What Are the Shortcoming of IVF

Hi everyone
Let me start by saying that IVF has indeed lit many homes in the past 40 years. However, there are some issues those planning to go for the service should be wary of. Allow me to enumerate some of the concerns, and you are free to react to them and give your opinion.
Before the ovary is extracted from a woman, she must be put on fertility ovulation drugs to stimulate the ovaries. These drugs have some side effects and could lead to abdominal swellings. Also, the ovary must be retrieved using sharp tools which often a time injure tissues of the organ. This it’s argued that may lead to future health problems. Also, there are cases where transferring the embryo to the uterus causes pain and could lead to serious infections. The procedure could lead to ectopic pregnancy. That it is possible to transfer an egg or use sperm cells of poor quality, which may give undesired results.
Note that these are allegations and claims that have not been substantiated. Thus, if there is any expert from biotexcom on this forum kindly guide us.

  1. hellen2012 years ago

    you have hit it on the head. however, on the closing part of your argument you almost lost it. i have a friend who went for the IVF in the said clinic and she got positive results all through. as most of the schools of thought would put it, the success of any IVF operation is as good as the one doing it.
    to put it clearly, the choice of clinic determines how fast the cycle will go. for instance, a clinic with egg database and professional doctors with vast knowledge in genetics will guarantee higher levels of success. other factors like cost may only be attractive, but never fail to check on the clinic and its staff.

  2. joycee2 years ago

    I am very pleased to read what I can at the moment. More often, like what Helen has intimated, it all depends on which clinic you visit. If the procedure is done poorly you must expect it not to last wrong and it won't work at all. It is very important to seek advice like you have done and this will go a long way in giving you which direction to follow. Anyway I am delighted to let you know that if the egg or the sperm is immature,you must expect it to fail drastically. I recall vividly my colleague of mine went for ivf in our country which didn't work. On further inquiries, we were informed that the doctors there were not adept in their tasks. This complicated everything.

  3. Hebert2 years ago

    Hello. Thank you for raising this issue. Yes, there are risks involved with IVF. However, for many women, it is the only shot they have. Infertility can cause people to go to extreme lengths. I hope researchers can figure out a way to make IVF safer. The risks are the major reason many women stay away from IVF.

  4. rose5891 year ago

    the decision of facility decides how quick the cycle will go. for example, a facility with egg database and expert specialists with huge learning in hereditary qualities will ensure larger amounts of accomplishment. different elements like cost may just be alluring, yet never neglect to keep an eye on the center and its staff. you can get more information about BIotexcom from

  5. miaparker1 year ago

    Hello! Well I respect your arguments and suggestions. And also, your concern. But still the clinic you have mentioned in the post is working on it with no such issues. They are providing the treatment with full confidence and many couples had their IVF from this clinic and they reviewed the clinic as the best clinic and they haven't pointed out any of this issue anywhere. Have a good day

  6. lanamike1 year ago

    In your post, in the first line of the second paragraph, I am sure you meant an ‘egg' instead of an ovary. Anyways, IVF is a completely safe procedure. I cannot say for developing countries but carried out under hygienic and sterilized environment, it causes no harm. Though, the hormonal drugs given prior to the actual IVF may pose a risk for the lady in later life, but the prevalence of that chance is too small. The precision of carrying out an IVF depends on the proficiency of the doctor too. Inexperienced hands can damage the local organs in a routine PV examination, what to talk of an IVF. There are few downsides to this procedure but the benefits surely surpass its counterpart. Have you checked the latest developments in IVF?

  7. nica5241 year ago

    It is fact that every picture has two aspects, so where we are getting positive results of IVF, there are few negative effects are also been noticed.I wish for everyone who want to get baby through this procedure, that they may complete whole procedure withoud any complition and fullfil their dream of having miraclous moments.

  8. Hannah.David1 year ago

    I would like to oppose you in this situation. Since I am visiting the clinic currently for a process. It is actually a few days back when I had my conversation with the patient of theirs. She told me how efficient the clinic is and how from her previous egg retrieval at another clinic her ovaries got scarred. However, here she said that the doctors did everything so efficiently and the types of equipment too were soo high notch that she felt nothing. She said that she had no after effects and that made her come here again for the second IVF. So I think that everyone should yes definitely research the process. However, I thought I would share my experience.

  9. Boone1 year ago

    Yes what you are saying is right. It could be like that. Other than that you could feel nausea and other things like that as well. Just be strong dear. It's going to be good for you. Biotexcom is going to give you sincere advice and treatment. As you are saying. Everything is going to be alright for you dear. Be happy.

  10. Sara Taylor1 year ago

    I think there are experts from who have made videos. You can take help from those videos. Though IVF is safe still I would say there must be something different from natural conceiving. IVF is for infertile. It is highly unlikely that you have your baby soon; there are certain protocols of everything. All the problems can be sorted out. I think you should visit the clinic again for your problems. I wish you all the best.

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