldn't be afraid to go for surrogacy as it is a best possible solution for women's like us who can't have a baby naturally. surrogacy is the only option for you like you i used to think bad about this process. But soon after some time i realized that it is the bets process. And it is safe we can easily have a baby through this process. In this modern era there is no need to adopt a baby. It's a fact that surrogacy is a great option for people who cant have children. I am in the initial stages of surrogacy process Surrogacy is way much better option to have a baby. The child is only yours legally and biologically. Rather then trying for a long time. Try to put attention on this option.

  7. Scarlett Hale1 year ago

    I empathize with you in this situation. It is really a difficult time for you. I hope you will be finding some good solution for it.
    Darling, I must say, surrogacy is the best option to go with. It has a high success rate and gives you a chance to have your own baby. In this process, you can use someone else' womb to carry your child. Your eggs and sperms are kept in the surrogate mother's uterus. After the delivery of the baby, the baby is completely yours. The baby is legally and biologically yours.
    You can also use someone else's eggs if you have some problem with yours. It is a nice and quite friendly procedure. Try to look deep into it.
    There are many clinics out there to help you and guide you through this difficult time. Stay calm and try to find out some good solution for your problem. Wishing you luck for future.

  8. pamela111 year ago

    dear Phoebe, you have been through a lot.These MCs are the serious set back for a woman.It breaks them inside.For you there are many options like IVF, IUI or Surrogacy.The best way is to consult the doctor first.After that make a decision.Surrogacy is the best way out as the success rate is phenomenal.In that, the egg either donor or your own is fertilized with your partner's sperm.Then it is kept in the surrogate mother's womb for nourishment.And you get a baby after it is born.ll rights are yours.The IVF treatments I have gone through have been just painful and a big disappointment.So better look for more widely known procedure like surrogacy.There you can have a biologically related child.Your husband will love that too.Best of luck.(

  9. pamela111 year ago

    well, this is not your fault.This is all fate.If God blesses you with one thing he might take away the other.These things were destined to happen to you.You need to learn to be strong for your family.They need you always.Even though you cannot you must push yourself.Courage is the best quality to look for.I hope you have a better understanding now.Best of luck.

  10. Ada1 year ago

    trying, again and again, is the keyword which contains success in itself. You just need to make hard efforts. I am really sorry for your loss. But remember the thing which you lose is just because nature wants to bless you more happiest and excited feeling regarding something. Do you know you obtain these green lines just because of your strong belief.? You think that nothing is wrong with us then why we go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is exactly for infertile women. Congratulations to both of you. it’s a time to celebrates your happiness with others. OMG!!! That’s a sad news. I read these lines now. It is too much terrible. Oh, now you have to go for surrogacy. Don’t overthink about that certain hidden things. They will treat you as according to your requirement. Choose the best clinic and set your mind. Stay blessed!!!

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