TTC , need wishes.

Hey everyone. Hope you all are fine. I am just worried these days. My DH and I have been TTC for more than 3 months. I am afraid of being infertile because of the endometriosis. I discussed my fears with my DH. He is such a nice and supportive partner. I gathered information about this clinic. They have had very positive reviews. We decided to visit the doctor. He said to keep trying. If we won't conceive, he will be doing the laparoscopy, it will help us to know the cause. I am worried because I don't want to know anything bad. I just need wishes from all of you.

  1. agnes064 months ago

    Hi dear beautiful how are you now? stay stressed free and don’t look behind stay focused and look in front, whatever happens, has a reason for it doesn’t fright that. Always standout feel confident and enjoy your life, you precious stay you! Forget the bad stuff and TTC with all new hopes and aims good luck do post your progress!

  2. MirandaD4 months ago

    Hey if you have been trying for a year then I would suggest you should visit a fertility specialist. Endometriosis is of different types. The one you might be suffering through maybe related to infertility. Therefore, at this stage it is really important to visit a specialist. Get your tests done and don't delay. I previously made the same mistake. The doctor had us on wait for months. Finally he decided to put us on medication. We were hopeful that this would work but nothing happened. We didn't expect that it would be the doctors fault. After some time he convinced us that we should get IUI done we even went through that road. Two rounds of IUI both failed for us. So I am extremely discouraged at this point. I am going to changing my doctor. Will be visiting someone with a high success rate because that matters a lot.

  3. rachel074 months ago

    Hi Scarlet. It is so good to see your DH supporting you in this. Many leave the woman's side as soon as they find out about infertility. Guess it is hard for them to deal with. There are a lot of other options you could go for. That are alternatives to infertility. I hope you find luck. my best wishes are with you.

  4. Ada4 months ago

    Scarlett Hale hey how are you dear? I am very happy that you are doing so. So, don’t get bothered. Everything will be all precise. A thing that can save you from your ailment and bring happiness for you is a prayer. You should pray for yourself. I will also pray for you. but buddy now you have to face all the trials of your life valiantly. Promise me, it’s very important for you cherished.

  5. Elizza0494 months ago

    Hey Scarlet! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I the situation you are dealing with. I hope you will succeed in that way. But if in case such things don't work then never lose hope. In a modern World, nothing is impossible. There are some ways like surrogacy or IVF that could help you get out of this situation. So keep them in mind as an option. I hope it will be fruitful for you.
    All my sympathies are with you

  6. rachel074 months ago

    Hey hey. It is alright. How are you doing? It is good that you've been trying to conceive. You don't have to lose hope or anything. Don't give up just yet. Come on. You are strong. We never fall into circumstances we cant handle. You were made strong enough to deal with this. Now you have to prove it. There are many alternatives to it. You have to find the right help for yourself. Clinics in Europe work in this regard. If you try hard. You will find the support that you need. Just don't lose hope. You can do this. Try harder. And you shall find luck.

  7. Susan554 months ago

    Hi. Hope you are fine. we all are fine. I am sorry to know about your issues. Be strong. Everything will be alright. Three months are not so long. You will conceive soon. I suggest having some test of your husband too. You will come to know who has the issues. Best wishes. Stay blessed.

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