Very hopeful but hating pregnancy

Hi mamas. I am 29 years old recently married and have a lovely marriage. However, I am not cut out for this whole pregnancy thing. I just don’t enjoy it, any of it. I can’t pinpoint prenatal depression but definitely keeping my eyes out for any signs Incase I stay in a miserable slump longer than a few weeks. I am 19 weeks. All is going well, but why can’t I find a way to adapt? I was an active athlete and hot yoga instructor and practiced myself 6 days a wk had the best routine for my life down and BAM, not really physically active so that is a dramatic shift for me def causing some real time lows. I mostly feel way disconnected with my body. I’m totally ok with weight gain, I know it’s part of the journey. I know I’ll be way active again after this is all done with but my god. What was I thinking planning this (pregnancy was planned) and really hating it this much. I just wish there were more local free groups for women to get together once a week and chat in a support group. I can’t find much in Baltimore. But I am searching. Just want you all to know if you’re going through this you are not a bad person it just takes great strength to speak about it so other women know they are not alone. And hey, if you’re one to love pregnancy GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL! i just think it’s emotionally exhausting. Oh and one more terrible thing to check off, I am terrified of having an ugly child. Lol sorry not sorry! If anyone can relate to any of this and maybe share Any thoughts or strategies they find helpful during this emotional rollercoaster It would be greatly appreciated. I just feel so alone down and out and want my mind body and soul back! I know my heart will be in it and that I’m Going to be a lovely mom! Just this 9 month experience is becoming extremely hard.

  1. AutumnStory1 year ago

    I can relate to some. I hated being pregnant. I was horribly sick all day everyday, with almost no break. I had no energy, and also went from very active and fit to just no energy. My advice in that area us even if you don't want to, you have to keep moving. Sometimes it really sucks but my muscles became so weak from only walking around at work that picking up a gallon of milk was a struggle.
    Depression hits hard, especially if you have ever had it before.. And in my experience came back very strong again after my son was born.
    So many don't want to talk about that though because they think it makes them sound weak or think it will make them sound like a bad mom, but it doesn't represent your feelings for your child.
    There's alot going on all at once. Reach out if you need to vent.

  2. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Honestly, I didn't like being pregnant either. The weight gain freaked me out. I was physically uncomfortable. I prefer having the baby :)

  3. callisy9 months ago

    You should be glad that you are pregnant. I have been looking for a child for more rhan 5 years. I never expected the search to be this long. So you should be happy wherever you are. Even if I pass through hell during my pregnancy. I don't think I will take it negatively. As far as I am pregnant, I will be grateful. I do hear people say how exhaustive it is being pregnant. But I think they complain about all that just because they have never been in the search. If you could have struggled being pregnant in the first place. I don't think you could be complaining about all this. So you should appreciate your situation. I am not telling you this because I feel bad. But am telling you this to encourage you. That the 9 months is not long. You will soon wonder how short it was. In fact after delivering your baby, you will wish to have another. But currently I am at medication in Bio tex in Kiev. I hope things will go smooth for me. So that next time when I am here I can also complain about the same, haha. All in all, I am proud of you dear. And I do hope that the pregnancy will go smooth for you. Or perhaps you will just get used to it.

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