TTC , need wishes.

Hey everyone. Hope you all are fine. I am just worried these days. My DH and I have been TTC for more than 3 months. I am afraid of being infertile because of the endometriosis. I discussed my fears with my DH. He is such a nice and supportive partner. I gathered information about this clinic. They have had very positive reviews. We decided to visit the doctor. He said to keep trying. If we won't conceive, he will be doing the laparoscopy, it will help us to know the cause. I am worried because I don't want to know anything bad. I just need wishes from all of you.

  1. alice999 months ago

    hey hun. do not worry. ill pray for you. stay strong. don't let negative thought mess up your mind. all will be well. best of luck. take care. lots of love and strength. keep me updates. bye.

  2. beeaaa-1239 months ago

    "Hey, How are you, Hope you are fine and good. I am very glad that you are comfortable with your family. You are lucky girl who has such husband. Who support you in this way. It is very respectable.
    Your husband supports you so you do not need to worry about all these things. An always thinks positive. Then things must be positive for you. If in any case, you can not conceive naturally. Then there are many options now -a -days. Technology helps you to enjoy your own baby,s life. IVF and surrogacy. Surrogacy is the best options for those who can not conceive naturally. Best wishes for you and your family."

  3. Elizza0498 months ago

    Hello! Hope so you are doing well. I really felt sorry to know about your condition. You don’t need to be scared of these things. Just stay positive. It may be due to some unusual issues. Keep trying and don’t lose hope. Everything you will hear will be in your favor. Keep calm and stay hopeful.

  4. Marilyn Howard8 months ago

    Hey Scarlet. How are doing? You are just becoming too conscious about your pregnancy. There is no need to worry about anything. It just becomes 3 months of trying. Even I conceived my first child after 15 months. So I don't think so there is need of worry. Just keep your mind positive and keep trying. Good things will come to you on your time. Lots of good wishes.

  5. Nida John8 months ago

    Hey there hope you are fine.Thanks for sharing your story with us. Much love to your partner for his support towards you. Every women need a partner like yours. Everything will be alright dear. Our wishes are with you.

  6. Emily1238 months ago

    Hi Scarlett! Hope you are in good health. No need to worry right now Hun. I take about 6 months for women to become pregnant. Just keep an eye out for your ovulating period as it can boost your chances of getting pregnant. I Just hope you don’t have to deal with infertility. I have dealt with it. it is very hard to deal with. Fortunately, now there are treatments like surrogacy and IVF that have great potential. I was diagnosed with infertility after 2 years of TTC. I was heartbroken. Fortunately, where nothing else worked for me, surrogacy helped me start a family. I applied for a clinic in Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure and now I am the mother of a baby girl. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Best wishes to you.

  7. LonieKot8 months ago

    I went for surrogacy to have a baby and i will be having my twins soon from this surrogacy. Surrogacy is prohibited in many states. Like I am from japan there surrogacy is banned. So i had to move to Europe in search of surrogacy. I was infertile due to cancer. But my husband told me not to get worried because he had decided to go through surrogacy to have our kid. So we moved to Europe. Than from Europe we moved to Ukraine.

  8. Rooma8 months ago

    Hi Honey, I am sorry to hear about you. I understand your feelings. I know this time you need to more concentrate on the clinic. One of my friends also faces this issue. She visited BioTaxCom clinic at Ukraine. She was so much frustrated with society. She has a complex when she sees a happy life family. When she sees babies along with parents in a garden. So that was very hard time for her. But At last, now she is hopefully pregnant. So I suggested you choose a reliable clinic first. Next, You are lucky your partner is always with you. I really appreciated you and your partner. Wish you good life ahead. GOD Blessed you. Good Luck.

  9. ella2328 months ago

    The most important thing in life is the support of your partner. I am really happy that you have it. Not all the people could have it. You are so lucky. Well you are trying to conceive for a very long time. I think there might be an issue. Although I wish there is not any issue. Well After all you must have to get check up from doctor. Which clinic are you looking for. You said that you need suggestions. You know I know one clinic Biotexcom. Me and my friend together with our husbands went there. We seek help. My friend is now mother. I am still under process. I hope I could become soon. I recommend you to go there and seek help. That would be best for you I guess. I am really looking forward to your success story here.

  10. ella2328 months ago

    I know it must have been extremely difficult for you as being told that you're infertile is a pretty harsh reality to accept. Anyways, I feel like you shouldn't lose hope. As the technology has improved, it allows women to conceive even when nothing seems possible. In your case, if you're producing fertilized eggs then you could easily go for surrogacy. Make sure the clinic you choose is a good one. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly. With surrogacy, the major concern is the legal framework. So make sure you read all that. I myself am in the procedure of surrogacy. Since a lot of people here on the forum were talking about a clinic in Eastern Europe I have actually opted for it. However, my advice to you will be to research on your own. Researching and deciding are two important components, especially in such matters! There make sure you are thinking rationally. Sending baby dust your way!

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