TTC , need wishes.

Hey everyone. Hope you all are fine. I am just worried these days. My DH and I have been TTC for more than 3 months. I am afraid of being infertile because of the endometriosis. I discussed my fears with my DH. He is such a nice and supportive partner. I gathered information about this clinic. They have had very positive reviews. We decided to visit the doctor. He said to keep trying. If we won't conceive, he will be doing the laparoscopy, it will help us to know the cause. I am worried because I don't want to know anything bad. I just need wishes from all of you.

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Best wishes! ❤

  2. Boone1 year ago

    The most important thing in life is the support of your partner. I am really happy that you have it. Not all the people could have it. You are so lucky. Well you are trying to conceive for a very long time. I think there might be an issue. Although I wish there is not any issue. Well After all you must have to get check up from doctor. Which clinic are you looking for. You said that you need suggestions. You know I know one clinic Biotexcom. Me and my friend together with our husbands went there. We seek help. My friend is now mother. I am still under process. I hope I could become soon. I recommend you to go there and seek help. That would be best for you I guess. I am really looking forward to your success story here.

  3. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey Scarlett Hale, don't be worried about the whole situation. Endometriosis does make it difficult for someone to conceive. You've only tried for 3 months though so I guess It would be fine. However, don't be scared as there are other treatments like IVF that you could go for. As when I was diagnosed with a poor ovarian reserve that was suggested to me. One thing I learned from my TTC journey was that visiting a good clinic is extremely important. As others just keep delaying you and put you on pills. I was so glad that I found the right clinic who cared about me getting pregnant then anyone else did. This gave me a reassurance and I became a lot positive.

  4. ConstanceMorin1 year ago

    Hey Scarlett! I am so sorry for your trouble hon! But don't worry everything will get better. Just take care of your diet and body. Exercise and do yoga so your body gets stronger and stays active. If your body is in good shape, it will increase the chances of conceiving. I hope the reports have nothing bad in them. Just keep trying and stay positive. It takes almost 1 year for an average couple. 3 months is a very short time. Good Luck! Much Love!

  5. JovitaAmador1 year ago

    Hey beautiful lady.I am wishing you very very best of luck.Don't take the stress.hopefully, things seem to be quite normal and positive.Yes, your doctor is right.keep trying with better luck and positive thoughts.I wish you really a healthy and happy pregnancy too.I hope you have the wonderful journey in future, make sure you enjoy every minute of it.

  6. Lilly Bench1 year ago

    Although it is a difficult situation for you to handle. You are quite stressed these days because just like others you also want to conceive naturally. It is not confirmed yet that you have got some problem because of the endometriosis. Yes, endometriosis affects many women but there are some who are having their babies all by their own in spite of the endometriosis. So, why not look at the bright side? Why not hope for the best? I can completely understand the stress and tension you're going through these days. But you gotta be strong and powerful. Stay positive and hopeful. Lots of baby dust on your way and more power to you. :)

  7. jens_love1 year ago

    dear Scarlett, keep on trying.Never lose hope.The doctor must have some hope from you that is why he had advised that.Just keep your calm.Every sad night has a bright sunny morning.Your day will come soon.And if something goes wrong there are many other ways of getting a baby.You must start searching for them already.As the age matters.Best of luck!.

  8. melissastan1 year ago

    Hello Scarlett. Don't worry. I really hope you don't get any bad news. Just keep trying. And even if you do just remember it is not the end of the world. There are other options of IVF, surrogacy or even adoption. Just think about it okay? I'm not saying do it asap. It is just a suggestion. Good luck trying. I really hope you get pregnant yourself. Do share the news. But, don't lose hope in any case. You are going to be a parent one way or another. Things might go south but you have to be prepared for anything. This will help you keep your calm. lots of wishes for you.

  9. Sloth551 year ago

    Do not be so worried. It can e a minor issue. You never know how small the issue is. Think positive. Have you gone through some treatment before? Are you taking any kind of medications? Sometimes conceiving naturally needs some help from the doctor. With that little help, you will conceive soon. Do not stress about it much. It is not necessarily going to be a bad thing. In case its some serious problem, then there are treatments to cure the cause of infertility. Have some positive thoughts and hope for the best. Be a fighter. Losing hope, in the beginning, can cause you problems. Contact a nice clinic for your checkup. If you need suggestions, feel free to ask.

  10. Jasmine221 year ago

    Hey Scarlet Hale, I wish you a healthy life. You are doing the right thing by asking questions like this. You will get best possible results from this. Don't be worried about the whole situation it's just part of life you have to deal the situation according to that. Some time Endometriosis does make it difficult for someone to conceive but it's not the compulsory thing that should happen. Some time you can conceive. My suggestion to you is to try to research other method like i am going through the process of surrogacy. And it is the best process for those who are facing serious infertility problems in life. It is just a suggestion in the end it's up to you either to choose this or not. Good luck trying. I really hope you get pregnant soon. Do ask questions regarding this. Don't loose hope there are many clinics helping to get rid of this infertility problem. I am sure information given by me will help you keep your calm. lots of wishes for you.

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