Update on my journey

Its been a very long time since I created a post over here. Here is a little update on how things have been going so far. I am sure I have written about my first visit to the clinic. After the first free visit, we came back home. This was the time we had to decide and make the decision. We didn't even take the time to think because both my husband and I were really impressed with the clinic and the services it offered. So we emailed our manager who then made us understand the next steps. We were going for the DE option so we were given access to the database. It had over 100 plus donors with their details who were willing to help us. We decided upon one and informed the clinic. My husband was then invited for the sperm retrieval. I went along with him just for support. Things happened pretty smoothly. They are matching us a surrogate now. I hope things go well.

  1. Lilyj7 months ago

    Hey there. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is amazing to read such posts. They are very motivational in a sense. Not to forget the information that you have provided. Some clinics are simply amazing at their job. I think you are very lucky to have found such a clinic. I have heard so many people having bad experiences. I really hope you get matched with a surrogate soon.your journey has just started. I really hope it is a blessed one. Do keep us updated with it. its great that you went with your husband. You guys need to support one another. All the best for your journey.

  2. Hannah.David7 months ago

    Thank you, everyone, for your replies! The process is truly going amazing. The clinic is ensuring that no error is being made. They double check everything with us to ensure that everything happens in the most smooth way possible. The next meeting with them will be for sperm analysis and embryo development. I am hoping that the quality of sperm is good. It is so because if the quality isn't good then we will have to wait for 4 more months. I really don't want to wait anymore. The surrogate is also being matched. I really like the process through which surrogate is chosen. They first make sure about certain criteria. After she matches the criteria they further move towards her medical examination. Once it is assured that she is not suffering from any present or past illness then only she is opted for. I am happy that we decided to opt for this clinic. It is very hard to find such type of clinics nowadays.

  3. MirandaD7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is so interesting to read how things are done at the clinic. I myself am in contact with them. We were assigned a manager a few days ago. Now she is helping us in arranging all the documents. It's really an exciting time for us. Reading your story makes me feel good about the decision regarding the clinic. I hope things go well.

  4. kimberlyjames4 months ago

    Hi, how are you doing? Good to know your program has started. Your clinic seems to be handling your situation really well. I hope it stays the same. I hope they find you the perfect surrogate for you guys soon. Let us know when that happens. Good luck to you guys!!! Keep the updates coming.

  5. melissastan4 months ago

    Hello. Hope you are doing well. I'm so glad you are doing this. You must be very nervous at this moment. It's completely normal to feel this way. I remember when I was at your place. I had so many mixed feelings about this. But I'm glad the people in my clinic were there for me. Thank you for sharing this update here. Things seem to be going pretty smoothly. You guys are doing great. Sit tight until they find you a surrogate. This time may vary so don't be nervous. Let us know when that happens. Good luck with the journey.

  6. Juliet392 months ago

    I have heard such good things about this clinic. I am considering contacting them. Might send them an email today. All my previous treatments failed. Therefore, I am really nervous to give another treatment to try. However, I have decided to change the clinic. Therefore, might be emailing this clinic. Let's see how things work out.

  7. PageElvy1 month ago

    Happy for you!! Really am!
    We know what it is like when your SM is finally matched. Our agency WCOB matched our in a months and a half which is outrageously quick :) but obviously we do not mind that
    anyways. we are happy that both of us have our dreams came true. although we have to wait for a bit :)

  8. Railee1 month ago

    It's really nice of you to update us! Thank you for doing that. I'm very excited about your procedure. You're doing everything in the correct manner. Here's to hoping you get that bit of luck, as well. Sending you lots of love and prayers. You can do this!

  9. SummerAu1 month ago

    Thank you for the update, Hannah. Seems like you're having a good time. It's good to see that everything has been taken care of. This is the perk of going to a good clinic. You're doing everything, right. You just need a bit of luck, I guess. Sending you my best wishes on the journey. Keep us updated on how this one pans out. I'm really excited about all this! Fingers crossed for good news, soon. The surrogate finding procedure takes a bit of time. That's because they want to provide you with the best option! I can understand the urgency, haha. It's okay to feel this way. You can hold on, I'm sure! Love and support. x

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